You can't win, if you're afraid of losing!

    • Hey guys!

      Holiday is over, time to play some poker again! I'll post some new goals below, only a few but it's a start. I'll also start University in one month, I'm moving to my own appartment! :)

      I'll join a friend and go to Vegas next year since I'll be 21! :) so time to save up for the trip!

      [ ] 100k hands before 2016
      [ ] 500nl by the end of 2015 (SEK)
      [ ] $10k trip money before June 2016

      Still playing on the swedish site, if I decide to do otherwise I'll adjust goals.

      Osse! :heart:

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    • flow wrote:

      for vegas you need some more cash than $10k, especially for the ME ;)

      are you allowed to play on other international skins beside swedish brands?
      I'm not planning on playing the ME first time there, I'll play some cash game and then some low buyin tourneys. But maybe I cash big in a tourney one day before the trip. Who knows! :)

      Yes, I can play on any site. But focus on the swedish one just because of the challenge.

      I'm starting to move my things to the new appartment tomorrow so exciting stuff! I'm going to move in 15th Aug though.
    • Hello there, as you may noticed I haven't been
      posting anything here for a while now. Too long to be totally honest,
      but I'm not even sure how the future will look for me. So this post
      might answer some questions you might have.

      The first question most people will have is how's poker?
      Since my last post here I have not played nearly enough to even call myself a
      grinder. Which is sad and I hope I can reclaim this title soon, but I
      have had my reasons to not play and they're pretty good. I can say that I
      currently have a bankroll to play at 100nl in the challenge.

      So what's your big excuse for not playing?
      University, could be the quickest and easiest answer to this question. The people
      that have studied at this high level will know that it takes a lot of
      time from your daily schedule....

      Go read the full post at
    • Hello guys!

      I didn't include a graph in my last post since I didn't feel the need to honestly. But I feel like some of you might want to know how's it going with my graph. As decided before I'll move up to 100nl once I hit 2.5k roll, to have that extra 5bi to work with. Last time I moved up just when I hit 2k bankroll, which is totally fine too. But since I haven't been playing that much lately I might aswell just stay a little longer at the lower tables.

      There is still a long way before I hit that 100k mark this year, if it's even possible. But I'll have to aim for something, today I actually played really well even though I lost 2 bi in the end.

      As you will see below I'm -bb/100 at 100nl, but that's because I ran super bad there. I'm actually like +6bi EV there. And we are talking pretty low stakes here btw, 6nl and 12nl.

      Anyway here's the graph as for today.

      Happy grinding,
    • Hey guys!

      So it's been a little over one week since my last post here. Had some time of to write a little today, so first off. A little rusty coming into the grinding again, nothing to worry about. I have spent a lot of time off the tables and structured some new hand ranges for little of everything. I think it's very interesting to read about new things that can be really useful both at the tables and off the tables. But I'm a really curious person outside poker aswell, so I guess that's one reason to it. I like to think of new possible ideas that might not even be physically possible in todays technology. Maybe one reason I want to become an engineer. But now I'm going off topic, maybe more about this in my life story on my blog (poker blog) once I decide to start writing on it.

      Going on topic again I have managed to spare a lot more time playing and learning poker, since my last post. It's been fun, even though now I get a little distracted with my mind when I study. Since I want to improve my poker game.. woops :rolleyes: . Under here you will see the new updated graph since last time, sure I haven't played as many hands as a fulltime grinder. But since I'm a fulltime student I should be pretty happy, since I managed to study poker outside the tables.

      Hope you enjoy. Let me know if you want me to write about something specific.

      Also going off topic again, I watched The Martian movie this week and I loved it. I have a really open mind about space and I'm really interested about it. I have considered going space engineering a couple of times, sadly I think it's a little too small market for jobs as for today (and possible my whole life time). Maybe if I was born a century later it would be a more viable option. But even though, shouldn't you be doing what you love? Even if it's cleaning toilets, playing poker, or dream about the enormous amount of galaxies there are out there and what could the human race accomplish with space?

      Signing off now before you get bored to death about my space fantasies. Cheers Osse <3

    • flow wrote:

      well, join the NASA or ESA, they are pretty big so you can follow your dream to not only have a rocket like poker graph but also a rocket like space engineering career ;) how much time do you invest into poker? what is your poker/study ratio actually. pretty cool how you manage everything study + poker + uni + blogging. impressed hehe

      I try to invest as much time as possible into poker, I'm trying to be very flexible to make things work. I also need to be pretty spontaneous about my poker grinds, hence the fact that Uni-life is very social. It generally depends a lot on your friendcircle, but as for me it's a very tight schedule. So I can't really put down a specific ratio between poker and studying, nor anything actually.

      I tend to see University studies as working a fulltime job. Which means that you shouldn't put out overtime for it, however if there is an exam or test coming up it might be a good idea to put out some extra time and improve the odds of you not having to retake the exam or test. Which would result in even more extra work time and you might fall behind.

      So as for now I put my "work time" between 08~10 - 18~19 (8~10am - 6~7pm) I also workout 4-5 times a week at the gym which takes around 90 minutes give or take each time. Which I try to squeeze in sometimes during the "work time" just because it's less people at the gym during the day (this is when I have no seminars) which results in a quicker workout and I can use my time more efficient. Then for the rest of the day/night usually ~19 - ~23 (~7pm - ~11pm) I try to spend as much time as possible to poker. I sleep 8 hours a night to have the right amount of body recovery from the gym. This schedule is from Mon-Sat (though Sat is not nearly as long "working day" as Mon-Fri). Fri-Sat are usually bad days for me poker wise atleast night time because I'm usually out with friends.

      You can always try to calculate the best and most efficient ways to plan your days, but I feel like it will be way to scheduled to actually enjoy the days. Because you will be focusing more to not break your schedule than actually do what you're supposed to do. ^^

      If I have some extra time over, I might consider creating a workout blog section on my blog. For people to get a little start at going to the gym and start being a little healthier. This would most likely include workout plans, food recommendations, motivation to live healthy, maybe even some before and after pictures on my process. But as I said, this would require a lot of effort and time from me. Even though I'm very happy to contribute and help people I might not have time for it.

    • So today I was thinking of just showing my current grinding gear. It's not that fancy, yet atleast! I'm thinking of buying a 3rd monitor (might have to remove one of the current monitors, because of lack of space) It's probably going to be a little bigger aswell. I currently have two 24" monitors, a table I can stand or sit at. The table works really well and it was a good buy! (it wasn't super cheap though)

      Now it's time to grind!

    • Hey guys! Last week I turned 21! woohoo, now I can finally play in the US!

      Tomorrow (29th Nov), is it time for the swedish online poker championship on the swedish site svenska spel. I recently qualified for it online. The buy-in is 2000SEK (about $230). Currently it's over 2M gtd in the price pool (SEK), so let's hope for a big first place price. Anyway it's 10k start stack with 30min levels. The blind jumps is pretty big, so it's faster than the PS 10min/levels (with the mini blind jumps. 10/20-20/40.....) It's a two day event + final table next weekend. It's going to be fun!

      Cash game is going pretty good for me recently, have had some time to play more. I'm currently taking shots at 100nl on the swedish site. The shot, like last time. Is going horrible... I'm running way below EV line again sadly. But I have around 2-3bi more that I'll take before moving down again. So the bad run will most likely turn around before I move down again!
      Picture below is on all the hands on the swedish site since I started the challenge.