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      A beginners guide to becoming a winning player at online poker - Introduction

      "Some will make it, most will not." "This is not 2006." "You will probably lose your first deposit and will need to work hard to get out of the micros!" "The boom is over.""You need to be tough to make it."

      Those are all answers a beginner might hear when he asks experienced online poker players on his or her chances to succeed in today's online poker. Those answers have one thing in common. They are discouraging, even harsh, but let us face it, even you as a beginner might feel obliged to realize these answers are made from realistic expectations. The days of 2006 online poker where you could sit down at a No Limit 1000 table on PartyPoker and would face a quality of play that would be exceeded by any regular in the current Zoom25 No Limit Pool on Pokerstars are definitly over. The stakes have been raised, not on how much is played for, but how good and sharp you have to be in order to win at online poker. Those are the bad news.

      The good news. There are still people who just started and make it. Everyday. You could be one of them.

      All you need is a plan. A very good plan that works.

      What you are up against

      Now,the general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple ere the battle is fought.” - Sun Tzu

      Over the next weeks I will try to prepare and empower you with a learning path and structure to approach becoming a successful online poker player. This guide is no shortcut, this guide is not fine detailed or tailored towards you, this guide is not a guarantee to success, but this guide will show you an efficient, dedicated and achieveable way of becoming an online poker player that can hold his or her own in today´s online poker environment. If you are willing to put in the work! If you accept that you have to create good habits and a structure to learn and evolve! If you are willing to keep up a high and efficient learning curve and accept that you are a beginner and will make mistakes! We have all been there. And probably we did not have the access to content and tools like you have now. So all you have to do is figure out the fastest and most efficient way to catch up.

      There are much more "meta" skills and preparation methods that you will have to do beyond just learning to play winning poker strategy. With meta skills I mean everything that goes into achieving mastery at playing No Limit Holdem poker at the tables. This guide is tailored towards those skills, to avoid pitfalls that many beginners encounter, to keep your off the tables work crisp and determined towards what will improve your game the most and puts you into the position to get better with every aspect that is required to win in today´s games.
      We will talk about bankroll-managment and strategy, how you figure out the variant that suits you most, how to nurture and grow a bankroll and take shots, how to think about poker and how you can train your mind to develop the right mindset and habits to handle winning and losing and accepting them as an adversity outside of your control without leading to tilt. We will talk about what tools you should aim to use for your variant and how to use a HUD to find weaknesses in your opponents.

      Before we get started you have to accept the simple fact that you will make a lot of mistakes as a beginner. Like losing a pot with aces where you went allin Preflop, making mistakes is also part of the poker experience. The difference, your aces will lose again and you have no control over that, but you have control about the mistakes you do and can correct them. It is not making the mistakes that will decide your fate in poker, it will be how you learn from them and avoid making them again. For that we need a foundation for our off the tables work and learning and you simply have to follow what I call "the circle of success".

      You will have to make a lot of trips around the circle of success that will be your fundamental basis for crushing your play sessions. Your play sessions will then become part of the basis of crushing your circle of success. It is like Ying and Yang. They are both part of what makes balance and success and your journey around the circle never ends. The game always evolves and so should you. And as Konfuzius says: "The road is the destination."

      The circle of success

      Success in online poker hinges on respecting and implementing the above mentioned aspects as pillars of your foundation for improvement as a player and work on all of them again and again in order to bring a stronger and better game to the tables after every iteration around the circle. Neglecting any of them will leave you exposed. In a way you will need to find your own balance in all of them, how much time you allocate between play for each one. Some players will have to work more on their mindset, others on strategy and tools, some especially very novice players tumble over bankroll-management-problems and should keep a close eye on their bankroll and winrate after rakeback situation.

      Approaching strategy can become overwhelming and aimless, mastering mindset confusing, bankroll-management tempting and getting the most of your tools very time-consuming. I will do my best to help you out to stay on course and focussed. The better you perform at the off the tables part, the better your winrate will be at the tables.

      While those four aspects seem to be very generalized, they are standing for a lot of sub-aspects:

      01 Strategy stands for:
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      • Choosing the right variant of poker
      • Choosing the right poker site to sign up to
      • Choosing the right learning materials to improve game knowledge
      • Choosing the right amount of tables to play simultaniously
      • Choosing a healthy session length and break times
      • Choosing the right allocation of time between play and working on your circle of success
      >> Read a detailed post here: Become a winning player at online poker - Strategy - Part I

      02 Mindset stands for:
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      • Learning how to deal with losing or winning and acceptance of adversity outside your control
      • Learning how to develop your mindset
      • Learning how to create good poker habits
      • Learning how to play your A-game as long and as often as possible
      • Learning to learn efficiently and implement learned concepts into play
      • Setting the right goals
      >> Read a detailed post here: Become a winning player at online poker - Part II - Mindset

      03 Bankroll-Management stands for:
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      • Keeping enough buyins for your actual stake level to match deviation or variance in your variant
      • Keeping track of rakeback and bonus situation and evaluate you current rakeback versus better offers
      • Correct risk-management for shots / moving up in stakes
      • Cashout-Requirements to keep a healthy roll available
      • Bankroll-Thresholds for moving down
      • Investing into coaching or poker tools
      • Selling and Buying action meaning shares and staking
      >> Read a detailed post here: Become a winning player at online poker - Part III - Bankroll management

      04 Tools stands for:
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      • Learn what poker software to buy and use for your variant and stake level
      • Learn to tableselect and manage the lobbies
      • Develop handreading
      • Learn to do session and handreviews with or without tool support
      • Learn to communicate with other poker players and poker communities
      >> Read a detailed post here: Become a winning player at online poker - Part IV - Tools

      These are the sub-aspects we will try to focus on for starting your online poker career and create the foundation and your own circle of success that enables you to play your best poker at the tables!

      You probably had to do circuit physical training in school or hobby sports, you probably dreaded it and just wanted to play and compete, but inside you very well knew that completeing the circuit would make you a better player. In order for us to become a better poker player we have our own circuit training to go through, the one I just presented to you as your "circle of success" to online poker. And one thing counts for both physical and poker circuit training: The harder and better we train, the easier we will handle competitive play!

      In the next article I will write about strategy and its mentioned sub-aspects. I will try to point you towards the right learning materials, how you decide what variant to begin with and which pokersite is suited to start on for your variant of choice. I will talk what variants are proned for beginners, what variants are not suited for beginners and why. I will also give you pointers on how much time you should spend on playing in order to have enough time left for your foundational pillars that you work on in your temple to travel around your circle of success. Remember the Sun-Tzu quote from the beginning. I will leave you with another one:

      "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win." - Sun Tzu

      Think about it. See you next week!

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