Pinned Get Holdem Manager 2 and earn 30 PokerMarket Tokens

    • Get Holdem Manager 2 and earn 30 PokerMarket Tokens

      As a poker player, one of the most important tools you can use is tracking and analysis software ✓ HoldemManager 2 is one of the most popular poker tracking softwares and allows you to keep track of your wins,losses and all of your hand histories that are generated by most poker sites ✓ All information is stored in a database and HoldemManager analyzes this data to generate statistics about the way that you and your opponents are playing ✓

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      Holdem Manager download - Step 1
      Please visit our HoldemManager Deal Site and click the big blue 'Get statistic here and now' button (see screenshot below).

      Holdem Manager download - Step 2
      You will be redirected to the Holdem Manger website where you can download the software by clicking the 'DOWNLOAD' button.

      Holdem Manager download - Step 3
      After downloading the software you have to open the 'HoldemManager2Setup.exe' to start the installation process. Now just follow the instructions on your screen.

      Holdem Manager download - Step 4
      Finally you have fill in your email address to link your Holdem Manager download to PokerMarket to receive your 30 PokerMarket Tokens.

      Holdem Manager Versions

      Small Stakes Version HM2 Hold'em Limits covered: .25/.$50 No Limit, .50/$1 Limit and up to $22 buy-in tournaments.
      Full/Pro Version HM2 Hold'em All Holdem games/stakes covered.
      Pro Combo 2 HM2: Hold'em + OmahaAll Holdem and PLO games/stakes covered.

      Holdem Manager Screenshots