lnternet300 Successes!

    • I started to work with Paul in September last Year at Nl100 and now i´m arrived at Nl400. This is my graph until then.

      A big thanks to Paul, the best coach i can imagine for me. He is allways there for me when i need something and explains all questions in a friendly and very understandable way.

      But also a big thank you to all other I300 members, the atmosphere and the working ethiks are great. You are the BEST guys!!!
    • Hey Guys!

      I'm Kuba from Cracow, Poland. I signed in for a longterm deal with Paul in mid March 2015. After veryfing and accepting my application we started off 1st April 2015.

      Back than I was playing FF NL100 on Party Poker. Working with Paul and awesome guys from I300 took me from there to taking some shy shots @NL1K these days.

      Since day 1 of our deal I've been literally spamming Paul with ton of HH and other poker related questions and he is always there with the best possible answer.

      !!! BIG Thank You Paul & I300 !!!

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    • Hi,

      I would share some thoughts instead of grapfs (those I also have not bad though).

      Before working with lnternet I was stuck at some level of the game and wasn't able to go through on my own. I was feeling other NL200+ regs just know something about the game that I had no clue about.
      That was leading to uncertainty which was leading to tilt and I was aware of that but couldn't solve it on my own. I was just dreaming of having a 5-figure month but that never happened before joining this team.

      Joinning the team had me networking with so many likeminded successful people. Whatever you want to know that you can't find in forums, there is always an answer.

      After over an year now I am quite confident with my game. I am a winning player at NL400, playing some higher limits as well. Never faced this sort of uncertainty tilt anymore, cause now I have a good understaning of the game.

      About him: It is so awesome to know people like Paul. A good leader. Always discreet in communication and making you feel special. Having his presence at liveplay is so much +EV for metagame. You feel unstoppable. This remains for a few days usually :D

      Thanks Paul and i300!
    • Yo! A former member of i300 here.

      I joined i300 back at first quarter of 2015. At that time I had only played poker for a bit over 6 months, and was stuck at NL25 levels, not really sure how to improve my game. So at that point I decided to look for coaching and after few people suggested Paul, I decided to apply and somehow I got in.

      Honestly few first sessions I wasn't that impressed as we mostly went trough preflop ranges, and at that time I didn't realize how important it is to lay the groundwork for your game to be able to rise up smoothly. Paul taught how to actually calculate the ranges via good math when I directly wanted to jump into interesting rare river spots, which later I realized is not at all important. Also back then I was a GTO junkie, and didn't actually have a proper approach how to think about poker, and this is actually one of the most valuable thing I learnt at i300. I was playing NL20 and I wanted to be balanced in every spot, even though most villains are just clicking buttons and have huge leaks. It took me a while to really understand this even though Paul was trying to get this trough my head directly from the start.

      During my active coaching at i300 the following things I learnt are the things I think is so valuable to every aspiring poker player.

      - How to approach the game from studying perspective focused on GTO. Before joining i300 I had some idea how to study poker, but not really. Paul taught me ways how I can study poker off the tables, back when solvers didn't exist and actually with those methods you can get fairly similiar results as solver. I still use these methods when I wanna hardcore train certain part of my game, as I think it forces you to think and learn more than just looking at solver results. I constantly see many small-midstake players who actually don't really know how to study the game and improve your game. They just are missing so much stuff.

      - How to think about poker. Basically how you should be thinking in game, when you should rely on GTO fundamentals and when you should look to deviate from it. This was something that was hard for me to grasp and it took many hours of Paul trying to get it trough my head that I absolutely shouldnt' look to play GTO in spots population isn't. But to be fair, some stuff about this I never really implemented into my game, which now I realize would've helped my winrate A LOT back when I was still playing NL100-400 games. Like I chose not to split my betsizes in some spots that it's really good, because I wanted to keep my strategy simple enough that I can visualize and balance it correctly. I was always was more of a softcore exploiter.

      - Where and what games to play. I see many aspiring micro and smallstakes players choosing zooming instead of bumhunting when trying to rise up. This is retarded and Paul will explain you why.

