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    • Songkran Songkran
      Today I finally came back from Chiang Rai there is a lot I want to write about so I guess for many it will be tl;dr but oh well the blog is already in many ways some sort of a diary. To make it easier to edit and follow I will just try to keep the chronological order unless I feel that it might be nice to add something to keep it all linked in a logical way. I will make 3 post each about one day I spent there.

      Day 1

      It took us around 10 hours to finally arrive there and by there I mean Village around 20km from Chiang Rai (as always my GF can be very specific,language skill FTW). First thing in the morning I was introduced to the family. So far so good but not really; If you are a foreigner it might be almost a surreal experience. They still live in an almost ancient way for us Europeans where grandson of your grandfather brother is super close family almost like a brother. So you have like literally 40-50 people being a one family and spending Songkran together and it isn't just for the holiday they do visit each other frequently and support each other. This is a problem for many foreigners when they have Thai GF for Thais it isn't that much about achieving individual success but succeeding and taking care of the entire family. So it is all about pulling the entire family up in the social hierarchy. It makes you feel really grounded and supported and for me was super cool experience given I don't even now most of my stepsisters and stepbrother/-s?
      Remember on the 3 days when the Grand grand parents would give blessing to the family and you would have like 20-30 people holding one another like a one big chain holding one another hands.
      However if you dig deeper the picture get more and more scratches and suddenly it doesn't look so nice and good anymore. Thais are super materialistic and there is like inner hierarchy in the family too. So given that we don't even have a car we would be almost at the bottom of the family hierarchy( maybe not that much me but my GF family for sure given they are very poor). It felt really strange especially when there was a couple (family of 4.) we went to Chiang Rai with that were richer than the rest of family and you would see in their behavior and body language how paternalistic they were towards the family even their children were paternalistic towards other children which to be honest made me quite angry.
      So what would happen is that members of the family would do everything and heavily in debt themselves just to pull themselves up in the family hierarchy. However it wouldn't be done by having a nice house or sending children to good school;no no no. The biggest status symbol is a car in Thailand. So even in the society at the very bottom you would have the people that have only bikes then some Japanese car owner and the super rich with European Cars (BMW,Mercedes). I never could quite really get it because in Thailand BMW/Mercedes and other imported cars from Europe cost around 4-5 times more due to taxes and duty fees yet still people buy them and there is a big market for cars like that. I was thinking how someone can be dumb enough to buy such an overpriced car? The reason it is a status symbol and the way Thais think about hierarchy in the society. Remind me of a situation from Pukhet-Rawai 2 years ago where Thai girls would go nuts after some 70+ dude in some BMW cabrio...

      The end result is you have people driving super nice cars and living in the houses like in Europe at the begging of 20th century. So pictures of where we stayed for 3 days:
      Living room




      I probably wouldn't bother to post the pictures but the owners of this house have a car for like 50k $ and they both have the newest Samsung Galaxy Edge phones which makes it even more crazy. It isn't even that weird I mean their neighbors live exactly the same and have the same priorities.
      So doing the loundry in 21 century:

      To be fair washing mashines are comon so the situation here is outlier but dishwashing machines are basically unheard of. GL even being able to buy dishwasher outside of biggest cities.

      Promised pictures of Thai food:

      To be continued....
    • Day 2

      As promised I will continue with the story. Given when my GF family are buddhist first thing in the morning we would go to the temple. For people that never went to it doesn't look at all the way it goes with Christian Churches. What I mean as Thai live same for religion everything circle around food :D :D
      So what happens is people bring food to temple which is first given to the monks. They take a little from each food they get (for the most part they are only allowed to eat once per day)

      People are chanting etc. After the monks get their share the rest of the food goes to people and everyone shares it so definitely my type of a religion,heh

      Buddha statue in the temple:

      and another one down the hill:

      After that we took the care and went to see biggest attractions in Chiang Rai.

      First we went to see the White Temple that in my opinion is super overrated. Firstly it is not even a temple there are no real monks living there it was made as a tourist attraction. On top of that as many popular tourist destinations in Thailand it is extremely overcrowded so you can't really appreciate what is to see there. Anyway some pictures:

      Afternoon we went to see also SIngha Park which is quite nice it just it was newly made and it might be nice at some point just not now:

      Around 3 pm we finally had our time to do the best thing during Songkran which is water fight. In my opinion If I was to visit Thailand once it would be during Songkran for the water festival it is soo soo much fun.
      So here is our car ready for the action:

      ON the way you can easily refill the water and most importantly buy Ice. Trust me just water doesn't bring such a "devastating effect" on your adversaries like the stone cold one . For people interested how songkran looks like :

      In Chiang Rai you would have like one big street with literary hundreds of people fighting people on the trucks and outside the road waiting. It was huge huge fun just wish I had go pro or my phone waterproof because impossible to really make pictures otherwise because water is everywhere and you will not avoid getting really wet.

