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    • if you have a keyboard with macro buttons you can open different sheets. I used to switch around ~18 sheets with ranges for every spot. takes a little longer to set up those 18 sheets and gets frustrating once you improve those ranges and have to put them in again :D
      du bist einfach so ein menschenverachtender Volltrottel. Hf mit deinen 100K, vllt schämst du dich in 10 Jahren genau wie 9/10 Lesern hier für deine Beträge du sicker Gamer^^^^^^
    • ok big problem here.
      I just started my grind and updated pokerranger on the side (had poker clients running, no stars tho)
      update wasn't finished with installing after like 10-15 min and was not responding. I just closed it , tryed again. couldn't even open PR, clicking pokerranger updater.exe just did the same again. I also couldn't kill hte PR process.
      now I deinstalled and deleted PR folder. I am trying to reinstall it. Pokerranger setup.exe doesn't start (just the process which again, I can't kill). so I downloaded the archieve folder, unpacked it tryed to start PR but couldn't open pokerranger exe although it starts the process.

      you can add me in skype, I need to get this solved asap. sent my skype name via pm.
      du bist einfach so ein menschenverachtender Volltrottel. Hf mit deinen 100K, vllt schämst du dich in 10 Jahren genau wie 9/10 Lesern hier für deine Beträge du sicker Gamer^^^^^^
    • You are very welcome :)

      For others that might have similar issues: In this case Avast Antivirus seemed to block PokerRanger or the updater. Changing the security properties helped.

      This service might have some checksum of PokerRanger stored. Of course, after an update this checksum changes and the software might not be whitelisted for the new update. Normally Avast should ask whether the new exe file is fine but this did not work in this case.

      The issue is not often reported, though, so that you do not have to worry about that. Just in case you get any issues, this might help, though.

      All the best,
    • Hi! Bought the software a few days ago, enjoying it thus far.

      Small suggestion. (If there's already a way, please let me know).

      When working with a specific group of a range, and having that group in the equity calculation thing. In this case "raise/CALL":

      Then I want to make some changes to that specific sub-group (raise/CALL), so I just double click the box or whatever. Then what pops up is not the sub-group which I'm working on, but the main range itself:

      (In this case the main range has 100% of hands selected).

      That seems un-intuitive to me, as I will always be working on the group which I have in the equity calculation box. What I would like to pop up is the sub-group which I was working on (raise/CALL), which is basically just the "groups" shows, not the "complete range". As such:

      I'd like that to pop up when I double click the equity calculation box. Otherwise, whenever I want to make a slight change on the group I'm working on, I have to click twice to get to that group. First click the range box to open the "Select Player1 Range" window (and see the "Complete Range"). Then again on the sub-group in question. I have done that hundreds of times today it seems. :D

      Whenever we're working on a specific group of a range, it's natural that we'd like to see that specific group when we double click to bring up the range matrix again. Can't the currently selected sub-group just pop up automatically on double click? (Same if we had "Full Range" selected in the box. Then we'd want that to pop up).

      That would be great. :)

    • Hello @undisturbed,

      excuse the late answer, good to hear that you are glad about the software!

      I agree with you. The currently selected group could also be auto-selected after double-clicking. We can save one click here that is unnecessary. There also a few other places in PokerRanger, where some clicks could be spared. We will take this into account, especially in PokerRanger2.

      Thank you very much for your feedback! If you have further ideas, do not hesitate to let us know.

      All the best,