BluesKid's journey from break-even to souls-crusher

    • BluesKid's journey from break-even to souls-crusher

      Hello, dear PokerMarket folks!

      My name is Paul (Paulius), I'm 21 y/o from Lithuania and I am a proud member of Internet300 team!
      I'm a medicine student (4th year) so that takes up a lot of time but doesn't stop me from pursuing poker goals.
      Also love mastering my guitar skills, video games are the past but used to love them, now I've substituted them with studying psychology, spirituality and self-help, I think I will be posting some of it in this blog.

      What you can expect in this blog:

      1) My background

      2) Poker-related goals
      *(with regular graph updates, things I'm currently working on, how I am trying to improve my specific leaks, interesting hands etc.)

      3) Exact deals and sites that I'm playing on

      4) Personal goals
      *(with books, seminars and other material that I going through with my review on them)

      My background:
      Started playing poker since 16 with friends in school. Since I started later than others, they would crush me pretty badly which I couldn't stand and simply getting better than they were was my first motivation.
      This brought me to online poker which was obviously the fastest way to catch up with their experience, so after wasting 25-30$ on micro stakes SNGs and 2NL and having read a couple of poker books, I could finally beat the very lowest stakes of poker. By that time I was already crushing friends in school and have realized the potential of making money with poker.

      So when I was 17-18 y/o and took like 7-8 failed shots at 10NL on Stars, I could finally beat those stakes and make some money. Making even 150-200$ while in school in Lithuania was already pretty huge (It's a cheap country to live in, especially before we had Euros). At that time I was already running around different home cash games and picking money of people who played with poker hand rankings in front of them. Climbed up to 25NL on Stars, was a small winner, had some lucky hot runs at 50NL, so I could probably call myself semi-pro at that time because I was still making more than the jobs I could find in my country playing 15h a week, even though i was pretty bad.

      At the moment, I am lucky enough to have become a part of Internet300 team and working with Paul Otto is a pleasure. With his help, I came from a tiny winner at $25NL to 100NL.

      I know I haven't fulfilled my potential with what I've achieved yet. The main reason I am starting a blog is to commit to achieving the best that I can as I've just moved in since December with my girlfriend to my own place and am turning pro in a sense that I expect 100% of my income to be from poker or poker-related things.
      Here are some graphs at the start of this blog journey:

      20NL graph

      50NL graph

      100NL (was still in shots taking phase)

      Current grinding station:
      (Finally have a proper place to work)


      At the moment, playing on:
      * Triobet MG (best RB)

      * PartyPoker (for casual cash game tables)

      * Bet365 (super soft premium tables)

      So far, I found microgaming deals with ~60% rakeback to work best for me.
      I treat Bet365 and PartyPoker more like extra action.

      Poker goals:

      * 45k hands played
      * Post 40 hands on Internet300 (10 a week)
      * Comment on 15 hands on the main forums (3-4 a week)
      * Watch and review 2 poker videos
      * Review 5 hands on forums a day

      * Beat 100NL for 5-7bb/100 post rakeback over 50k+ hands
      * Beat 200NL for 3-4bb/100 post rakeback over 50k+ hands

      Currently working to improve
      * BUvBB common spots and bet-sizes with Solver.

      (I will try to update monthly goals by quoting this and posting my progress , also will update here if something changes)

      Personal goals:
      * Meditate at least once a day
      * Read a books a month
      * Gym 3-4 times a week

      Progress since the start of the blog:
      (here I'll be updating to just the most current progress on the monthly goals and graph since the start of the blog)
      last update: 2016.01.08

      Graph: (since 2015 December 10th, the start of the blog)

      July poker goals:

      Hands played:

      * Post hands on Internet300
      0/40 done

      * Comment on 15 hands on the main forums (3-4 a week)
      0/15 done

      * Watch and review 2 poker videos

      * Review 5 hands on forums a day

      Personal goals:
      All doing fine
      Reading 'Die Gesetze der Gewinner' (The laws of success/The habits of winners) by Bodo Schafer
      Will review after I finish it

      You can expect updates of my progress, hands and graphs and everything else related to my poker journey 2-4 times a month.

      What I expect from you: post anything from strategy to setup to daily routines both directly poker related and not quite related, books, videos suggestions, basically anything that works for you and you think would benefit me through-out the journey.

      Also feel free to ask any questions!

      Namaste, Paul

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    • Hey!
      First update since the start of the blog, 5 days later.

      Firstly the 5-day graph:

      Still running not very friendly with Mr.EV but we are getting there.
      Personal space photos updates, because I've finally moved a proper chair and whiteboard. At the moment there are some of the default preflop ranges that I use but i don't look at them that much anymore + I also have them on PokerRanger. Will be cleaning it up today to make some space for calculations and board notations.

      Had a coaching session with Paul "Internet" Otto after a month of coaching break. Went through some 3bet/4bet pot betting plans and analysed few different boards, great stuff although coaching helped me mentally even more, I can clearly see differences in my own thought-process, moving away from auto-piloting in which I've been grinding lately.
      Note to myself: must get those coachings more often!

      Currently working on:
      BUvBB common spots and bet-sizes with Solver.