      Tomorrow will post last day stories and probably the coolest pictures because managed to find a really nice place. Stay tuned...

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    • minhstar wrote:

      everything went better than expected :)
      i like your story about material thai girls who are living in a material world and hungry monks.
      and now its even getting wet, me gusta :thumbup:
      hope last part didnt end with alcohol overload.
      good job <3

      Well I wouldn't call them materialistic but disillusioned. Thailand is a country where due to culture and government lacking the burden of taking care of old people land solely on young people shoulders. Demography isn't laying and Thailand have one of the worst birth rate ratios in Asia. So there is less and less young people that are forced to support ever increasing number of old members of family.
      On top of that Women situation is quite poor. The guy can basically walk away from the family and not give a dime not taking any responsibility whatsoever. Have the same situation with my GF sister that was left by a husband and she end up with 2 year old daughter (can't say she is better because she don't care at all too everyone else take care of little girl so grand,grand mother,friends and us, the guy family is uninterested in taking any responsibility whatsoever)
      Add complete lack of sexual education due to cultural reasons (the society is surprisingly conservative in a bad way). The overwhelming majority of the "working girls" end up being single mom at 18-20 and end up hookering to support the family( because suddenly she has to take care of her parents and send the money for the child). That's the truth.
      So girls have either experience or just common knowledge from friends etc. This is the reason why Thai girls date/marry/desperately want to date/marry white guys. White guy firstly has on average way more money than some random Thai and secondly if things go bad the white dude on average will feel some sort of the responsibility while Thai guy will just fuck her and leave and she will end up forced to take care of child/children or the rest of the family will be forced to do so.
    • Day 3
      Firstly this was the day when people would go from house to house where old people were living. The old people would give blessings and in exchange people would leave some money /small gifts. Afternoon we had gone to the place I wanted to go since day 1.

      So basically you have like hundreds if not thousand/-s people eating having fun chilling on the River. Really cool IMO

      Some quiet nature in the morning:

      Day 4
      where after 2 stops and one day later you can finally take the last bus home:

    • gargamel_fk wrote:

      So basically you have like hundreds if not thousand/-s people eating having fun chilling on the River. really cool
      true words!
      finally you have found your happy end :)
      i like this picture, everything has his beauty even not everybody can see it.
      it demonstrates the principles of buddhism :
      be content with what you have, rejoice in the ways things are.
      when you realize there is nothing lacking,
      the whole world belongs to you.
    • yamiyami wrote:

      Thanks for this trip report! Really nice :thumbup: What about poker? How is it going lately? I hope this break has helped you?

      Well the results are deffinitely better tho I don't check my results it is just from what I saw while making cashout (have to find another room because Party and winning network is just not enough traffic for me). Can't really speak about my play. I should have a coaching session on Monday with petersilie. It should give me more of an idea where my game really stands and how I can improve (or at least I hope so)
    • durrrrrsmom wrote:

      flow wrote:

      thanks for sharing, you really enrich the forum
      Totally agree. Love to follow your blog and I really hope @petersilie can help you to improve your game and you can start crushing again. How was the first coaching session?
      Unfortunately we didn't do the session because he was extremely busy before going to Dubai. We will see soon hopefully he will still want to coach me because he crush too much while playing. I am sorry for not updating for a while but the reason was a friend of mine was leaving hence I went to visit him in Bangkok plus I needed to go to the embassy so I end up staying couple of days in Bangkok.

      Anyway saw a very good friend of mine creating a blog here (ilidek). I hope he will deliver (and he always does) super smart guy and my hero in so many ways and very very good friend. We have an idea of increasing our both productivity which should give me a huge boost. Started already with installing cold turkey program so I can't really browse internet .waste time with distraction during the time I should spend grinding. So side effect is I have only a very small window to check the forum here.

      Anyway last month graph:

      And the enitre graph I have on my computer (without red line to make it look less bad :=D :/ ) :
    • durrrrrsmom wrote:

      Nice graph @ilidek :love:

      how is it going @gargamel_fk ? I hope you are doing good at the tables?

      flow wrote:

      how is your mission running, all fine with you?

      Hey guys , I will update my blog soon just super busy in real life and many many things happening. So kinda not really in the mood to seat and write and usually I kinda like to do it that way. I will make a longer update at the end of the month.