60 day challenge continued to NL100 grind

    • 60 day challenge continued to NL100 grind

      Hey guys,

      new poster here. Not planning to make a huge intro this time, at least not for now. Basically I'm a 19 y/o who finished high school but skipped college to pursue poker dreams. I was playing 9man SNGs but than met a high stakes HU CG player who convinced me to switch and so I was under his coaching for some time but didn't go well. Was losing over 100k hands sample(playing regs and fish) so we decided to stop, but I plan to say in HU so now I'm starting on my own on NL20 2months challenge to see how I'l do, whether I do okay or not after that I'm planning to find a coach.

      That's it for now. Here's yesterdays post on some other forum.

      DAY 0 of 60 DAYS CHALLENGE


      35-40k hands/month
      200h/month(min 7h/day)
      cold showers in the morning/afternoon
      no tv/no sweets->always be working on something no time to waste
      reread goals/affirmations when u wake up and go to bed and inbetween
      meditate even if u don't need to
      go over spots to remember mistakes
      journal every day
      handstand during breaks
      sleep 6-8h

      Starting BR: 600€=30BI


      warmup(videos/HH review/go over spots to remember/inventing scenarios)

      no pt4 checkups

      know your Cgame(writing notees+adaptations, following basic HUD, noticing sizing tells)

      Things to work on ingame:
      1. revise HUD when playing to spot leaks
      2. don't be lazy in limped pots or XXB IP/OOP lines in SRP
      3. think of blockers when making decisions
      4. when deciding to call in 3bp or deciding to cb in l/r pot think how board texture hits his range
      *have in mind previous mistakes, do not get emotionaly involved and make insta decisions, know your c-game, warmup, no pt4 checkups*

      if villain is not a huge fish but rather tighter I'll quit him, if villain seems tricky and hard to play I'll quit him,
      I will have patience w/ calling stations and won't be lazy in limped pots and I will be ultra focused on high 3 bettors,
      if by any means I feel I don't have an edge maybe cuz of losing confidence/attention I will quit/review/come back

      This is the best you can do right now-to be present, it can't get any better than this


      I had 1 week w/o playing, to raise the money since I payed back my coach and work on my game. I went over a lot of hands and draw some conclusions that will help
      me to not make the same mistakes again, I analyzed villains who gave me trouble and found out that it was just that my attention wasn't
      high enough when playing them, I watched one HU video every day, read some more in depth about variance and I rested a bit.

      So today was a warmup day. I deposited money, finished final theory stuff like inventing scenarios, went over std lines, memorized some more etc.
      I also played, wanted to do 5h but did only 3h45min cuz I hit stoploss 3.5BI, I was actually running 3BI under ev and was coolered flusg into flush
      so I could have played some more ... but I went to the gym, did hard legs worout and I'm pretty tired now. Gonna hit the shower, meditate, prepare for tmrw and go to sleep.

      Tmrw Plan:
      • sleep 8h
      • no time waste/shower/eat
      • warmup(go over mistakes/inventing scenarios)
      • play min 8h 30min breaks 1.5-2h sesions
      • meditate/handstand/read/affirmations while on break
      • no tv no sweets->no time to waste
      • attention on c-game, on HUD in depth, on notes/adaptations, don't be lazy in limped pots, notice board texture w/ range
    • I meditate 10min/day ... almost every day ... still a beginner though .. been doing it for like 3 months on and off, sometimes I listen to guided meditation and sometimes not.

      Well I was neever really watching tv/eatin sweets a lot but started doing it a lot since I got a gf so now I have to cut back, won't be a problem I think:)

      oh and handstands ... it's fun, it keeps your blood flowing, stretches muscles etc. and takes mind off of poker

      Thanks to you both

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    • flow wrote:

      dovrha wrote:

      cold showers in the morning/afternoon

      no tv/no sweets->always be working on something no time to waste
      reread goals/affirmations when u wake up and go to bed and inbetween
      had to lol here :)
      nice challenge! wish you all the best and will follow your regular updates. do you take any prob bets on your challenge as well?
      Why lol at ice cold showers? ............ thanks, well first of all I'm broke atm so even if I wanted to I couldn't make a probe bet .... and secondly I don't feel I need it, have enough internal motivation.
    • DAY 1

