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    • A Roundup of Interesting Links for Beginner

      Guidline for all beginners

      The first step is always the hardest - for this reason we've created this overview with all helpful threads which make the life of a beginning online poker player a lot easier. You'll find information about profitable poker strategy and what it needs to become a winning poker player. So, let's not waste any time!

      Maybe you want to tell us a bit about yourself and introduce you to the community? Feel free to share anything you want ;)

      -> New? Introduce Yourself! <-

      Your first steps should be to choose the right variant of poker and to choose the righ pokersite. All this and much more you'll find in our beginners guide from wafflecrunch:

      -> Become a winning player at online poker - Introduction <-
      -> Become a winning player at online poker - Part I - Strategy <-

      Check out The 10 Best Starting Hands for Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Seven-Card Stud as well!

      Additionally to this guide and choosing the right pokersite, you should check our free money rooms. At these rooms you can get a starting bankroll for free (no deposit) or earn some bonus, cash or tournament tickets for just a small deposit. We've made short HOW-TO videos for all rooms where you can enjoy benefits like this:

      -> [HOW TO] Boost your Bankroll - Free Money Video Guides <- All other partner rooms you can find here.

      Congratulations! You have choosen the right variant and the right pokersite and maybe you've already earned some free money. Now it's time for some strategy. In the following threads you'll find a collection of all kind of strategy articles & posts. You'll learn the differences between Fullring and 6max, some information about opening ranges, bet sizing etc

      -> The Best Articles for Beginners to Intermediates <-

      Combined with some input about odds and probabilities you should have a solid understanding of the basics:

      -> Poker Probabilities - Overview <-
    • So, what now?

      Well, your journey has only startet! There is so much more to learn but this will take time and passion for the game. Let's have a look at some more advanced stuff. You already know the introduction and part 1, the strategic part, from our beginners guide and maybe you have already spent some time at the poker tables.
      It's time to check out the next part.

      The main focus of this part lies on improving your mindset. Even with the sharpest strategic understanding, the best handreading and a solid objective understanding of your edge against your opponents you still can get destroyed by a certain amount of badrun and variance, if your mindset is not strong enough to handle the pressure.

      Here you will find everything you need to improve you mindset and bring your game to the next level:

      -> Become a winning player at online poker - Part II - Mindset <-

      Maybe you ask yourself if all this is really necessary. Especially the whole "choose the right poker site" / "choose the right variante" etc stuff. YES!! It is important and most (even advanced players) underestimate the importance of things like this. The following article, written by our user onese7en, will help you to understand:

      -> How to get out of the micros – 3 tips and recommendations <-

      As you can see there is a lot to learn and at a certain point you will need more than some guide, a chart or strategy article.If you have reached this point you have to do a lot of work on your own, discuss with poker buddies, do more and deeper hand analysis etc. But for now you have a solid guideline which, if you really follow and implement this knowledge, will help you to become a successful winning poker player!

    • General thoughts

      The first post already covered a lot of parts to create a solid foundation and we are sure if you follow this guide you'll become a winning player soon!

      But there is some addiontional and advanced stuff you should check after working through the basics.

      In your account you'll find a free video from our top coach and video producer lnternet

      -> Crushing Online Poker <-

      And you should also check this free video he made:

      -> Flush Odds <-

      But that's just a small part of what we do offer. Here is so much more to discover!

      Before we come to an end let me show you another great thread:

      -> BigFiszh's Math-Lab <-

      If you interested in high-level poker math, then you should bookmark this thread. bigfiszh has long-term experience in poker, as well as profound knowledge in
      pokermath, GTO, stat- and database analysis and analysis-tools in
      general (as HM2, PT4, CardrunnersEV, Solver) and there isn't much he can't help you with. ;)

      We hope you like this overview and it helps you to make your first steps easier and become a winning online poker player! if you have any questions do not hesitate to aske

      Team PokerMarket