Pinned William Hill Poker - Up to 1,500 EUR Bonus

    • William Hill Poker - Up to 1,500 EUR Bonus

      William Hill Poker is part of the 3rd largest online poker network. ✓
      Download NOW and start playing! ✓
      Get a 1500€ First Deposit Bonus and 10€ in PokerMarket Tokens.✓

      William Hill Poker • Quick Facts

      1.500 €
      First Deposit Bonus (Rakeback Equivalent ~30%)
      3 %
      All Other Running Promos
      up to 27%
      VIP System (based on Weighted Contributed Rake*)
      10 €
      100 Tokens On Deposit
      5 %
      PokerMarket Monthly Tokens
      10 %
      PokerMarket $10,000 Rake Race
      $2.500 Exclusive Monthly Points Chase
      First Deposit Period72%
      Lifetime Period42%

      William Hill Poker • Additional Information
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      William Hill Poker is part of the Ipoker Network. See the traffic statistics for this network at PokerScout.

      To get this Deal, please clear all your William Hill Poker Cookies in your internet browser. Right after, please visit our William Hill Deal page and click the big blue sign up button. You will get redirected to the William Hill registration page using our sign up link. After you registered your account at William Hill please go back to the PokerMarket website. Enter your username and registered email in the pop up window. You will receive a tracking confirmation email from PokerMarket as soon as possible.

      The 5% PokerMarket Tokens will be paid directly into your PokerMarket account on the 15th of the following month.

      Information about the first deposit bonuses, the traffic, the look and feel about the software, the cash-in & cash-out options, a quick deal calculator and other useful information can be found here.

      * The calculation base of your rake will be the weighted contributed (WC) rake method. This is the rake shown in your HoldemManager or PokerTracker - your real rake. All other Ipoker deals will use the sourced based (SBR) rake method. The SBR will lower your rakeback drastically, the WC won't. 27% SBR are equal to approx. 50% WC. Please keep that in mind when comparing any Ipoker deals. The William Hill deal is therefore highly competitive with all other Ipoker deals out there.

      Best of luck with that highly attractive Ipoker deal and thanks for supporting our startup by signing up through us!
    • Frequently asked questions below.

      Q:Where do I reach support?
      A:William Hill Support and you can ask in this thread.

      Q:Which countries are excluded to play here?
      A:Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Benin, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cameroon, Central African-Republic, Chad, China, Cuba, Cyprus, Denmark, Ethiopia, Estonia France, Gabon, Gambia, Greece, Haiti, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Ivory Coast, Lesotho, Liberia, Mongolia, North Korea, Norway, Niger, Philippines, Rwanda, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Surinam, Syria, Thailand, Tongo, Turkey, USA, Yemen and Uruguay

      Q:When and where do I receive my 5% PokerMarket Tokens?
      A:The 5% PokerMarket Tokens will be paid directly into your PokerMarket account on the 15th of the following month.

      Q:Can I refer my friends to William Hill to earn some money?
      A:Yes, you will get 3% from the rake your buddy generates for lifetime. Your referral link under "my account" is:

      Ask your questions in this thread.

      Have fun with William Hill!