60 day challenge continued to NL100 grind

    • 8.20am woke up
      8.20-10.00 cold shower, meditation, warmup, eat
      10.00-13.30 play
      13.30-15.45 lunch, pullups, reading
      15.45-20.15 play/CREV/preparing questions
      20.15-21.00 Wim Hof
      1h drive to pick up gf+eat
      1h w/ gf
      I'll now review theory stuff and go to bed by 1am

      It was a nasty day. Time flew by so fast in the morning to do everything I wanted to to be prepared to play. Then action was okay, played good but lost so didn't feel great. While doing pullups I made sure it's good form, and I noticed my arms are tired from last week and yesterday, my performance is worse, one thing I'll start doing is warming up like 3min jump rope or so I think it'll help a lot, also I'll sleep 8h every day no matter what and this week I will take tmrw off from pullups, same the day after tmrw, will only do cardio. I don't wanna force it. Then I'll do Week 2 program again next week. I also started yesterday ice buckets where I put my hands and legs in because they are my weakest areas and wanna train it. I got Radical Acceptance but will read it in late April because still have 2 books to finish before.

      Anyways in the afternoon instead of mediation I just did stretching then started playing. Was pretty hard to get tables, I was sleepy etc. so wanted to quit and do something else but some huge fish came and took me 80€ but mainly there was this one hand in 3bp that I didn't knwo how to play that tilted me. He left, again I wanted to quit but he came back, so it was just enough time for me to get it together a bit, I was not on my Agame but like -B game just enough to stick to normal play and don't do stupid shit. After losing I noticed anger rising and a bit of self pity for 5sec but quickly I said oh I noticed it and then I was just like get it together man and it was enough to get my money back. Huge win. But also a reminder to be even more focused on this feeling to notice it faster because I know I tell myself prior to playing how to respond in this situations but sometimes somehow I just realize I'm in one of this situations where my body is heating up etc. without knowing how I got here. So I'll focus on this even more.

      Other thing, I bumhunted 8h again and got like 4h action. Now I see this is a stupid rule to bumhunt 8h no matter what. I have less time to play around crev, I sleep less and I play when I don't feel like it just to put in 8h etc. So this will no longer be a target. Besides action from 2pm-midnight is bad for me anyways cuz I can't get much tables. So I will rather play like 3h/day only or 4 before the noon and in the afternoon work on theory stuff and on myself. If I see opportunity and I feel ok I'll take some tables ofc but main thing is this:

      when u sit down there needs to be a certain kind of focus in your eyes and a peace in your mind
      you know flips are flips and instead of chasing ups and downs in 3b pots you focus on decisions, you focus on marking every spot that gives you trouble
      you sit str8 and still, you take time for every decision, no autopilot, even in no brainer desicions you think of villains range
      you chase every piece of information, sizing tell, showdowns, patterns and you're not afraid to think createvly in some spots where you have facts to back it up
      you don't imagine things, you see, you adapt otherwise you play by your std lines and gut
      you only play in lineups you're preapred for and you enjoy the hard grind, slowly exploiting villains leaks instead of being impatient,
      you battle for every pot, no pot is too small,
      after all you know with this mindset you will come out a winner,
      act like it

      I don't see a point playing w/o this mindset, this is my most important goal goal in next days


      wake up 8.30
      pickup money for a friend and try to talk as little as possible w/ him
      cold shower/eat/meditate/warmup/mental preparation
    • @durrrrrsmom not sure if this is a troll considering what I wrote back to you regarding your last question about how I get motivated. Anyhow if you really feel this way them man, YOU ALREADY HAVE IT in you, you just have to believe it ! Say I am a high performer with a sickening work ethic multiple times a day. When u wake up when u go to sleep, when u sense afternoon mental fog, when u eat too much and wanna sleep etc. look yourself in the mirror, see the winner in you. Everybody can become a winner when he starts to believe that HE IS a winner. If u need any advice on it let me know.

      Wim Hof is a guy who has multiple world records regarding ice challeneges. He learned how to consiously affect our bodys nervous/cardivascular and other systems. Because of that he can generate heat and endure in extreme conditions better than anyone else(being without air, being in ice cold water, being able to do more reps because of breathing etc.). So this method is his course where he teaches how to control the body with your mind like how to slow down your heart beat for example and how to connect with the nervous system etc. all this makes body a lot stronger because little muscles in veins get stronger, stomach muscles get stronger, brain body connection gets stronger and faster, blood and oxigen flow gets faster etc. it's really one of the best things I've experienced in my life. While doing exercises you go through all kinds of stuff from hearing noises to seeing electrical impulses in your brain when u close your eyes to deep levels of calmness also passing out lol
    • It's not about proving people wrong. I see that when you're in peace with yourself you don't care, you don't want to prove anyone wrong, you know what works for you, you are happy and
      youu continue to do something based on wheter you learn something/makes u happy and not out of anger or resentment but rather the urge to make a difference.
      I notice how people w/ carishma don't operate out of anger or resiliance or resentment but out of pure curiosity, the need to connect, learn and enjoy.
      I see that I'm not honest or authentic with people enough which seems to appearn to people that I'm someone I'm really not and this does me no favours since I could know a lot more,
      have more conections and enjoyment if I told everybody in simply kind put words how I feel.

      I also see what poker is trying to teach me for this whole time. A virtue that I couldn't get otherwise, a virtue I'm missing and something that not a lot of people have.
      Among other things I'm talking about learning how to operate when you don't see an immediate result of your actions. It teaches you patience and persitance first and foremost.
      Secondly it strengtens the belief in yourself. It teaches you how to be present and not worry about future or past but rather be focused on the now and believe in the bigger picture.
      It also keeps your mind sharp and makes you have constant insane focus for longer period of time and this is something you don't learn in many jobs. It forces you to be creative and self-iniciative.
      It makes you realize that you feel entitled to some stuff for which you shouldn't, this is huge.
      Last but not least it requires from you to learn how act correctly under pressure, hwo to analyze whether you're facing a significant or meaningles decision and when to listen to your gut.

      All this things will benifit me later in life. Not a lot of people have the chance to learn this skill and I'm really grateful I've got one.

      So poker for me isn't a tool to prove others wrong anymore but rather an opportunity to learn some skills I believe will put me in front many time in life.

      Thus I don't fear the field getting tougher and conditions getting worse, I don't care about the money anymore, all I care is to seize this opportunity to learn the skill I couldn't otherwise.

      And this is far more important that $$.

      I don't need lots of money or do some significant thing to be somebody although this is not settling and I will still strve for the millions and big changes but in my heart I know being heard, understood,
      appreciated and respected comes from whitin, from the way you act, react and interact with people.

      If you're readinng this take a breath, get a beer with you bf, and appreaciate life. Everthing is here to teach us something. When we realize that we'll do great things.

      Who if not us? Lets leave the world a better place than we got it. We all make a difference.

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