Grinding my way to the top

    • Grinding my way to the top

      Hello to all,
      first of all, I want to introduce myself. My name is Nikola (A.K.A. JohnnyAce or Caesar), i'm 25 years old and I start playing poker few years ago, mostly live, then turned to online game. I use to play MTT's, on Pokerstars, and some other rooms, like Winamax,fr, and 888. I made some profit, win some tournaments, lost something and so. And the end, I busted my BR, and need to start looking for a stake.
      I want to start my own blog, about poker, and probably some real-life stuff, for a few reasons:
      1. Want to keep diary of playing
      2. Want to chat and disccuss with my plays with other people playing the same format
      3. It's funny
      4. Want to practice my english (cause it's second language for me, and I just hope that you can understand what I'm trying to say :) )

      So, I start playing 180-men turbo speed this week. Ofc, I start from first level, so for now, and I thin it would be for the whole November, I'm playing $2.50 limit. I have some daily goals, more about learning the game, fixing leaks and volume (40-60 per day).
      I did one coaching session, where I found out some leaks I wasn't been aware of. Now I'm working on fixing those leaks, and I think I doing things good.

      Anyway, for 6 days this week, I played 301 tournament, and make some slight profit. The main reason for absence of bigger profit is too much bad beats last two days, but today, I managed to win one, lost one HU, and had few FT + few ITM's.

      I will try to post some hands here for debate, some funny things from the tables, and so on.

      I hope I'll have at least one new follower every week. :)

      See ya and GL at the tables.
    • Hey, thank you for suggestions.
      I don't have any poker related picture of me, but I hope there's soon be some from some live tournaments. :)
      I'm from Belgrade, Serbia. :)

      Also, I wanted to provide some stats of last week. Any suggestions is welcome...
      • Overall Stats.jpg

        37.01 kB, 1,164×147, viewed 125 times
      • Stats by position.jpg

        64.9 kB, 1,314×245, viewed 120 times
      • graph.jpg

        48.34 kB, 1,328×439, viewed 119 times
    • Here I'm again.

      I'm using time before next coaching session to write something new in my blog. Things aren't so good, cause I'm in down, of about $225, after made profit around $100. I don't think that's my fault, cause I played the same as before. I belive this is just variance. Something I noticed is that my % of FlopCbet success is too low (around 30%). Also, I lost too many important flip-coin situations in late stage (18 players left or less), especially versus short stacks. Things like this:
      or against chip leaders

      Ofc, I also made some mistakes, like this

      For now, I played 480 tournaments (all 180-men, $2.50), and, as I sad, been in down $225. Something that look strange to me is that according to HEM, I'm running slightly above EV, which is unpossible when I just yesterday lost 4-5 time with AA, for monster stack.

      Just one more thing I noticed, I'm running very good at the start of the tournaments and for first few blind levels, but then things start to become strange, especially when going all-in preflop VS short stack.

      I just hope that things will start to become more in my favor after today's coaching session.

      Thanks everyone who follows my blog.

      GL at the tables!!!
    • Hey buddy, thanks for reading and posting. :)

      After my last post here I had coaching session, and I realized that I had made more mistakes then I actually thought I do. So, leaks are found, and now it's time to fix them.
      Also, I got really nice moral boost of my coach who encourage me to keep playing good and don't give a shit for things I cannot change, like variance.

      Again, thanks for all who read this, and GL at the tables to all.
    • Hello to all,
      I wanted to share something with everybody who reads this.

      After yesterday's coaching session I played around 30 tournaments, didn't made profit, BUT I believe I accomplished something else, maybe even more important. I feel like my view on poker is changed, to the better ofc. I feel like mindset is so strong. Like my brain calculate things differently, like the whole view of this game is changed. I cannot define it, and I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.
      Anyway, just wanted to share this with you, and now I'm going back to the tables.