Grind in the middle of a rice field

    • Grind in the middle of a rice field

      HI Everyone,
      Some people maybe recognize me from the past on 2+2 RIO. Anyway I don't know why but decided to create a blog here maybe because I always was a huge fan of Paul Otto tho never was making enough to really afford taking coaching from him. I have been playing professionally for like 5 years already for the most being basically a huge winner on small stakes never really bothering to move up until last year. 2015 was a disastrous year and the games simply pass me by. The number of fish dropped significantly in cash due to proliferation of spin'n go type of games on top of that my game is still bad. I have the same leaks I used to have 2 years ago and I never really had a solid consistent strategy to improve. So I still have the leaks I used to have. I overfold BTN I don't 3bet enough I don't bluff Turns and River enough I bluff in wrong spots don't bluff spots I should. I could go on and on . While the games 2 years ago were still good enough for me to have like 8bb on nl100 and like 5bb on nl200 thats no longer the case.
      So shame to admit but in 2015 I didn't play basically any hand on nl200 playing nl100-nl50 for the most part but also played like 100k hands of nl25 mostly due to tilt and fear issues.
      I mean for me personally it was easier to play like nl50 with 8bb/100 than to play nl200 with 2bb/100 which at this time is probably realistic of what my winrate in those games is. Nl100 seems like a sweat spot with like 5bb/100 winrate the thing is that I live in Thailand now and the traffic during the date is a huge issue if you don't play on Stars. On top of that the truth is I have very poor confidence and I need the feeling of crushing to keep playing and to avoid tilting. There is the problem that after losing for a while I stop folding and start to make dumb calldowns.
      So I made some changes bought finally new computer and 2 29 monitors. Hired a coach and trying to work on my game. Probably will post some vids of my play session review here on Pokermarket for free so maybe someone will bother to come by and discuss about it and leave some coments.

      On personal note I live now in the middle of nowhere in Thailand in like 1k people Village. I was always introvert and my girlfriend has 5 years old son so I was like ok we can try to live there for a while so you could be close to your family. Dunno if anyone want to get some stories about living here I might write here and there about it. Some pictures:

      My Village:

      Rice fields:

      Most people never get to see this part of Thailand but in reality this is how most of people live here. Small Villages very few cities (and even the cities would be considered Villages semi Villages for the most part elsewhere in the world.

      There is a a huge lake 6km from me where people fish with very old school self made rafts:

      Some random pictures of nature here and there close to my Village:

      Anyway thats all for now. Last 2 days tilted really badly so plan for today is a session review and chiling out mostly watching Daredevil Season 2

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    • flow wrote:

      grind in the middle of a rice field

      flow wrote:

      welcome! 'grind in the middle of a rice field' would be a more appropiate blog title ;)

      nice pics. would love to see more of it or maybe a vid?

      really hoping that this blog & maybe paul will foster your progress to become a steady nl200 regular v soon.
      Hi flow,
      Thanks already changed the title sounds really nice need to trademark it fast :P

      mistbaer wrote:

      Interesting, self-critical, good writing-skills:

      [x]very in
      Thank you sir will try not to disappoint

      minhstar wrote:

      nice pics and very awesome landscape
      i really appreciate if you tell us more about the living there and maybe some pattaya action stories or massages with happy ending :)
      wish you good luck at the tables

      Hehe I never went to Pattaya but before I was with my gf I did my fair share of happy endings for what is worth. Frankly speaking if it goes to things like that I would say girls in Medellin Colombia were much prettier and much more skilled. In Thailand I always end up with some miserable poor girl that would show me picture of her child/children which would completely ruin the atmosphere so I wanted to sent the girl back home instead of having fun (I always lack of table selection skills for what is worth)
      To be honest for me my type of place was Dr BJ and not really massages. I mean there were several girls that would really blow your mind ;). I mean being farang in Thailand makes sex easily accesible but getting a good BJ now a days is not that common so if you have dirty dreams and some oral fixations you would like to pull off the girls there will be very supportive ;)