      Time Played: 8h
      Hands Played: 2k
      Profit: 60€

      Slept 8h, legs hurt as hell, back too. Did my morning thing+some other necessary stuff which took some more time than I wanted to, finally started playing after 2h. 1.5h-2h play 30min rest. Did meditation, felt great ... was focused considering all aspects so it safe to say I booked a much needed VICTORY today. But there is space to improve. In the afternoon had to pick up gf and went to the hairdresser which was closed, a bit tilting but eh, now I need to do it tmrw ... Also had to talk to my bf for 30min cuz of some problems he has, he's going around the world by bike, to beat the world record and be the youngest one, u can check him out here: tomazhumarbike.com/

      Things I noticed/learned:

      Play 2 tables max, when playing 3 I start making mistakes
      If u are playing zoom/blaze+one other table make sure there are only 2 people in the blaze tables if more quit, cuz I can't handle remembering info on more than 3 guys

      If you are bored you are doing something wrong->super focus on patterns/sizings/even in folded hands when one tabeling

      There was one moment when I started to feel the heat spreading through my body, dark clouds hooveing over my mind and autopilot mode set in, BUT not for long->usually I quit in this moment but I was determined to put in another 30min so I said u won't quit and self pitty like u always do, losing focus is a choice, therefore losing/failing is a choice, I do not plan on failing, I put myself together and got it all back->big moment

      Second moment, cuz of different reasons that previous one but same results, autopiloting ->I noticed it, said look how lazy u must be if u feel bored when playing this complex game, again I put it together, played my Agame

      Third moment, there was this villain who was tilting me, I was playing fine vs others but somehow I wanted to quit or kill this guy cuz I felt I have an edge but couldn't win, so I said cool down, look at the next hand like if it was the first one or like as if you'd be reviewing HH ... baam killed the guy

      this three moments were essential, this is all that poker is I think, like meditation, bringing the attention back, to this very moment ... it's all you can do, the best you can do, and the only thing you should do over and over again ..

      [b]I was also focused in small pots and picked up that dead money, I have to work on noticing board texture and comparing it to villains range a bit more though[/b]

      Inventing scenarios I thought of during playing:

      If villain is PROBING TURN 65%+ basically all bluffs+value but not Ax, and YOU HAVE 4th pair OTT, villain CHECKS, and ACE is OTF, ->TURN HAND INTO A BLUFF, cuz he has 2nd/3rd pair most of the time
      LIMPED POT, flop goes CHECK CHECK, we are OOP, turn is a lower card 2-5, villain bets ->RAISE! low cards hit their limping range, when I check twice they think I'm week and thin value bet ->just x/r

      I will make a HH review tmrw morning for warmup so more on mistakes/what I learn coming then

      today there was lots of poker unrelated stuff to be done and tmrw I'll need to sacrifice another 1.5h for it as well but I can't wait for Thursday to be free all day and just grind

      [b]Plan tmrw:[/b]

      • sleep 8h
      • no time waste w/ gf/shower/eat
      • warmup(go over mistakes/HH review)
      • play min 8h
      • meditate/handstand/read/affirmations while on break
      • no tv no sweets->no time to waste
      • notice board texture compare it to range in l/r 3bp, keep picking up small pots(XXB), ultra attention on sizings/patterens/making inventing scenarios as u go, 2 tablles max
      failure is a chice, there are no small decision/mistakes, no stagnation, no status quo, you either improve or stay behind, either make the right choice or not

    • dovrha wrote:

      failure is a choice, there are no small decision/mistakes, no stagnation, no status quo, you either improve or stay behind, either make the right choice or not
      I really like that! :thumbup:

      dovrha wrote:

      I will make a HH review tmrw morning for warmup so more on mistakes/what I learn coming then

      Looking forward to that. Maybe you can share some hand histories (tough spots) too.

