Sexy Polish HU Millionaire, HU NL100-nl1k

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      Thanks! Funny one guy asked me what I think about HU is dead. I told him that I made probably around 200k with RB (looking at my current Bankroll, baller lifestyle, 50k for coaching for profit deal and other stuff) from HU last 3 years so they are ppl who says it's dead and they are ppl who working. Saying that I was lazy slacker because those money used to be huge game changer for me.

      Thanks I am glad you like it ;)

      Lol I don't need that. I leave it to sharks. I love simplicity. I don't track what I eat. Once I got too much weight I drop down most influencial stuff for 2weeks and keep on moving :)

      I am glad and more sexy stuff are comming! :)

      Today I'll have short summary because I have to keep on going! A lot of stuff to do. Very little time left....
      First something I love, numbers!!!!

      Overall not that bad with my performance. Had like 5 days off last 3 days off last week and job is not terrible terrible. Have Visa to USA, next Holidays in about 1.5month will be fucking baller! Can't fucking wait. It will be really huge.

      Very happy about my game improvement. Working on 3bet Pots OOP, it's boring as fuck but I love it and it's something I have to do. Two weeks ago I spend on that shit 26h while still grinding 25h..... Stuff are going good. Working on good habits, relationship is way better. All goes into right direction.

      Ah and BTW I became fat pig during the 'bulking' phase.
      Boy oh boy I love this:

      and this:
    • Lately been extremely tilted, felt like didn't had action just to lose few coolers and face hit and run. Whole sunday was like that but it's good. Next three weeks are going to be most intense in whole year I guess so I need that. I need that to face a challenge, when times go tough I get tough. So it's very good. I have only one goal for that week. Write daily goals on my goals sheet to stay accountable to what I need to do. Last week and whole stuff in numbers.

      Didn't grind enough because was focused on something else. Will write more once everything is done. I'd rather do my shit first than talk about it. Unforutantelly my pride costed me a shit load of money. I am who I am and I've learned my lesson. I guess it's my 2nd most expensive lesson that I had in last three years, but it's good more of those please to have more money in the future.

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    • Works now, forum for whatever stupid reason always links .jpg then you have to unlink it manually.

      Very good question. I don't have anything yet, However I see huge improvement over the time of my carrier and just grinding. I am able now to hit a gym or work on my game. Last week I was so tilted that I rushed to the gym, GF wanted to call me down and asked what happened and I said: "hon I really have to go otherwise I'll crush the shit out of our flat"

      BUt I am better at manging my medium tilt. I use frustration to work on my game and get better to overcome those problems at the table, lately 'fortunatelly' I have a shit load of fuel :) I also found out what doesn't work for me:
      1) Talking about it
      2) Overeating (feel like fat pig afterwards)

      My other 'routine to ovecrome tilt' is crushing keyboards. I don't remend to coppying this strategy thought
    • And I am faaaaar from being crusher. I used to have problems with dealing with 'success' . I have had delusional imidge of myself and I had ego and prides problems. What I've done anyone could and I did not work on many important aspects. I've thought I am above it and I don't have to work 'because I've achieved success allready'. Really there are more people with far better mindset than I used to have. I've learned my lesson hard way, payed a lot of money for it but there are people I know I can call real crushers but I am not one of them. Forutnatelly I am learning my lesson at 25 not as a 45 but still could've performed way better becuase delusion has price.
    • ilidek wrote:

      2) Overeating (feel like fat pig afterwards)
      That's the way I handle it too :D but you only feel good for a short moment. After that I feel bad and fat too :(

      ilidek wrote:

      1) Talking about it

      Sounds reasonable. With poker buddies I guess?

      ilidek wrote:

      My other 'routine to ovecrome tilt' is crushing keyboards. I don't remend to coppying this strategy thought
      Sounds like an expensive way to overcome tilt :P
    • "...doesn't work..."
      1) Talking about it

      "Sounds like an expensive way to overcome tilt "

      Not really. Lets say that in last year I've destroyed 8x

      it's like 800$ = less than 1 BI of spew at highest limit I do play. Hard to evaluate those stuff but it's not as exepensive as you play higher. However I'd rather don't do it at all.
    • looool wrote:

      Did that in my early days too, but I hated it to drive to the city everytime to buy a new keyboard or mouse :D

      Just found that on the Facebook page. Definitely some tilt issues :thumbsup:

      Well I don't have to drive each time. I have 4-5 K800 at GF basement and sometimes I do make Frankenstein keyboard, depending what is fucked up. Awesome gif :D Lately I have many good challenges to overcome, especially that only 19 days left in my challenge so was doing stuff like that guy today and yesterday :facepalm: but I am gonna do whatever it takes to acomplish my commits.
    • Another Week Completed. This Week was quite brutal however I was doing very well and today everything paid off. I am very happy about the hours I put in. Probably the best week ever work wise. More than 36h of grind +7h of work on game. Funny because I used to be tilted when someone was keep pounding on me and were keep 3beting me and now I can't wait to play 3bet pots. I understand it way better, I abuse some tendencies and I feel like a kid when my triple barrel bluff works or tilt the shit out of people by donking turns in 3bet pots and putting them in hell spots :D It's amazing and I love that shit. Wasn't aware that people fold soooo much.... Maybe you just need to know spots and understanding them better....

      Problem with Graph solved. I guess It was even 4x TIMES my account form Europbet where I lost money that was (almost) tripled because it counts GEL as Euro while it's like 2.6-1 I lost there and I was running like shit so making it 4x as much makes sense why I had more hands, less money and worse winrate... Especially that it happens at other site as well. Stupid converter didin't work, was trying to add different names it didn't count it as duplicates and whole database is fucked up. I don't care that much because the most important thing is my bankroll and shit I did and bought. Anyway I wish you great weekend. And next week I am going to work until I'll bleed. I am gonna do everything to do the shit done and acomplish my goals. As you see two stuff are red and rest is pussy way.... Will do my best to have some important stuff on green side!

      Cheers and some numbers:

      Ah stuff that I've learned

      1) Dedication Pays OFF
      2) Tought times doesn't last, tough people do. (whole week of getting rapped to have fantastic day)