      Unfortunately for some time I won't be able to give more stories unless you are willing to hear stories from good old days. But stories about living here I am more than willing to share and my observation of living the " real thailand ". I mean I am the only farang here there are some old dudes (maybe 2 of them) and the one that I like is very sick due to heart failure sleeping like 18 hours per day so can't really catch him especially he doesn't leave his apartment.
    • nice :P
      thanks for sharing your experience about this topic 8o
      i guess beeing a farang and the lack of the thai language is not easy and maybe sometimes it is very boring there for you
      but the landscape looks so quit and peacefully <3
      maybe i will visit thailand again for meditation and become a paddy farmer :)
      so dont hesitate to share stories about your living there
      and please some pics from thai food
      and the landscape !!!

    • pkt wrote:

      Welcome gargamel! May I ask you where are you from originally and why Thailand? :)

      I am originally from Poland.
      Your question is to be honest tough "why Thailand?". One of the reasons is it feels safe for the most part you can be going home 4am completely drunk and nothing bad is going to happen to you. The same situation in South and Central America could end up really badly for you.
      Another reason is that in Thailand they invest heavily into teaching people English. Granted the skill level is very bad but you can survive in Thailand pretty easily with just English. Good Luck with this in South America. That was the biggest issue with me going to South America I really want to go back at some point but you need to know Spanish at least intermediate level to really try to live there. Trust me going to the doctor in Colombia super sick where you have to explain things with Google translator...not fun.

      Thailand is still really friendly for the most part. There is a huge problems with many countries where they will just look at you like a target and try to exploit you because you are walking ATM from a rich country. It is super frustrating when you have to check all the time whether you pay correct price and you didn't get overcharged likes 3 times. It is also a problem in Thailand but outside of tourist areas etc is basically unheard of.

      Another thing is that no one cares here where you get the money from. I mean in Poland poker is illegal and while it isn't really enforced you still feel some risk. In Thailand no one cares where you get the money from for the most part. Big part of the economy here is shadow economy so things like enforcing taxes etc just is not working.

      Good thing is also that Thailand is just completely different culture Asia wasn't really shaped by European colonialism like Americas but they have had their own big civilizations. So in many ways it is cool experience people think differently live differently and have very different attitude towards life.

      Thailand has also relatively good infrastructure compared to other poor countries. Roads are basically good everywhere even in small cities you can find reasonably nice apartments for a reasonable price. For example in Bangkok there is a huge amount of serviced apartments and hotels. You just need to walk and ask about apartment for rent for month+ and easily will find something nice. With some experience and knowledge you could easily live in Bangkok for 1k $/month. Food is good and cheap. Thailand is for the most part country of farmers and small Villages (except for Bangkok that is the only metropolis type of city in Thailand) so easy to get fresh food and cheap.
    • isn't there a problem of electricity stability? Aren't there any blackouts? Do you have a backup for such situations?

      Indeed, South America is totally different in terms of safety. No way walking on the streets at night regularly without getting assaulted by some kiddies some day.

      I'd personally loved to see more pics from your place as it is a completely different world for me but I feel like it is totally interesting.

      Which poker sites are you grinding at?

    • masterofcoin wrote:

      isn't there a problem of electricity stability? Aren't there any blackouts? Do you have a backup for such situations?

      Indeed, South America is totally different in terms of safety. No way walking on the streets at night regularly without getting assaulted by some kiddies some day.

      I'd personally loved to see more pics from your place as it is a completely different world for me but I feel like it is totally interesting.

      Which poker sites are you grinding at?

      Both Internet and electricity are fine. I guess better than in Bangkok mostly because here the power grid isn't overloaded hence no blackouts. Internet I had to wait long for them to come here (Option 1 waiting 1 year to get Internet from TOT option 2. CAT and waiting 6 months (3rd world problems)) . I had some small drops of both internet and energy but maybe 1 every 2 month. There is a small inconvenience with internet each day exactly 8:30am and 12:30 I have no internet for one minute I guess they check something with the network/whatever took me a while to figure it out but now it is fine.