      What is your usual schedule? Do you start grinding in the morning
    • yeah I will share HH as well but nothing special happened yesterday. Well sometimes I start in the morning, sometimes wake up at 2pm and grind til 6am .... depends on how I feel the action will be . Now that I'm playing lower limits and I don't have to battle for tables/action is better I can play in the morning yes but as soon as u go higher u have to put more attention to it unless u wanna battle all the time.
    • DAY 2

      Time Played: 6h15min
      Hands Played: 1.5k
      Profit: -80€

      Slept 8h, woke up at 10.30. Lay in bed w gf a bit, ate, did HH review(top 10 winning/20 losing hands), made notes of some mistakes, and played 50min before I needed to drive my gf to school. I could have played more but internet was out for few minuts so I couldn't. No huge mistakes yesterday though, except when I was 3 tabeling there was a spot vs a fish on the table that just poped up ... I had A8o on the BB, called. Flop was 845mono of hearts which I didn't have, he bet 3/4, turn 4 he bets 1/2, and he was a bit short but still had like 50bb or so and I shipped it in.

      It was obv bad cuz if he calls with a draw he still has lots of outs, if he folds I don't gain that much and most of the time he will be better unless worse 8x for which I have a blocker obv. Why did I do it? cuz I was not focused, or actually overwhelmed by all the action obviously. THE REAL REASON why I shipped it in is because it's in our nature, to look for easy ways, instead of ending up in tough spots. Our brain always looks for shortcuts and if it sees potential tought spot ahead will do everything to avoid it. Tough spot in this case being folding river to 3bar cuz that's what I'd do no matter flush or no flush there. I don't think there's much to do about it in the future except remember the spot, play 2 tables max, no snap decisions. This isn't even a tough spot, I would snap fold river, easy fold. It was just the tought of losing needing to fold and lose I guess.

      Ok so later on came home, started grinding. Was playing pretty great today, can't remember one bad decision. Made some good folds I believe. But I wasn't running good. So after 5.5h grind I was 3.5BI down. Though I'm playing ok but just in case I stoped, meditated, went over some spots, got back in, played some more lost half BI and decided to stop for the day since I was 4BI down. Doesn't matter that I was running bad I feel it's enough. Tmrw is a new day. At least I can catch up on reading The Mastery.

      Things to note from today:

      Put more attention on limped pot when OOP and villain check back flop.
      Put more attention on what % of hands to defend BB cuz villains oppening range changes and I sometimes forget to adjust if I play 3 guys.

      Sometimes I notice when I'm slowly getting grinded down, like I'm in the zone, after 1h I notice I'm 1.5BI down and in my mind alarms start to pop off, I don't know how I lost it even though I thought I played okay, this makes me wanna quickly get it all back BUT lately don't know how, maybe cuz I was studying variance and my subconscious know but I just say to myself, "this is normal, just make sure you don't lose too much and remember that if cards fall right u can make it all back in one hand" and this calms me down, I stay focused. I like it.

      Another thing. Not just in poker but also in life(sports for example) u have people who lose and start getting sloppy and irratated. And u have people who focus even more in that moment. This is the diff between mediocer and great. I knew how to be calm and focus even more when odds werent in my favour in sports, but this is the first time I notice I started doing it in poker. Cuz how stupid is that like u are losing and now you'll play even worse? no, focus even more, look at the next hand as if you just started the session.

      I also cleaned the room and made space here on some higher desk so some of the time I'm standing up while playing so that I don't hurt my back.

      Also I won't do this leg workout again I'm too cripled after it, it's -ev for poker, and I have defined legs already so now I'll mostly do insanity, biceps, back, shoulders.

      Old stuff to remember:

      -notice board texture compare it to range in l/r 3bp,
      -keep picking up SRP pots(XXB) and limped pots,
      -ultra attention on sizings/patterens->adjust
      -2 tables max,
      -asign him exact/speciffic ranges
      -cross reference one situation into another
      -find leaks on HUD

      -you won't quit and self pitty! losing focus is a choice ie failing is a choice,
      pull it together like it's the first hand
      -stop wandering, be present, no laziness->cross reference info, how board hits his range,
      pick up small pots(raise when u feel he's weak)
      -what tilts you is your weak spot
      -first see sizing then act on it, don't imagine things