      Gonna post some hands on forums now, will include a couple of more interesting ones in the next post.
    • Hand #1

      $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Holdem

      UTG Player2 ($65.44) 131bb
      CO Player3 ($17) 34bb
      BTN Player4 ($76.64) 153bb
      SB Player5 ($62.57) 125bb
      BB Hero ($50) 100bb
      Pre-Flop: (0.75, 5 players) Hero is BB :7c :ks

      3 folds, Player5 raises to $1.50, Hero calls $1

      Flop: :2d :8c :6h ($3, 2 players)
      Player5 checks, Hero bets $1.50, Player5 calls $1.50
      Turn: :7h ($6, 2)
      Player5 checks, Hero bets $3, Player5 raises to $12, Hero calls $9
      River: :3c ($30, 2)
      Player5 bets $27, Hero calls $27
      Final Pot: $84
      Player5 shows
      :4s :ac
      Hero shows
      :7c :ks
      Hero wins $82.50 (net +$40.50)
      Player5 lost $42

      Flop pretty standard stab i think.
      Turn should be good for value, when he raises, i have no idea what he has. 76 or 77? Ah2h or Xh5h? Expect him to cbet all gutshots.
      River, same read, also not sure if he can go this big for value with 77 or 76. I call.

    • Hand #2

      $0.50/$1 No Limit Holdem

      UTG Player6 ($104.70) 105bb
      CO Hero ($245.33) 245bb
      BTN Player3 ($156.88) 157bb
      SB Player4 ($71.21) 71bb
      BB Player5 ($114.77) 115bb
      Pre-Flop: (1.50, 5 players) Hero is CO :jc :jd

      1 fold, Hero raises to $3, Player3 calls $3, 2 folds

      Flop: :7h :7d :3c ($7.50, 2 players)
      Hero bets $2.50, Player3 calls $2.50
      Turn: :ts ($12.50, 2)
      Hero bets $12.50, Player3 calls $12.50
      River: :9h ($37.50, 2)
      Hero checks, Player3 bets $18, Hero calls $18

      Flop going for 1/3 seemed best, not sure if I want to be doing this with 100% range.
      Turn pot size might be best but not sure. This gives him an easy fold with everything but 88+, so thought that maybe JJ is too thin but here's the breakdown:

      Behind 67s, 87s, 97s, A7s, 77, 33 (#12), but then 88, 99 is already #12, then JTs , QTs, KTs backdoors call flop + turn, and then not sure is 12 or 3 combos of AT gets here (ATs vs also ATo).
      So yeah, behind #12, and ahead #24-33, so it's a very easy value bet.
      Now river, so some of 7x/33 will have raised before, so lets say it's 6ish combos + #3 of 99, so we are behind ~10 combos.

      If he has all AT and that always calls, probably another easy bet, also expect at least some KT to call sometimes, every Tx is in tough spot.
      Now that I've broken this down, I don't like my river check. Should be pretty easy value bet, but when he bets, it's a close call.
      If all AT bet then easy, but why not bet myself then, can't x/r for value, he has no bluffs. He also seemed somewhat passive which makes this even worse to check vs bet.
    • pkt wrote:

      Where do you live, Kaunas castle? :O
      Vilnius Old Town! These are the remains of the defense walls that you see outside.

      pkt wrote:

      Regarding to last hand, why 1/3 and not 2/3 o more? Imo you lose value since BU will call pretty wide any bet.
      Because I go exploitively 1/3 with my whole range here expecting people to be overfolding quite a lot vs 1/3 sizing and this lets me cbet 100% range profitably.
      Puts me into some trickier "non-standard" turn spots, but that just let's me push my edge even harder because regs are not that comfortable vs alternative sizes. At least not the 50-100NL guys.
    • Hi! And Namaste to you.

      tunks2 wrote:

      Because I go exploitively 1/3 with my whole range here expecting people to be overfolding quite a lot vs 1/3 sizing and this lets me cbet 100% range profitably.
      Curious about your assumptions on BT's pre-flop calling range here, as well as his flop defense.

      As for the strategy of 100% 1/3 here, I don't think I like it as a default.

      Putting you on a 25% opening range:

      Then c-betting 100% for 1/3, any hand with ~25% or more should surely peel in position (getting 20% immediate).
      In which case basically any potential BT pre-flop peel will have enough to call.
      Easy call with A-hi, K-hi, Q-hi, pairs, any backdoor.
      Leaving only JsTs, Js9s, Ts9s, Ts8s, 9s8s that fold (hovering around 20-24).

      So it seems pretty easy to click call IP with basically all of range here, vs 1/3.

      But if players make weak folds with Ax, Kx and non-backdoors, then it should work fine. You're assuming this?
    • undisturbed wrote:

      tunks2 wrote:

      Because I go exploitively 1/3 with my whole range here expecting people to be overfolding quite a lot vs 1/3 sizing and this lets me cbet 100% range profitably.
      Easy call with A-hi, K-hi, Q-hi, pairs, any backdoor.
      Leaving only JsTs, Js9s, Ts9s, Ts8s, 9s8s that fold (hovering around 20-24).
      Yeah, that's what they should do and that's what people do at the higher stakes because they've done the math. I don't expect reg at my stakes to adjust correctly vs 1/3 because it's "not standard".
      Also, on the turn I don't think they will be playing correctly after getting there with unusual range even if they do adjust on the flop.
      Purely exploitative to go 1/3 100%, although GTO approach would be doing the same but with ~80% range.
    • benny1887 wrote:

      Just a small question, as you grinded the same stakes on MPN like I did. What are in your opinion the biggest differences between NL20 and NL50?
      Regs are a bit more aggressive preflop, wider 3bet/c3b ranges, although often still too tight
      Regs are doing less random shit and not steam-calling rivers as much when they shouldnt
      Other than that there isn't that much of a difference

      If you want to move up faster and make your transition easier:
      1) Table select very hard and avoid reg v reg confrontations for now. Some spots on the paper will be slightly +EV, but if you account for the time it takes to rebuild 50 EUR stack at 20NL to take another shot, a lot of spots are not worth it.
      2) Learn how to maximize your edge vs fish (learn common bluffing lines vs fish on boards like 842, iso3betting is super important etc.)