      This is how many houses in smaller Villages here look like. Random pices of wood metal and other stuff made into something resembling a house:

      Pictures I will make new ones tommorow. We will go to the market I mean here it is really old school no big shops like Tesco etc. we don't even have Aldi or Netto anywhere near (first like big mall is 80km from here in Nakhon Sawan). So in the closest city from us (by city I mean around 4k people) they have every Tuesday big market where people sell fresh food etc. Will make pictures of both the market and the way there 20km where the view sometimes can be really breathtaking.

      Poker is frankly speaking a struggle I usually play Party but traffic dies fast so when there is no table on Party I will add tables from 888 and winning poker network. Tho 888 will completely banish rakeback so I will severly limit my play there. I would like to start playing Stars but I am not good enough to beat games there with a reasonable winrate at least thats my educated guess.
    • flow wrote:

      What's the name of your village?

      Also try to mix your skin portfolio with some Microgaming and Ipoker skins beside Party and 888. They have much better rakeback. I guess you can play like any poker skin over there.

      lovely images btw!
      Sorry but don't really want to say the name. Poker is illegal here and there were extorions by police from poker players... I live 70 km from Nakhon Sawan.
      Ipoker is no go after they changed to new software and heavily increased rake. I mean they get rid of waiting lists so nowadays even on nl100 it is scripters heaven and GL getting any reasonable table with your ping from Thailand. Microgaming could be good tho traffic during the hours I play is abysmall plus HM2 doesn't support anon tables and I haven't really found any 3rd party software that could help with it. So you need to use PT4 which I never did so would have to spend quite a few hours learning to use it and problably 3-4 days to make HUD and pop-ups.

      yamiyami wrote:

      Really nice so far! Welcome and I'm looking forward to read more from you :)

      Love all those pictures :love: Do you have contact to other poker players there? Is there some kind of community?
      There used to be a huge community of poker players in Thailand mostly in Bangkok. Chiang Mai and Phuket. I have a friend in Bangkok. Other than that it is kinda weird. I mean the hours are terrible so 90% of the real professional players that poker is a career left for South America/Mexico/moved back to Europe because hours are terrible. Either you don't sleep at night (GL doing it longterm) or you wake up like 4 am to play to catch at least some peek traffic. Between like 10 am and 6pm here there is little to no traffic and you fight your way with Russian and Belarusians so not the most profitable enviroment to play.
      So now a days a lot of people that play here are either semi pro (they just want to support themselves from playing like nl25-nl50 or b/e nl100 for as long as possible so they could bang as many girls as possible, nothing bad with it) or the Guys that just have some family/business whatever here that for some reason can't leave. Remember meeting some of the 2+2 crowd like 6 months ago for a beer or six and they mostly moved on from poker doing some internet work etc.
      There is also the new government after army overthrown the democratic government and they tightened up visa policy. It is not easy to stay 6 months+ in Thailand.

      Kinda bad and I miss bunch of people but I know quite a few that left Thailand especially when in South America you can catch peak European Time in the morning and afternoon Americans and Canadians. Now poker wise it is a good place to spend 3 months max per year. Thailand is no longer top destination for poker players.
    • greenseer1 wrote:

      Cool blog

      I have a question about internet - is it really possible to grind in small village in that regard?