      Plan tmrw
      • sleep 8h
      • prepare smoothie, drink it while doing warmup(go over spots, watch a video) and stretch
      • play min 9h
      • meditate/handstand/affirmations while on break
      • no tv no sweets->no time to waste
      • first 30min play only 1 table to see how u do
      • if u notice not sitting str8 or getting lazy immeditately get back
      *actually I did a review now and I made one mistake, called a river raise over my prbR w/ TPGK, easy fold but seems like I was unfocused strange that I forgot about it, probably had some BS reason to call

      Anyways here's graph since I started the challenge:

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    • Mid Day Report

      Pretty bad day. Hit stoploss 3BI after 1h25min. Basically right in the start I made a huge mistake. I skipped the warmup. I was like I've checked yesterdays hands already, I'll just 1 table and it should be fine, well it wasn't. I fucked up a 3bp hand. I had AKo 3b get called, 48Ahh 6 6h board I 2barrel which is ok but OTT I just jammed it in but I should have check folded easly if I were thinking a bit. Cuz if he bets into me OTR there are no bluffs(gutters fold OTT), he has either str8 or 88(less likely cuz I'd get raised OTT), but flush or 56 67 etc. So after this hand I realized I need to take it easy and do the warmup ... then I went back in and lost another big pot and a few small ones and here we are.

      I should also fold AA on 94hQh 4 2h in 3bp to river bet in position, villain checked back but if he bet I'd need to FOLD.
      I should 2bar K6h on A9h4h 2h cuz I have no SD value. Remember doing it in similar spots: flush complets, we have low FD card->3rd pair fold/2nd pair w/o fd folds/we have outs if villain has TP w/o fd.

      I'm down 150€ since I started so I need to make some adjustments to reduce variance:

      1 table only and super focus
      Always warmup not matter what
      Play only people who you have evident edge against(stations, light stackoff)
      Volume doesn't matter that much
      Play low variance game: no 4b shoving PP and Ax, no half and hald wide, 3b tighter, raise limps tighter, 4b tighter, callof allins preflop tighter

      I really wanted to put in 10h today but I guess I'm not ready yet, someone is telling me to take it slow and work on the game some more. I will believe in the process and do what I can with what I have.

      Also I will look for occasional jobs to get 100-200€ ... usually here in SLO you get payed 3.8-4.5€/hour as a student working in warehouses or such +0.7c goes into your pension fund or something pretty bad but what can u do.

      So right now I will read the book, meditate and go over all the mistakes/spots ... I will play some more, if I lose 1BI I'll stop for the day otherwise I'll see.

      DAY 3

      Time Played: 1h35min
      Hands Played: 350
      Profit: -70€

      Not exactly sure what to do, this has been happening to me a lot lately. I wonder what the best in the game do in this situation? Example: You hit stoploss. Try again after few hours, lose some more. You are not really sure anymore whether you're playing ok or not but at first glimps over hands everything seems fine. Although you know you haven't been focused 100% but you're that focused like 20% of the time anyways, you just miss on small stuff like oh he 2bar donked bluff here so probably he only only 2bar bluffs when IP(this is small stuff for me and maybe huge for someone else). Other than missing on small ideas like this you're ok. Now u have 2 options: 1) quit for the day, no worries tmrw is a new day 2) Somehow get it together to get back to that level of 100% focus again and play on, How to get to that level again? Visualization? also is it even possible to get to that level of focus again after you've lost a bit of motivation/confidence or is short term mind so damaged that needs 5h rest inbetween, maybe at first 5h, then 2h, the nothing? How do you build on it? Just push and try and try to focus although you know u might lose some more cuz of it? At the same time u know if u quit you'll have free time to do whatever else you'd like to do so you have to deal with that also, since our mind will be bombarded with all the reasons why you shouldn't play and giving you all the great images of outer world.

      I guess the only way to find out is to try, get into this spot, remember this post, and try to get back to that 100% level. I have to be honest though atm I chose to quit for the day. My excuse? BR is low I can not afford it to lose some more money in order to maybe get that 100% focus. Not sure, maybe if I tried and made it whole new world would open up to me. New level of normality.

