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    • some thoughts for the next update (don't know on which you already working on):

      - Sub groups (It takes me soooo much longer to work without)
      - Copy range button in the Select Range window
      - when I devide my range in groups I would like to see which hands aren't in a group yet (Now I add up all the percentages, also takes longer)

      a minor bug(not even sure if it is a bug):

      when I insert a range from the Range Tree with groups --> click ok --> click clear the names of the groups and colors are still there for player 1 but empty.
    • Hi chavez05,

      thank you for your suggestions!

      Sub groups are already in place. The process to create a subgroup might be a little bit unintuitive but it works as folow:

      1) Create a new group as usual
      2) Set "Parent Range/Group" to the desired group

      For example, you have a range with 2 groups that are called Group1 and Group2. Now, you create a third group "Group3" and set parent range/group to "Group1". This will create the following group structure:

      -- Group1
      ---- Group3
      -- Group2

      with group3 being a subgroup of group 1.

      The copy range button would do the same as selecting the entire range text and copy it? Or would it rather copy the entire tree with all groups?

      For deciding on which hands are not in a group, I recommend creating another group and use the "select remainder" button, which will then select all hands that are ungrouped. It is a bit of a hack, since you have those hands in another group, now, but it should work and give you all the information (combinations, percentage) that you need.

      Concerning the "bug", this is the behaviour that is intended. For the entire range this might not make sense. However, when you have a group selected via the dropdown you can clear this group without affecting other groups. Of course, if you erase the main range, all the groups will also have no hands anymore since they are parts of the entire range.

      If you have further questions to these matters (or others), do not hesitate to ask!

      Thank you very much for your interest and all the best,
    • Hi,

      yes, sharing seems to be very important, too. The range format for the clipboard will probably be of the same format as XML, though. So, your friend would receive strong detailed XML code, had to copy it to PR and paste it. That would be fine, though?

      Making copying easier is important, as well, so we are talking about two different feature requests, which are both fine.

      Just to be able to maybe think of another solution: When you would copy the range, where exactly would you want to paste it? Only the other player's range seems to make sens to me right now. I have some weak memory in my head that says I had asked that before, but I cannot find it right now.

      All the best,
    • Hi chavez05,

      in PokerRanger itself this is not possible at the moment. However, you can export the two trees as .prt files and open them with a text editor like Notepad++ or the plain notepad. Then, you can just paste folder or range elements from one tree into the other. The saved file can be imported in PokerRanger again.

      If you need assistance for these steps, please just answer to this thread again. You can also contact us at Skype (PokerRangerSupport) or via mail.

      All the best,

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    • Hi,

      the work on PokerRanger2 is still in nice progress. However, we have learnt from some users that the stability of PR1 would be in need of improvement. Also, we have analyzed a lot of crash reports and heart from some lags.

      That is why we decided to provide a stability update which gets rid of the crashs and makes the software run more smoothly on weaker CPUs. Moreover, even with some calculations going on the system's overall stability should remain higher.

      If you experience (especially reproducable) crashs or strong lags, please let us know. Our new development process allows us to provide bugfix updates for PokerRanger1 while the work on PokerRanger2 is ongoing. :)

      Thank you a lot for your great and elaborate feedback!

      All the best,
    • Hi,

      yes, those will be fully resizable and usable with different display DPIs. Do you use a high-DPI display? Our december update made it easier to work with that even with PR1, texts are displayed more clearly and do not jump out of the cells. Also, some icons are displayed a bit larger. Just in case you have not checked the last update yet. :)

      All the best,
    • Hi viktor,

      seems as if the right part just has become extremely narrow. Have you tried moving the resize handle at the very right position to the left? The same handle on the left-hand side would allow you to make the part for selecting suits or hands by hand strength smaller or wider.

      If this does not help, I would recommend to reset the splitter state of the dialog. You can do this by starting regedit and deleting a key:

      1) Start regedit by pressing [windows key] + R, then type "regedit" and press enter
      2) on the left hand side there will appear a tree; navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> SOFTWARE -> Elypson -> PokerRanger -> handselectiondialog
      3) now, on the right hand side you should find an entry "splitterState", right-click on it and select "remove" or "delete"

      After that, please reopen the dialog. If nothing changes, try restarting PokerRanger.

      Also, if this has no success, you should also delete pos, size and maximized in "regedit".

      I am very positive that this should help you. Please let me know if it does help you. You can also write us at Skype "PokerRangerSupport" and if nothing else works, we might set up a screen sharing session to repair this issue.

      Another good piece of news is: It seems to be very unlikely that your stored ranges have been lost.

      All the best,
    • I would love to add weights on hands/combos to make my ranges more compatible with piosolver.
      also if you wanna update something: the equity calculations are extremely slow compared to equilab (especcially with ranges that have single combos of hands in them)

      another suggestion: add button invert suit selection
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