      Cable internet is lacking so you might be forced to wait in a Village like mine It is not that they are unable to do it they are just lazy. I know it sound silly but thats how Thailand works for the most part.You can always go and try to bribe them and you will get it done much faster. I couldn't because somehow my Gf feel bad about it so I didn't do it. But mobile internet is surprisingly good. Thais are crazy with their phones. Everyone browse internet that way hence the infrastructure is good. It is the same like with the roads. Unless you are a German you would be surprised how good the roads and highways in Thailand are. So unless you go with even smaller Village in the jungle it should be easily accessible and quality will be good enough (e.g. much better that in South America and comparable with Central/East Europe)
      I waited like 6 months almost for the Internet and after multiple inquiries I finally got it after that it is surprisingly good. In fact it is better that in Bangkok simply because very few people have it here so the network capacity is heavily underused in my area.
    • durrrrrsmom wrote:

      IN too! :) Cool blog so far and nice pics. Would love to see more. Can you share some infos about how much money you have to spend there to make an okay living? I guess it's really cheap compared to most european countries?
      Hm this is surprisingly tough question because it depends. I mean living in a foreign country is a skill that you get better on. During my prime poke times I would travel a lot and what thing I would get from it is at the beginning it always suck and probably first couple of months you will be overcharged for basically everything.

      Personally I could easily live with 1k$/month (it is around 35k baht) if it was just me and it would be really comfortable not really saving all that much. One mistake I see people doing in Thailand over and over again is overpaying for apartments. So you take like 18-20k baht apartment where there is the gym included and swimming pool. The problem is that basically the gym in apartment will always suck compared to even the worst standalone one and swimming pool dramatically increase the cost of rent (dunno why). If you don't care about it you can easily find apartment for 8/9k baht per month just no gym and swimming pool in the builiding. (BTW I speak about Bangkok if you go somewhere else it will be cheaper). So if you get reasonable apartment or rent house with some buddies (could rent house in Chiang Mai for like 15k baht/month easily.
      So assuming you spend no more like 15k for room+utilites living for 20k baht month should be easily doable. This assuming you won't get crazy with partying and hookers because this easily can double/triple your required budget
    • So today it is kinda reflection day.
      Firstly because I can't really play because I am sick. This is like one of the bad things about Thailand when you are foreginer. When you get sick you get really sick. We don't have the antigens /gens to protect as from bacteria/viruses common here. So I got food poisoning and I can't get rid of it for like 2 months?? Finally got some solid amount of antybiotics so plan to just get better and not to grind to heavily for a couple of days because I need to get healthy again.
      Not to mention I don't even want to play. I am tilted and I mean long accumulated tilt. I just don't fold and make like really really dumb calls because I can't stand it anymore my results haven't been on pair with expectation for long and I just can't click the right button. I am too desperate to do so so instead I just click and loose a bunch of money. There is the same problem with me making like really dumb bluffs because I am just done board doesn't go my way for like 20th time in a row and I am just so fed up with losing so I jam over river bet of course end up running into nuts and lose another stack.
      I am completely aware it is mostly my lack of skill and also not making notes. I mean I just level myself into GTO mambojambo when on lets say nl100 no one have any clue about it and happily click buttons with no real strategy whatsoever. So thats what makes me even more pissed I stopped doiing seesion review and analyze my opponents plays and just makes calls in spots where they never bluff and then instead of making a note and learning from that e.g. that Villain can't find a fold Button I just don't and end up doing the same mistakes over and over again. It is almost like I was stuck in some time loop doing the same things over and over again.

      So the idea is to seat tommorow and figure out some plan/strategy and I mean any plan any strategy. This like the problem with me and learning when I just give up when something doesn't work and get discouraged easily. I mean I need to start with something and see whether it works or not and evaluate at some point I should get better. I mean the games aren't nearly as dead as many people claim it just the times when you could do tons of spazzes like used to with no consequences are long gone.

      The weather is also not east it like 40 C every day so hard to even leave the house not to mention going somewhere so unfortunately don't have really that many new photos.

      Here is a new temple in a Village 10km from my place:

      Living here can be really old school sometimes. I mean we don't have markets here like aldi,netto etc. You have only 711 so when you want to buy food to cook, some stuff for house etc. you go to the market. The catch is you need to know which Village has it that particular day because it changes every day there is a schedule tho so after like 2 months so at least thats good. Just it is really not fun to drive bike when it is sooo hot.