      Another thing I've been wondering. Levels of normality. What si normal for me is not normal for you. Maybe for Jungleman that 100% level of focus is normality 80% of the time cuz he learned to train his mind. For me it's normal to play 5h/day, for grinders might be normal 10h. For me it's normal that I compare villains range to the board texture only when I'm super focused for high stakes players this might be second nature. I really wanna know what is normal for guys making 5k/month.

      Nevertheless I feel there are endless worlds of creativity/capability to discover for me. What if we can ultra focus for 24h strainght? Maybe we can if we tried over and over again. Then this would become our world.

      Ok whatever. Now I'll go over todays hands more in depth, maybe post some, I also have to figure out some other personal stuff.

      Planning to go to bed at midnight, wake up at 8. Warmup+play+focus

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    • yeah I'm a fish. I've been ENLIGHTENED!

      So some time ago w/ my coach I was like I'm running bad I play fine but when we went through HH I saw I played like shit. So now I did the same. Sure I'm not running the best, but I also suck at the game. I thought since I've been playing for some time now that I deserve success and that it's just a matter of time for the luck to come my way. It's BS. Time has nothing to do with it if you're not thinking deeply about the game. In terms of improving I just started playing poker 3 days ago. Sure I learned a lot before but time spent thinking deepy about spots/what to learn from it/memorize it/use it in the game was close to zero, all I did before was listen to coach and nod, some stuff stuck some not but mostly I though time willl bring success, but it won't, only deep level of focus will on and off the tables. That's why people wonder when someone goes from zero to hero so fast, cuz time has nothing to do with it. it's like physical work. U can do some menial physical job for for 8h for 40 bucks or u can be a bit smart and make a product, sell it and reap the rewards long after ... same here, u can do basic warmup grind 8h/day, watch a video here and there or u can focus deeply when playing and when studying and in the same amount of time you will get enourmously better resluts. lol I'm talking like I know it all here but I really feel that this is it.

      I'm not making money cuz I don't deserve it yet. I still make huge mistakes compared to what winning players do. At least I see that now.

      Here is one example:

      Villain posted the small blind - €0.10
      Hero posted the bigblind - €0.20
      ** Dealing card to HERO: A of d, 7 of h
      Villain raised - €0.40
      HERO called - €0.30
      ** Dealing the flop: Aof h, 3 of d, 3 of c
      HERO checked
      Villain bet - €0.50
      HERO called - €0.50
      ** Dealing the turn: Jof c
      HERO checked
      Villain bet - €1.00
      HERO called - €1.00
      ** Dealing the river: 10 of c
      SLOhuNter checked
      terapionists bet - €4.00
      SLOhuNter called - €4.00

      What is he repping? 10 helped him somehow
      How could it help him? BDFD hit, T3, J3 also in possible

      I know he can't have Ax cuz he was limping all Aces, also he wouldn't use this sizings if he had 3x.

      Which bluffs can he have? he's a fish he can random 3bar.

      This was my thought process. Things I should have looked for:

      1st thing to notice: pot bets are usually strong w/ fish, unless pot bet is std for them w/ cbets, probes etc.
      2nd thing: IS HE CAPABLE OF 3BAR BLUFF? No. He fold 55% to cb, which means he's fit or fold player.

      When u add this into decision it's pretty easy to fold.

      So what winning players do that losing don't? Take more subtle factors into account.

      I feel so stupid atm really cuz it's just so simple. Simple, not easy. Now I just need to get into the habit of doig this.


      If something is inconsistent. If u feel that player is not really telling a story. DO NOT ASSUME HE'S RANDOM BLUFFING.

      He might have hit something later on! IS HE CAPABLE OF BLUFFING IN THIS SPOT? if not. He hit later on for sure!

      Another huge huge thing to remember I think.

      Forget the mentality oh he's a fish he can have anything. No. Everybody is giving out this small signs that I have to look for and take them into account. I will not look at fish as fish anymore cuz that gives my mind a sign that they are worst than me ie I don't have to focus so much. They are just another player to figure out.
    • Hi there. Lots of good stuff in that post which I agree with.

      dovrha wrote:

      pot bets are usually strong w/ fish, unless pot bet is std for them w/ cbets, probes etc.
      This is very true. I often make the mistake of going into a bluffcatching plan vs a fun player and then when they suddenly pot the river I still call. "Well, he could be bluffing". That's very sloppy and poor. When they don't usually pot and then suddenly do it on the river, it's generally a strong range, just like you say. The correct and disciplined action would be to consider that and fold.

      dovrha wrote:

      If something is inconsistent. If u feel that player is not really telling a story. DO NOT ASSUME HE'S RANDOM BLUFFING
      This is a big one for me. Especially vs regulars.

