888 poker scams me (dont pay promised rakeback)

    • 888 poker scams me (dont pay promised rakeback)


      on 24th february I reached VIP status on 888 poker. I received an email which promised me that I receive 20% cashback this year.

      On 28th march 888 poker implemented a new rakeback system, which gives players with high volume around ~0% rakeback.

      So i wrote 888 poker again, if I still get my 20% rakeback. The answer was:

      "Hello xxx,

      Thank you for contacting us, this is Sofja from MVP Department at 888poker,

      note that you will receive compensations for the difference in rake
      back in Gold Tokens automatically on monthly basis in the beginning of
      the each following month.

      For the 28- 31 March, you will also be compensated with the April`s reward points in the beginning of May,

      Following structure will be implemented until the end of this year - 31/12/2016

      I hope, this resolves your query and if you require any further assistance please don`t hesitate to contact us,

      Kind Regards,
      VIP Account Manager at 888poker"

      Having this information, I decided to play a high volume april. I raked above 25k $ between 28th march and 30th april. So I was waiting at the beginning of may for my 5k$+ payment.

      But now the fun starts. 888 poker now stars to show its ugly grotesque face. When I asked them where my rakeback stays, the answered me as followed:

      "Hello xxx,

      This is Valerie from the MVP Department at 888poker. Thank you for contacting us.

      As an MVP, you receive your rewards every time you level up, we double your Gold Tokens as a reward for your status with us.

      that receive extra cash and an e-mail at the end of the month are
      members that we upgraded to a yearly status last year. As we have a
      yearly agreement with those players, in order to honor our agreement,
      they receive an extra amount as a monthly addition.

      As an MVP your rewards include:

      * Double gold tokens every time you level up.
      * Each time you level up 5 times you will receive a scratch card with bigger and better prizes.
      * As an exclusive Elite club member you
      will receive a 'Golden Wheel' spin every month - and every spin wins.
      * Exclusive access to the $15k Guaranteed MVP elite Tournament.
      Every time you win an 888Live package through an 888live satellite, you
      will receive exclusive event packages, airline tickets and luxury Hotel
      * Your own account manager.

      I hope this answers your question xxx, and I wish you the best of luck at the tables.

      Kindest Regards,

      Valerie M.
      MVP Account Manager"

      Then i asked them again, where my payment stays. They replied:

      Hello xxx,

      This is Valerie from the MVP Department.

      I have sent you an e-mail 2 days explaining the new loyalty program and I hope it clarifies the matter.

      For further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Thank you.

      Valerie M.
      MVP Account manager"

      I wrote them again that this is unacceptable. They cant make promises, let me rake a big amount and revoke those promises after that.

      Their last answer was:

      "Hello xxx,

      I apologize again for any miscommunication from our Department regarding this matter.

      However, your VIP Status expired in April and that is why you were not compensated for that month

      I understand your frustration but please note that being part of our
      Elite club has many benefits, along with what I have mentioned in my
      previous e-mail, when you level up you get gold tokens that will double
      at each level and you can exchange your Gold Tokens to cash.

      As a goodwill gesture, I have credited your Account with a $500 bonus so you can enjoy a few hands on the house!

      I hope you enjoy it x and please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

      Kind Regards,

      Valerie M.
      MVP Account manager

      For me, I dont need a so called "goodwill gesture". If this is the last word of 888 poker I will play no more hand on this site. I want the promised amount of rakeback, at least for the timeframe 28th march-30th april. I can only tell everybody to be very careful by playing on 888 poker. The greed is real.


      - 888 poker promises me when I reach VIP on 24th february, 20% rakeback for the whole year
      - 888 poker changes vip and rakeback system on 28th march, which leads to ~0% rakeback for players with high volume
      - 888 poker promises me that I keep my 20% rakeback for the rest of the year via email support on 4th april
      - 888 poker lets me rake, rake and rake
      - when the time comes that I get my rakeback payment, they decide to change their mind and pay me 500$ as "goodwill gesture" instead of my well deserved 5,x k $ rakeback (20%)

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    • Hi @alwayswin222,

      try to contact Dominik Nitsche on 2+2. He offered to help players with this mess and is already in contact with some of them. I also know that some players have been compensated as promised. Unfortunately, 888 is doing a good job to piss off as most regulars as possible. :/

      2+2 Profile: forumserver.twoplustwo.com/members/91790/
      Twitter: twitter.com/dominiknitsche?lang=de

      Good luck and keep us posted!
    • Problem solved:

      "Hi xxx,

      Your issue has been forwarded to the attention of the Management of the
      888poker VIP Team. My name is Patrick and I am replying to you on behalf
      of the Manager.

      xxx, upon further review of your account, there was an error in my
      colleague’s previous response to you. I am happy to state that you are
      eligible for the monthly VIP compensation honouring your annual status
      in the previous loyalty program. As such, your account will be credited
      with $4,764.67 within the next 24 hours – in addition to the $500 that
      was granted to you on the 6 May. This represents the full compensation
      based upon your rake and fees paid from 28 March – 30 April, 2016.

      Future monthly compensation will be made within 3 business days of the beginning of each month until end of February 2017.

      Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused and know that
      this is not indicative of the standard of service we provide.

      Many thanks for your patience while we rectified the matter.