Poopy on i300

    • Poopy on i300

      Hi everyone,

      I started today my "Internet 300" adventure and I think this is a very good time to start a blog here.

      The idea is to write down what has been going on poker-wise and help me keep track of my improvements.

      A bit of background:

      I've been around playing poker for a while, I've had some decent results at the mid-stakes in 2014 and I even had some previous coachings with Paul. But in the last 6 months things were not going too much in my way and I was feeling a bit demotivated. So this is a super opportunity to improve my results and my skills. I know I have what it takes to do this. So let's keep track of it!
    • durrrrrsmom wrote:

      Hey, sounds good. Can you share some infos about your poker history? Which limits do you play? Good luck and enjoy this great opportunity :)
      Well, I started played with focus in becoming a better player around 2011-2012. Finally I found some good content and went on to to beat 50nl and 100nl on Stars in a space of a year and a half, with a lot of good variance in the middle. I played 200nl for all 2014 and some of 2015. I stopped playing for a few months due to personal reason and now I'm back with not so great results. I admired Paul for a while and I did make some coachings with him back in 2014. So when this opportunity came up I did not hesitate.
    • First 5 days of Internet300: got to the first homework in a hurry, took me around 4 hours to get everything done. Then was time to go to the tables and apply these new ranges and get familiar with them. I've been playing less tables to do that, so volume has suffered a bit, but I should be able to make up for it later in the month. I feel good. Started posting hands as well, and reviewing old ones posted by other members. Infinite new content pretty much. Yham.
    • So, 4 months have passed since this adventure started. Time flies!

      i300 has been all that I would have hoped for. Paul is as awesome as I knew he would be. The content is never ending.

      Results have not been that good. I started on 100nl and I'm still there. Several reasons for that I think. Variance. First 2 months I was pretty much still in the beginning of the learning curve. I was playing Microgaming until the end of August, which is a tough field. But the awesome thing about this is that I am now much more comfortable not caring as much about results, because I have direct feedback on my actual game. And when Paul tells me "you are playing very well, you should move up" that brings in a peace of mind that sometimes is not easy to have when we are on your own.

      Anyways, moved to Party Poker, I suspect results are pretty good. I'll check results soon and eventually move up.

      Thinking a bit about what would be a nice goal to have. I guess I'd like to be taking shots at 1knl at the end of the 3 years. I think that is completely reasonable and doable.
    • Can't really go and see results right now, I only see them monthly :)

      But winrate with RB was quite poor, I was winning a little bit I think. Basically the casual table I opened on Party was giving me as much money as the other 5 of Micro

      Yes, I think it's better to play other sites with lower RB but softer fields. The exception might be on micros where the rake structure on Micro is really really good.
    • So, updates :)

      I'm slowly improving, last coaching with Paul was the best one so far, in the sense that until then I was unsure what exactly was I doing wrong, and at times I was getting frustrated because I knew something had to be wrong (results wise still not very good.) and was still unsure about what. I knew I had nitty tendencies but that is not enough to figure out where should I be more aggressive or more call happy. We reviewed stats and went through hands of suspected leaks, and I finally got a better grasp of where to improve, which is a bit more motivating then just do "normal" study. So last sessions where already a lot more engaging.

      Also trying something new. I'm getting up super early in the morning (like 5.30am) and playing 2.30h session before going to work. Of course I'm going to bed a lot early but I think it might be better to play with a fresh mind, instead of going at it after 8h at work. Only started today, but felt pretty good. We'll see how it goes.

      Hopefully next update is already taking shots at 200nl :)
    • yamiyami wrote:

      I like that playing early approach and I am pretty sure you can focus much better on the game compared to playing after a 8h working day. How are you feeling after the first 2 weeks? Do you still play in the morning? :)
      Yes, I'm still doing it. Overall I think it's working. I mean, some days it's really tough to get out of bed. But I've been doing it everyday on the week days. On weekend I still try to go to bed at a reasonable time and play in the morning, just not as early as on the week days.
    • 2016 was a year of big change. I entered Internet300 in May. I knew by then that it was the best decision I have ever made pokerwise, I already had coaches with Paul and loved each one of them. The possibility of having access to his knowledge on a more regular basis made it a no-brainer for me.

      8 months later, that opinion still stands, I really couldn't ask for anything else. I am a much better player now than I was when I started.

      Results were not amazing. Anyways, last 100k hands I had around 4bb EV winrate, which illustrates the improvement I've been accomplishing. I have this feeling that the fact that I'm around playing poker for a long while makes it more difficult to change ones game. Old habits die hard I guess. Or better put, good habits are harder to implement.

      As for 2017 goals:

      - stabilize at 200NL (I'm taking shots) is the basic goal. Begin to take shots at higher limits would be nice. If I take a shot at NL1k by the end of the year I'd say that would be amazing outcome. Fairly unlikely, but possible :)
      - play at least an average of 28k hands per month. I know it's not much but it is what is possible considering that Poker is still part-time for me.

      To do that I will:
      - Keep waking up early every day to play before work. I've been doing that for the past 3 months and it works.
      - Keep using every chunk of spare time to do something productive (like watching 10min of a video while walking to work)
      - Keep doing a Headspace session before every session
      - Do at least 2 in-depth range/theory exercise per month and compare it to Solver
      - Continue to keep an eye on WWSF during session, it does remind me that I need to fight for pots.
      - Begin to work around a bit with Node Locking in PioSolver. Let's say 1 scenario analysis per month. I'll reevaluate according to its usefulness.
      - Post at least 20 hands per month for evaluation. Comment at least 20 hands of other people.