Pinned SessionLord - Ultimate poker software for professional online poker players covering table selection, multitabling and more...

    • SessionLord - Ultimate poker software for professional online poker players covering table selection, multitabling and more...

      What is SessionLord?

      SessionLord is a table selection toolset for PokerStars which helps you find the best possible seats, and includes multi-tabling features enabling you to hit the maximum hands/hour.

      It is created by an expert programming team based on a community driven development roadmap and offers an instantly growing functionality to provide more, better and faster solutions for PokerStars players.

      Check out this video for a short feature tour:

      One of the fastest Sit & Go evaluator and registrator on the market with unlimited gametypes
      Automatically collect unknown Sit & Go players and colour code them
      Cash game opener for high stakes cash players
      Table organisiation with novel table priority handling and various table frames
      Imports ranges from other equity tools (e.g. PokerRanger) and imports hand histories
      Preset bet sizing based on position, big blind and stack levels
      $ to BB conversion even with color range highlighting
      Hand strength distribution on unknown flops
      HUD framework that includes action history, gametype discriminator, pot odds and more
      Hotkeys and Table-Ninja similiar features

      Who should use SessionLord?

      Simply: everybody who wants to make more money from poker. SessionLord offers various products for Cash, MTT and Sit & Go players, and it doesn't matter if you are a beginner playing 1 table or a master playing 24.
      If you want to improve your table selection, decision making or just organise your tables, SessionLord is for you!

      What's the benefit of using SessionLord?

      There is a simple way to make more money from poker. You should optimise your game according to this formula: $/hour = Quantity * Quality

      To improve the Quantity you have to play on more tables and/or play more hands (multi-tabling). With SessionLord you can reach this goal without decreasing your ROI as it provides unique solutions to delegate and automate as many no-brainer tasks as possible.
      To improve the Quality you have to make sure you play on the best tables (table selection), which means you need to identify them (player statistics and colour notes) and also get there as fast as possible. SessionLord offers the fastest products for table selection on the market and helps you gain focus for better decision making by whisking you all the information you need to act quickly and accurately.

      Moreover, SessionLord is a compact tool which ensures all features are compatible with each other.

      Play more tables: SessionLord Multitabling

      With SessionLord Multi-tabling you can undoubtedly play on at least two tables or more with the same win-rate/ROI. It is an ultimate software pack that includes:

      • Table organising in grid, stack or multi-stack
      • Novel target table priority management based on gametype and remaining thinking time
      • Preset bet sizing based on position, player action history, big blind and stack levels
      • $ to BB conversion with colour range highlighting
      • Fully customisable HUD framework attached to tables and players that includes action history, a gametype discriminator, pot odds and more
      • Remove table title bar and borders
      • Blocking stack move out condition in all-in situations
      • Manual table slots and fully customisable slot filters
      • Various table frames and highlighting features
      • Hotkeys for a single or all tables to act as fast as possible and other features you may know from "Table Ninja"

      The SessionLord Dashboard

      If your VPIP is around 20%, you fold 80% of the time.
      Fold faster with the SessionLord Dashboard feature which is included in the SessionLord Multitabling package.
      The SessionLord Dashboard collects all your pre-flop hands in a list with the most important information (cards, position, stack, limpers and more) to speed up your decision making.
      It helps you to strictly follow your pre-flop plan and to learn your preferred pre-flop hands based on pre-defined handcharts and positions.

      Read more about Multitabling here

      Sit faster: SnGOpener Pro & CashOpener

      Everybody wants to play at the best Sit & Go tables. If you want to get there you must use the fastest table selection tool.
      SessionLord SnGOpener Pro is blazing fast (4X faster scanning and registering than any other tool on the market) and delivers quality checked tables according to weight profiles for player colour notes.
      You can use an unlimited number of gametypes, session rules, and even a ramp up feature.

      Get the seat next to the fish fast and simply.
      SessionLord CashOpener automatically scans all open cash tables and searches for a given colour coded player based on your configuration.
      Away from keyboard protection also ensures you don't lose money accidentally anymore.

      We also provide Spin & Go registrator for absolutely FREE!

      Read more about SnGOpener Pro here
      Read more about CashOpener here
      Read more about SpinRegistrator here

      Find faster: SngAutoColoring

      All elite SNE players have a database with tens of thousands of coloured players to help them find the best seats. Haven’t you got a colour database? Not an issue.
      With SessionLord SngAutoColoring you can automatically collect up to 3,000 unknown players from the lobby and colour code them at a glance based on SharkScope statistics each day.
      You'll always know which tables are the best and can feed SnGOpener Pro by automatically colour coding players.

      Read more about SngAutoColoring here

      Having Problems?
      If you're having problems with SessionLord, whether it be with the usage of the software or installation difficulties, or indeed if you just want some hints and tricks on how to get the most out of it, please visit the support section of our official website ( or post a message to this thread.

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    • scrappyjuice wrote:

      Sounds good. Can it be used to colour MTT players based on SHarkscope stats as well ?
      Hi, yes. If you want to color players for games where the player list is loaded in the main lobby (45max+), then you can simply start SngAutoColoring and open the tourney lobby for that game. SngAutoColoring will collect the players from the tourney lobby and from that point you can use SharkScope stats and SngAutoColoring rules to color them.

      Hope that helps.
    • scrappyjuice wrote:

      Thanks. What do you mean by '45max+' ? Does this mean the software can only autocolour 45 players in an MTT ?

      Also, on the multitabling software is it possible for the dashboard to have various ranges loaded depending on stack depth ? This is relevant to MTT players such as myself who will use very different ranges as the mTT progresses.
      Hello. I mean SngAutoColoring can collect automatically players from main lobby by scanning in the SnG tab of PokerStars, if the player list appears there, which is true for 2max, 3max, .... till 45max SnGs.

      Above, for instance 90max SnGs, the player list is not presented in the main lobby, thus for this type of SnGs, MTTs you have to open the tourney lobby, and SngAutoColoring can grab the players from there once it is opened.

      Dashboard currently does not have the option to setup different charts for different stack depths, we not sure if this is even a legal feature for PS or not, we will get in touch with them to ask it. If it is fine, we add this feature request to our development roadmap.