      Overall my results during my active contract at i300 wasn't superb, more like meh. But that doesn't mean at all that the coaching was bad. On contrary, the coaching was always fucking superb. I had some problems implementing some stuff into my games and was always looking to shot take hard and unluckily back then I ran horribly shottaking 1k, which I wasn't mentally prepared, and encountered my biggest bb downswing at the end of the contract. I started from NL10, 1.5 or 1.4 2016 and at the end of the year I was already shot taking NL1k, although it took me another 11 months to really really hit the groove at highstakes, but a lot of that had to with variance and my problems with dealing with variance. I wasn't ever one of those players who was really talented about poker like some others who just cruised from one limit to another, it took so many hours of hard work to get where I'm now and without Paul I wouldn't be here.

      Even though Paul doesn't play actively anymore and actually never really played the absolute highest stakes (later was really bad move on his part IMO, he would've absolutely crushed poker if he did try to get into nosebleeds) his understanding of the game of poker is just so good, and overall he is probably the smartest person I know. If Paul was to focus on getting to NL5k+ games now, I have 0 doubt he could do it. Yeah maybe Paul isn't anymore the best coach for players already playing high midstakes and looking to get to highstakes who already have good fundamental knowledge of poker. But for anyone else I think he is one of the best coaches available.

      The decision of joining i300 was basically the best decision I've ever made. Even though during my stay, my results wasn't that great, the coaching I got from Paul and the fact that I was surrounded by multiple motivated and smart poker players, really improved me as a poker player and speed up my progress of developing as a player. Without it I certainly wouldn't be playing NL1-2k games at the moment.

      It isn't just coincidence that i300 has produced multiple highstakes players and even more midstake crushers. But don't get me wrong, i300 isn't just a freeway ticket to success, at this day and age, you still need to work your ass off to succeed and not everyone will make it. But i300 is probably one of the best ways to be a successful cashgame player.

      The only negative thing I have to say about Paul, he didn't teach me how to ran good in allins...

      My past 6 month results.

    • I was on Pauls deal for 2 years.

      I'll keep this short and tell you what you want to know, no BS i'll just give you my honest opinion:

      How is Paul as a coach?

      Active, available to answer questions, relaxed and professional. I've really enjoyed my time working with Paul, he understands how to get across the main points in a hand to a level you understand. He gives you the basis to become a great player, and the rest is up to you.

      How is the group?

      We have developed a small, private community that will get involved and give you input on any questions you have. It's been very beneficial for me over the years and they helped me to get my thinking closer to correct in a lot of situations.

      How have my results been since being in the group?

      From beginning with paul i went from a very slight winner at 50NL to playing up to 1000NL (I am now regularly playing 2000NL games, since i am not currently active in the CFP group i'll ignore this years results, however they are still just as positive as before).

      In bb's it works out at +450bi's~ or roughly 5.5bb/100 ev after rb.

      I almost always played high rakeback sites only - apart from 150k~ hands at 500NL zoom, so i will include rb in the graph here.

      Do i think it's worth it for future aspiring players?

      Yes. I wouldn't have understood half the things Paul helped me to and i feel very fortunate to have been part of the group.

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    • Hi,

      Just finishing my 1,5 year journey with i300 warriors.
      I don't have enough good words how greatful I am that I had opportunity to be a part of this project.

      First and foremost, Paul is not only a great player but he is an amazing teacher, the best i have conctact with. He is very professional, has gift to share knowledge he has, great math fundementals - creating poker-excels live. Also he is very patient, able to adjust to my personality and progress, focusing on stuff which exacly I need. Even when I've had bad periods, he was much more optimistic than me.

      Secondly, Paul created a small, co-working, motivated group of people. It's great environment to grow as a pro poker player when you are surrounded by people who has the same goal as you, and a great leader is giving you a hand. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. Skype group and forum is very active.

      Effort. I know few stables and in none of them coach put so much effort, so much time - so many 1on1 coachings, group coachings, forum and hand history forum (so much knowledge available!). The time Paul invests in the group is shocking. I wasn't expect so much before joining the group and i was given much more.

      Before joininig i300, I stuck. I had this feeling that I can't grow more working alone. I knew what I need and joining the group was eyes-opening and the best decision I could possibly make that time. I'm full of gratitude.