Question for Simplepostflop

    • Question for Simplepostflop


      I have kind of a noobish, maybe confusing question cause its hard to put my thought into text:

      Lets say you analyze with SPF the Equilibrium for any spot X.
      When you now wanna check out how the equilibrium would change if the opponent would have another strategy than spf, then we of course just edit the strat-node and provide in the matrix the strat we wanna have our opponent be using in this certain spot X.
      Now my question is:

      Will the new equilibrium with the locked strat will be also automatically the max EV Exploit-strat for us?
      Im not sure cause equilibrium is existent when both players constantly increase their EVs by exploiting and re_exploiting, unti no one of them can increase anymore their EVs and here we have than a nash_Equilibrium.
      But what if our opponent even would not bother to counter an intense Exploit...

      I hope you get the idea to where Im heading, if not, then tell it and I try to rephrase...