      In the good old days (not the golden days but 2008-2009 was still pretty good!) then a random inconsistent line from a regular was basically most often some airball. Nowadays it seems to be random slowplays and/or turned/rivered nut hands, basically. This I've learned from making the poor calls and seeing showdowns. What I have to realize is that it's a huge assumption to say that "he might be bluffing", when it comes to a random and slowplay-repping line. I mean, even the worst regular knows that his line looks fishy also. It's very poor to say "well, he's only repping X, he could be bluffing = call".

      Expecting random and elaborate bluffs in strange lines is definitely a costly leak.

      dovrha wrote:

      Forget the mentality oh he's a fish he can have anything. No. Everybody is giving out this small signs that I have to look for and take them into account. I will not look at fish as fish anymore cuz that gives my mind a sign that they are worst than me ie I don't have to focus so much. They are just another player to figure out.
      Definitely agree with this also. Simply grouping all weaker players into the label of "fish" and then assuming you'll beat them is detrimental to your thought process. It can also lead to feeling entitled to win against them, which may lead to really poor play and frustration.

      In my case I often load up on tables when there are plenty of fun players to go around. And instead of taking the time to really focus and break down the game of said players, which should be fairly easy and also very profitable because they give out so many signals and tells which regs don't, I more or less autopilot on more tables and expect to beat them. This is really poor. Even if they make fundamental mistakes in many spots these mistakes need to be identified and then adjusted to. (Sure, HUD stats do say a lot but it's not enough).

      Focus is definitely key. And discpline.

      When we have poor tendencies the easiest course of action is to continue with them. In my case, I have a poor tendency to bluffcatch lightly on the river. What this means is that the first thoughts which arise when facing a bet on the river will generally be inclined to call, often without good reasoning. "These hands could be bluffing = call."

      So what I need to do is firstly to be focused and identify these situations. "This is a spot where my poor tendency will arise, my first thoughts will err on the side of calling for no good reason." I need to notice the spot and my reasoning before making the decision based on that reasoning. If I'm playing nine tables and clicking I won't have the time and focus to do this. And once I am focused, I still need the discipline to look beyond my initial reasoning, come up with better reasoning and then make the correct play.

      A third aspect is of course off-table analysis to increase your knowledge of questionable spots and those situations where your poor tendencies usually arise. That should help with the intuition as well.

      Anyhow. Best of luck to you!
    • DAY 4

      Time Played: 4h
      Hands Played: 900
      Profit: -20€

      Woke up, muscles feeling better but I've got herpes which is annoying. Worked on the game, stuff I wrote about earlier ... started playing and after 2h almost hit stoploss, took a break, read a book, mediated, went over mistakes again, eat ... played some more, had this fish on blaze tables but then like 5 other people came and I couldn't keep track all of them and HUD is not working/staying behind, there was no other action so I quit, went jogging 3km, did a good stretch. Went back at it again lost fush vs flush and some other coolers and all desire to play, I played 30min more but I noticed I'm tired and not fully focused so I quit.

      I notice that I manage tilt well but when I lose 3 days in a row like this it's gets to me a bit and I get then tilted faster. Every time after I quit I motivate myself to come back prepared but if I lose again quickly after I need a break. I'm frustrated since I really wanna put in high volume but just can't either stoploss, tilt, no action, life distractions.

      AT least I got one reload bonus and sold the punching bag for 60€.

      Tmrw I plan on waking up at 10(sleep 8h), do the warmup(HH review from today), play as much as I can while remembering the important stuff. Also tell everyone to leave me alone til the end of the day.

      At 6.30 I need to stop playing and go to the theatre cuz I promised my gf llong time ago but after it I can play again if everything goes well.

      Whatever. Today is over. I still learned a lot. I believe tmrw will be better. I hope for 8h grind and Agame.