Upping the volume: 200NL and beyond.

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      pkt wrote:

      May I ask why do you play live? Wouldn't hourly be higher when you multitabling online and get rb (assuming you play same stakes)?
      I don't play live very often. I end up going down with a friend every few months and then I get the bug for a few weeks.

      Although some of the main reasons i like it are:
      - it plays completely different from online and i get to toy around with strategies far out with what is normally good.
      - it allows me to play a ton of different very poor players and hyper adjust vs them, thats not as possible/recommended in most online games. Its a weak part of my game as it is but live lets me play around with the game a little more
      - live reads. i get to take in to account live variables that don't exist online but are very important and fun to practice in live games.
      - i get to push myself out my comfort zone. I'm terribly nervous/shaky live so it feels uncomfortable for me, but i kind of like that.
      - i might like to play some of the London 1K-5kNL games next year depending what my bankroll allows but i'll really need to be comfortable and well practiced for it if the opportunity comes my way.
    • Hey guys sorry for no updates lately. Doing well just concentrating on my game and never kept up with some end of session updates for a while. Should still come back to them

      10th-16th is here:

      22hours play


      33 hours play.

      You may see a huge jump in volume from the roughly 50k i'll get this month. To a possible 110k next month, we will see how that goes! :) Looking forward to attempting it anyway!

      This week i'll try for another 10k hands or so. Should be around that, maybe a little more then set myself up for next month.

      Also play 2 tourneys on sunday and unfortunately busted both of them. Sunday million busted with full house vs quads and i stone bubbled 12bb in £110 6max high roller with AKo vs KK, 2bb and 3.5bb stacks about to bubble. Oh well!

      Massive + side i relaxed at end of the night on spin and gos. Played 40~ $15 ones and hit 240x multiplier one and won it for $3k :). Think i won 19 of 40 or so. Lol variance!
    • Ok finished off this month and feel like i've done a lot of improving! :)

      Results were not great. So do i think they are a matter of variance or run bad?

      I don't think i ran badly this month, i think this is pretty much what i was meant to make. I am always learning a ton and it takes a while for me to put that in to practice properly.

      Basically i made a LOT of mistakes.

      My A game with defaults for spots is coming along nicely though, I feel like i can at least estimate a reasonable strategy for most spots. That is not to say i think my default game is the best, its just now not the focus of my improvement this month.

      So what do i need to work on next? My mental game so i can stay in A game territory for longer hours and longer sessions, my exploits to player tendencies and as has been the focus of this blog; my volume.

      So this month will be challenging. This month i am aiming for 110k hands. Most of that i plan to get in by table selecting.

      To get that volume in at one site will be difficult, I'll have to play across 3 limits and maybe add a forth lower limit in if its needed. If speed poker looks reasonable at some point during the week i may add a few tables of it.

      For me this is massive challenge but i know it can be done and i will get it done. To achieve it i'll have to execute the skills i've been developing over the past months, and start utilizing the mental game practices I've been learning.

      Let the games begin :)!
    • mukzr wrote:

      gl dude
      Thank you! :)

      5 hours and 2100 hands today, may stick on an hour of speed poker if i feel up to it at 22:30 but i'm probably done for today.

      Most of the tables were pretty crap but i played anything i thought was reasonable ev after rb. Had a couple of tables that just ran 4 reasonable regs and 1 regular that was a bit on the more passive side, but i think it was still high enough ev to play after rb.

      Marked some hands i felt i played wrong at the time and went through them to look. I messed up on not bluffing catching vs a river overbet where hes not really repping much and my range is capped.

      Another where i call 3b w ATs vs an uknown reg. and never value bet thinly enough on river. Apart from that everything else looked reasonable, however i wasn't close to A game today.
    • Got another 6.5hours in today which was roughly 3k hands.

      Played very well overall. A lot of regulars doing goofy things and passive fish so far. Feel like i was a firm favorite in most the line ups today. Even in the quick session of speed there was a ton of over aggression and a few fish.

      did still play a few hands badly, they were based on solid theory but still wasn't happy how i executed it.

      I'll try and hit about 9k~ hands before friday then bump up the volume so i end at about 25k hands for the week.
    • Today was ridiculous. I played pretty terribly tbh, probably minus ev for the day. The day was just so full of distractions from the minute i got on

      Played 2.2k hands

      Sat in an hour late for session - Tables are about to under-go maintenance, kicked out 10 minutes in to finding tables

      Finally get on but now i only have 30 minutes until i have to go pick up the dog i'm looking after this weekend.

      Go back and the tables start jamming, i'm still sitting in but i can't press anything on the screen. 3 tables done it in the session and i got sat by a mega fish that i couldn't play at 400NL.

      Got a session going eventually, but the internet crashes.

      Decided to call GG after that.
    • Well today started way too late, only got another 2k hands in, however it was 2k hands of pure A game so i am quite happy with it. There weren't many tables going today for some reason but i grinded out 5hours. I'll get something similar in on sunday but it will take me to around 16k not 25k for the first 6 days, still reasonably happy with that as a start.

      After last night I decided things like facebook, skype and my phone had become utter distractions for me and it was time to go cold turkey. So i've deleted skype, turned off my phone and blocked the most frequently visited sites from being accessible. I'll be doing this for a week so if you can't get in touch with me then this is why. After the week i'll see if i still feel i need longer or not. There may be one or two necessary skype messages to send but i'll just redownload it to send them specifically if needed.
    • Haha! You are just like me, instead of closing skype while grinding, just delete the thing! I deleted my FB years ago for many of the same reasons, when I'm in front of my computer I want to be grinding. I've also not been on skype the last week or two for more than 5minutes twice or something. Unfortunately I've managed to find a bunch of others distractions this week such as US Open tennis and two golf tournaments on TV, but at least I'm not on social media :D There should really be an app on firefox/chrome/ie that doesn't allow you to open them while you have the poker client running ooor turn it off from working for like 90minutes at the time, would be awesome :) Next week I'm gonna try your plan :) GLGL
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      There should really be an app on firefox/chrome/ie that doesn't allow you to open them while you have the poker client running ooor turn it off from working for like 90minutes at the time, would be awesome

      jonzocker wrote:

      "coldturkey" it does exactly what you are talking about
      Yeah theres a lot of them. I'm using block site. Basically block the url's that i'm most often visiting so now when i open facebook it redirects me:

    • Thats me finished. Hit 15k instead of 25k hands but i'm not too upset about that since weekend was extremely distracting and i've took steps to reduce that for the rest of the month.

      I think the week went well overall, there was a lot of plays that i would not have made when playing A game or if i had looked at them off the table. I expect that when upping the volume though. As for my play there was a marked improvement from last month.

      Ok, haven't looked yet so time for the graph.

      Before looking at this I felt i ran well this week. A lot of made hands and a lot of good run outs. Didn't know it was that well but obviously very happy with the result. There was a good couple of hands of spew in that sample too.

      Going to chill for the rest of the night and i'll see how i feel tomorrow but i'll probably take the day off.

      So how many hands next week?
      I'll try and organize a schedule tonight to allow me to get in aboout 25k hands. For me that'll be around 50 hours grinding so its a hard stretch but i expected this whole challenge to be, so bring it on :)!.
    • Decided to play a little today, messed up on two of the biggest lost hands. One was just a misread in action vs a fish so i'm not too upset with it. The other was just pure spew by me though and i'm not happy with it at all. I ended up betting flop tiny to induce spew from a massive fish but the hand i did it with was a tiny bit too weak, its a leak i have when overconfident so i'll have to look in to those spots. Ran really well again and got over confident towards the end. Stacked it in a few times too light vs obvious nutted ranges so wasn't too happy with that. Apart from last 10minutes i felt i played really well.

      Got in 1400 hands and would have been more if the network hadn't cut out and booted me from 80% of my tables.
    • Decided to change up my screen layout and turn the portrait monitor landscape. Took a while since i didn't have the necessary screw driver and the stand fitting wasn't designed to have the screen in landscape so had to fiddle with it a little but i got there.

      Not yet had a session grinding with the new layout but i feel it does look better this way. I'll see how it feels to play on today though.

      Mentally i'm struggling with the game the last few days. A mix of over confidence and fear of the upswing coming to an end are both taking my mind away from decision making and causing me to be a lot more emotional on the tables. The extra volume is really bringing this issue to light and i'm realizing that i need to refocus my energy to right now and not to past results. I was going to talk to my mental game coach about this but since i don't have skype i'll need to find a solution to this myself.

      My inner chat to myself today - "Yesterdays results don't influence today's. Right now my decisions are all that matters and my focus will be on that entirely . Emotions are a reflection of my fear of being incorrect, of second guessing a decision i made. The minute i'm feeling intense emotion i am no longer in the now, i'm in the past thinking of the decision that has already happened. If i feel emotion rising i know i have left the moment and i need to refocus my attention to the next decision, to the now."