A Brazilian Guy Grinding

    • A Brazilian Guy Grinding

      Hi everyone,

      My name is Gabriel and i play live poker since i have 12 years old (1999), and online since 2011.

      I starded at FullTilt poker with 135 usd. But in my first month the site blocking all members due investigation of FBI :(

      After this I singup at pokerstars and play only freerolls for 2 years. I learn so much in these freerolls :) Here is the most expressive results in these freerolls:

      4 of 2272 - 8-Game in 07/2011
      5 of 4363 - FL Razz in 11/2011
      1 of 6000 - NL 5-Card Draw (6max) 11/2011 (my first win, the tourney during 9 hours and 30 minutes :) )
      8 of 8000 - HORSE in 01/2012
      4 of 4341 - 8-Game in 03/2013
      1 de 2228 - 8-Game in 07/2013
      4 de 3946 - FL Razz in 11/2013
      2 de 3520 - NL 5-Card Draw (6max) in 11/2013
      1 de 1955 - NL 5-Card Draw (6max) in 06/2014
      1 de 1935 - NL 5-Card Draw (6max) in 07/2014

      In january of 2013 my account in FullTilt is unfreezed and I transfered $19 usd to pokerstars and in the first year in pokerstars I make this graph with $19 usd:

      I played sit-go of omaha hi-lo $1.50 and $3.50 and sit-go of razz $1.50 and $3.50, and others in low intense.

      In august of 2014 i was selected for play in a team on pokerstars (team: maisev), but i had health problems and i had to stay out of poker for 7 months.

      Now I'm better and back to play poker in 31 of march on 888poker.

      In my first month I did this in 888poker (micro-limits $0.99 to $1.50):

      My first mtt on 888poker i loose and the second and third i win the tourney :)

      My complete history of poker can be found at my blog:

      Stay tunned,

      Gabriel Plata.
    • I will post in soon photos of my city (Salvador)
      We have many beatifull beachs and womans too Flow rsrsrs.

      Very nice mukzr, if you are interested in a holiday here you are welcome to my house :) The doors is open to you.

      For one price: give a little coach hahahaha :)

      Here in Salvador we have the biggest popular party of the world, "Carnaval". I'm very happy to guide you in the city :)

      The beachs here is good, because the water is hot :)

      We have many waterfalls too in my State (Bahia), my profile photo is "Cachoeira da Fumaça" here in Bahia, i have a familiar mini farm there, if you guys are interested in discover this beatifull place I'm very happy to travel with you :). It's my favorite local place to travel with friends :)

      This waterfall is the biggest in brazil, 420 meters of waterfall :)

      You are always welcome and I will receive you with pleasure.
    • I play micro stakes mtt in team tab. These mtt's have a low field and rebuy.

      I have shooted in others (low stakes) rsrs

      But I missed the target rsrs.

      Now I have to give attention in bankroll management, because I have a low br.

      I have my own graphs of my games in excel and I do my job, now I have a better ideia what kind of games I have to play in 888poker.

      I think I will play only freerolls for one month and deposit every week to upgrade my br to play more confortable :)

      Thanks achipler for like my blog, in soon I will add photos and write something about poker.
    • Alright, good luck then! 888 is really nice to play, if you have a really short bankroll you should test the SNAP tables - with some general understanding of poker it is very easy to play there and have a low variance because no one is defending their blinds or raises.

      I like the MTTs also there but experienced an annoying downswing over the last 500 tourneys. I could throw tomatoes all day long at villains :D Maybe i was running to good in the Tourneys before with (>100% ROI).
    • Very nice, i like your idea. And I will folow hahaha :D

      Now i will go to play more bigger guaranted tourneys. I was played only $100 - $300 GTD.

      I will adjuste to $1,000 - $3,000

      And set shares to 60% from investors and 40% from me, with mark-up of 1.00

      I really like tour ideia of MTT in saturday and sunday, and play cash all others days.

      achipler, do you recommend for me any book or video of cashgame ?
    • Seems to be the right move to increase your buy-ins, i would say there is not a big difference between those limits. If you play concentrated and use tools like sharkscope, pokerprolabs you will filter out the better players. But be careful with their stats. you can find players with a straight down over hundred of games but are actually good regs with better stats on other sites. I would suggest you to mark every player who might be sitting in almost every other tourney in your schedule and write notes on them. It helps you to formulate clear thoughts and reads, which can definitely help you in late stages or in other trnys. Tourneypoker is very special, you have to adapt to much different situations regarding facts like stacksizes (effective), profitable steals and resteals, board textures, bubble effects, icm and much more. The better you get in these variables the higher is your edge. And how do we get better? Repetion. Repeat things over and over, not only at the tables by playing a lot.

      Analyze your tournaments and keep asking yourself questions while doing so. If somebody openraises and you fold 83o then ask yourself "which cards would i flat/3bet/shove and why?" "What about the other players?" Try to bring in anything you know and then start to understand. That is the point when your brain keep these things in mind and help you in your next situation live at the table. There are not a lot of variables in poker we can influence, but one of them is progression and in my opinion the most important and powerful tool. Of course the work besides the tables can be exhausting some times and you just want to play but it pays off - to grow, to get better and of course, earning more money and play against better opponents.

      Well, i doubt that i am the right person to give advices for books because i am more a fan of user-to-user reviews and discussing theory stuff. I do have a runitonce account for videos but i use them only for thinking about what the producer thinks :D They play much higher limits with different ranges and dynamics, so i just try to learn about thinking in spot xy and then use it for my own reviews/plays. It belongs which kind of learning works the best for you.

      Yes, i like the idea too. Cash games give you some time advantages and more "freedom" and some kind of a structure with enough breaks. I must say that the 5 minutes breaks in mtts are too short for me, i would love to see an arrangement like a 15 minutes break every third hour or sth like this but i guess it will never happen. Max 2 days a week (besides event series like scoop) are enough for me to keep on focussing and having a "normal" life with friends, university and so on.

      edit: oh sorry, didn't see that you asked for cashgame content :D Some things are similiar, but of course there are a lot of differences in cash games. Maybe i can write some more lines the next time, now i have to go to bed
    • Wow very nice tips and help full comments. I read all, but i don't no one thing:

      What is "sth" ?

      Now I'm going to make my dream of become a professional poker player happen, I get out of college to dedicate my time only to poker and Poker Market :)

      Thank you, stay in touch :P

      Edit: I take out of college in 2012 to do many things, like work with Marketing Multi Nivel, Welding, Forex and Binary Options hahaha
    • Hi people,

      Today has a good day for me. It's my first Monday Twins I have payed and finished in 8 place in Monday Twins Royal at 888poker and won $238.14 not too much compared with first place 2.7K, but at all is a good result for me :D

      Tomorrow I will play SOOCP of 5-card Draw, it is my best game, I have a lot of hope to hit the tourney.

      I will keep you guys updated in my journey to become a pro !!!

      Many thanks for help. I will go sleep now to play good tomorrow :thumbup: