Sexy Polish HU Millionaire, HU NL100-nl1k

    • Sexy Polish HU Millionaire, HU NL100-nl1k

      Hello Community!
      Firend of mine created blog here and I saw that Paul site is quite active, a lot of people comments here so I decided to create my blog as well. I am bloging on some of most known poker sites, on just a Polish community I have ~143 568 views atm and Poland isn't huge. I also used to blog at but gave it up for a while, got demotivated a bit. I started as a coaching for Profit student, made 100 000 Euro, gave back half of it. It was WAY WAY WAY more thought than I thought. It's easy to say that you are going to give 50 000 Euro of imadginary money when average sallary in Poland is 756 (acording to Wikipedia). I enjoy traveling the world, haven't been in places now, outsitde of Europ I've been to: Japan, Columbia and Panama other than that I've been to UK, Portugal, Spain, Holand and some other places, however it's still a lot of stuff to see. I like work out, I have GF, we live together for 1.5 year or so. Feel kind of depressed about my results lately. Even not lately, feel kind of depresed about my whole results at all. Was bitching myself too long, was living in Ilusion and fantasy of how awesome I am and how much stuff I achieved when on the other hand, there is sooo much potential and live is that short......

      Anyway will post here my week report from other blogs, I am doing 100 days challange that I've made and I track everything. When it comes to numbers I can't lie myself any longer, this is why I feel depresed from one part, on the other it frees up. When you pretend that you are better than you are you get tilted, you waste a lot of energy on it. When you use numbers it will only frees you up.

      Last Week Summary:
      It is as bad as I thought it's going to be. But it's good. GF is going to visit her mother, she goes with her friend (femalle) on some concerts so IT'S FUCKING AWESOME!! This week is going to be awesome, we will spend only 1 day (my free day) together and after few weeks straight when we were hanging around 4-5 times a week it's really great relive to just work. Anyway let's go to some numbers:

      I guess I need to make goals each week to improve my effectiveness. With gym last week was huge disaster, was going to visit gym twice but they closed it because of holiday..... This week is going to be awesome 4 gyms, 35h of grind, 15h of work on game GOGOGOGOGOGOGOOGOGGO!!!

      Checked restults for last month, I am not that happy about it, hourly is as it was, (is it smaller because 14/12/2015-04/04/2016 was 46.89, however $$ is weaker) everything is prerakeback:
      04/04/2016-02/05/2016: 5272 Euro , with 120h 51min grind. What is 43.62 Euro Hourly. Playing nl100-nl1k so rakeback should be nice however I am not sure how I should count it, spend money on weird shit and so on. I am not happy about it I know I can improve it and go further. Hard to evaluate what is better, playing more results oriented or playing without thinking about results and being disaipointed. Feel ashamed to have such small hourly, anyway this week I am going to work on game 15h and I am going to make a plan of overall learning, will check my weaknesses, we will see, not to happy but it's good. I have to used to it and stop protecting my ego that drags me down. EGO cost me sooo much lately....
    • Previous week in numbers:

      Didn't achieve any of my goals:
      Grind:5h grind each day
      Working On Game:3h of Work on Game Per day
      Sleep:Whole week 8h sleep
      Diary:Whole Week 20 min!
      No Sugar:WHOLE WEEK w/O SUGAR!!

      However I am still very, very happy about my performance. Why is that? I've never ever worked as much as previous week:
      which is: 31h 54min of Grind and 11h 20min Pure Work On Game Which makes together 43h 14 min
      I am very glad about it and yesterday I was celebrating it.

      Previous week was very thought emotionally. I had a ton of personal stress this is why I was sleeping soo little for a few days.
      It was disaster, I don't remember when was last time when something hit me so hard, anyway you live and you learn. You improve and get better.
      Fortunately friend point out my BS and I am very grateful for him for doing it.
      I was spewing a lot of money, I was playing very bad. It was tough to manage myself, and I was doing stupid BS. Still managed to work most in mine entire life.

      When I was reading about some guys who were jumping up with stakes when they saw fish I always was: "Boy oh boy!! I am gonna do that one day"
      I had a guy who didn't understood preflop math. He was high, brilliant opportunity, I was reading about sooo many pros doing it and now it was my time.
      So I did. I didn't read about any pros saying he jumped up and fail, which happens to me, reality, life, brutal life.
      Part of winning is losing, you can jump up with stackes to lose more. After this hand fish flew away and I was swearing winning network software.

      This is that hand....

      after a while I had this hand:

      and spew begin.... It was just 5 min of monkey tilt after that I manage to quit but I was very frustrated for next two days.
      Until yesterday when I lost to fellow who had 30bb like 250bb just to win it back in 4hours of losing and losing with two pairs against sets.
      Friday and Saturday was day of losing str8 and Flushes against Rivered FH and it's completely fine, it's part of this game but after mess in personal life,
      after failure with attacking fish, after other stuff and luck of sleep I am very proud of mine Saturday when I rocked! I grinded 10h and 4 min session and worked on game 46min!
    • @flow

      I am glad you like it! Next report I am going to post sexy graph ;) Good idea to post some of those pics will do that as well here and there. Didn't do it for a while because I used to post many photos on my other blogs but that's a good idea will implement. Currently I am living in Wroclav. Awesome place with fantastic views. What is interesting about it is that Wroclaw is few island connected into '"Student's " City.

      Btw my old blog: There you have some photos from Japan / Columbia and other places :)

      Very hard emotionally week for me. 2nd one when I was running worse on higher stakes (up to nl600 but still) Week was mostly though in personal life, hard to say did I make a good job or not. It would be easy to go back to numbers and check how much I was working last week and how much I was working that certain week. Overall not very happy but I guess my emotional self needed a break. Everything goes into right direction, I am more in control on each aspect steady but it's time and energy consuming process. Overall I am quite happy about my life in general. I improved on soo many aspects, main goal of 100 days challenge was to focus on just two - three stuff but I still see that I am distracted by doing too much stuff at once.

      I am aware that I have to work on that and I am doing it, however I am soooo courious human being. I want to know everything right away, I want to have effect right away. But well it's a life. I have my whole lifetime to lead life I want.

      Now Time for Some Numbers:

      I am going to put my whole effort on achieving 2 goals for that week:
      1) Grind 6.5h x 5 days
      2) Work on Game 3h x 5 days

      Everything else will be non priory this week.
    • @flow
      AS I promissed. Enjoy! Citty to GO

      There you have!

      Last Week I did a very good Job. Yesterday also was extremelly good Job. I am grinding some topic in 3bet as an agressor, yesterday spend on it 7h but still there is a lot of stuff to do, consinder and improve. It's awesome I love that topic lately. It's boring like hate on the one hand but on the other I used to be soooooo freaking bad in that topic that it's amazing, I didn't knew sooo many stuff about it..... As a reward yesterday I fucked up some small stuff that I should do and we watched Game of Thrones with GF and had some fun time rather than do my shit and go asleep.... Today I paid the price because of ~5h sleep I was unproductive (did some shit done however it's not my A game for sure), especially that woke up few times at night, the wind was closing up doors, and watching Game of Throne before bedtime made me thought that: A) Some zombies is at my home waiting for me to fall asleep to attack me B) Some Syrians are trying to do the same thing. I know how funny it sounds when you are wide awake but when you are half asleep and half awake your brain doesn't think logically at least mine. So woke up 3 times to fight with those bitches and kill them / fight with them and die / see that they are not here and fall asleep like a child. I know my brain good enough that I would keep doing some scenarios at my head and I've learned that the best way to face a fear is to fight with it. Just go where you are afraid, do what you are afraid and fear goes away, otherwise it becomes stronger and stronger.....

      Anyway previous week in numbers:

      And whole 100 Days Challenge in numbers:

      I can see a huge difference how I work with and without goals so for this week I also have goals and they are exactly the same.
      It's hard because I am behind in most stuff but well this is why it's a challenge. It's what I need to grow and It's what I love.
      Besides that I love everything about my life lately. Great in relationship, great in poker, huge improvement in understanding poker,
      unfortuantely not running well but I am sure soon my play will match with run but life is fucking amazing, all I need to do is work hard, work smart and print money.

      And Sexy Graph at the end of that post, I've realized I never posted anywhere 100k winnigns+. Of course those are not all hands, I would say 20% are missing but I guess sample is good enough. Enjoy:

      And my Set Up:

      Once I had opportunity to use my backup mouse!!! Cheeers!

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    • There won't be summary for this week because I am not at home, comming back at Wednesday. At Friday night buddy called me to go out and hang out and off we went. It ended up after it was light outside. Since then I were a bit distracted in terms of working. It was going to be great week because only at Friday I did: Gym, 8.5hgrind, 2h work on game. However it ended up with spontanious travel with nothing but just one pair of underwear.... I am fine with this part of myself and I like it, there is price to be paid for it and I am gonna work my ass off for next month. However now I am doing my shit. Have a good week.

      btw Wroclaw at night:

      Love those buildings.
    • kingsurprise wrote:

      Like your work ethics!
      I started intermittent fasting as well, how do you schedule your 8hours of eating? Or better, when is the first time you eat after waking up?

      Bol sans =)
      I still can do better with work ethic :) Fe not reading blog when I grind :))

      I prefer to stay w/o meals as long as possible. When I eat I have to force myself to go back to work what is not an issue when I am on fast.