Upping the volume: 200NL and beyond.

    • Upping the volume: 200NL and beyond.

      So this has been my year so far (mostly 100nl, some 10-200NL mixed in):

      This blog will be updated once a week and it will keep track of my progress in getting more volume in the games. My mind was split between poker, university and getting stronger before now so its time to show what i really have to offer on and off the tables.

      I'll be posting an update of the board each week along with a break down of the main goals and any other random thoughts i want to share:

      Quick break down of most important things on board:

      Top left portion is goals: Hours played in week (T/W). Days in week played (D/W). Study in week (S/W). Coaching in week (C/W). Hands/h. Hands/w.

      Top right portion breaks that down in to a schedule.

      Bottom left is daily side goals i want to keep track of that i want to add to my routine.

      Bottom right lets me take notes on the day. Just doodles after a session to see where my mind was at.


      At the end of the week i'll update a pic of the board with how i did as well as the new schedule. As far as monthly goals go i want to have played 65,000 hands and still be pumped to put out 75,000 next month.

      Let the games begin!

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    • el-p wrote:

      nice setup!! You play NL100 at three diefferent Sites ? Not enough traffic at betsafe alone (just curious) ?
      Yeah i play across a few. There is enough volume at microgaming for most grinders tbh. i've only recently moved from playing ipoker speed exclusively because of rakeback changes so i still have it in the list of sites i play on for now.

      lnternet wrote:

      that's some setup

      bossa wrote:

      dat setup. add a 3rd one imo. nice to follow ya.

      mukzr wrote:

      you like it?
      Yeah im loving it. only downside is i can't have people sweat me because of them being in portrait mode. I may end up getting a dual stand so i can have them vertically above each other but won't be this month.

      alphavillain wrote:

      That avatar made my day! Fish on a heater! :rofl:

      Glad you like it!

      This week:

      Main goals (aim:actual)

      Hours played: 40.5 : 35.5
      Hands played: 16,000 : 18,000
      Study week: 7 : 13
      Coaching week: 6 : 4

      Total: 53.5 : 52.5

      Hands posted: 21 : 18

      Sleep: All over the place.

      Note: Incase your wondering the 130k isn't the amount of money i want to make this year from poker its the amount of hands i want to be able to play in the last month of the year.

      I got pretty excited about my new setup at the start of the week and played 12 tables instead of 6 on Monday. Rookie mistake #1. Ended up running 15bi's straight down :( . Looked through some of the pots afterwards and came to the conclusion a lot of the bigger pots were just spots i ran badly in however 2 were avoidable and lost me a decent amount of EV. I also paid much less attention to the smaller pots whilst playing up to 12 tables and wasn't breaking down ranges fast enough to make good decision. That all led to a bad week money wise and i feel like a lot of the -ev week was attributed to not paying attention during that time.

      Looks like i at least learned my less and 6 tables is my sweet spot right now. Any more than 6 and i stop breaking down ranges fast enough.

      The side goals are also going well in general so i don't need to speak too much on those.

      As for sleep it is all over the place! Ive tracked it this week and i get to bed anywhere between 2 and 6:30am. I want to be able to either have a gym session or get other things done in the morning every day so I'm going to aim to have the times i get to bed down to between 11 and 2am everyday this week.


      New week 16-22nd

      Lets do this!

    • Flow wrote:

      so whats your money aim for 2015?

      This was 06-13th of last month (the second week of using the white board to track progress).
      Set a money goal for $28,000 from the games and about $40,000 including other incomes.

      mukzr wrote:

      bigblindbets wrote:

      Note: Incase your wondering the 130k isn't the amount of money i want to make this year from poker its the amount of hands i want to be able to play in the last month of the year.
      hehe, thought you want to get rich :D nice planning with the whiteboard ;) googogo

      Thanks :) As you can see from the $$$ goals, my primary focus isn't to get rich quick :).
    • I was listening to this on the way back from the gym and it resonated with me, so i thought i would share it. youtu.be/V6xLYt265ZM?t=3m26s
      I've edited the quote to relate to me a little more, so its not the exact words of the speech. (original quote is from Friday Night Lights).

      And for a long time now you have been hearing me talk about being perfect, well i want you to understand something.
      To me, being perfect is not about that win rate, its not about winning each session, or winning each week. Its about your relationship to yourself, and the people that helped you get here.

      Being perfect is about being able to look your friends in the eye, and know that you didn't let them down, because you told them the truth. And that truth is that you did everything that you could, there wasn't one more thing you could of done.
      Can you live in that moment? As best you can with clear eyes, and love in your heart. If you can do that gentlemen then your perfect.

      So in the spirit of using this message positively in my mental game I will post this weeks graph tonight and then from here on out the money results will only be posted at the start of every month. I'll be making it one of my top priorities to not look at results for the rest of this month.
    • I got to thinking about what my pre and post session routines are since I think they can effect performance and mindset on the table substantially. Turns out i have very little structure in this so i done a little background reading and i started to ask myself a few questions to get the ball rolling.

      Note: The wall of text is in spoilers because its basically just a big conversation from myself, to myself. It goes through all the questions i've been asking myself lately, so might be useful for someone but if you just want to see the main results of it ignore the spoiler and continue reading instead.

      Display Spoiler

      The modern advice for professional athletes

      Ultimately, the only thing athletes can control is themselves. Sport routines can increase control over their performances by enabling them to directly prepare every area that impacts their sport. Those areas athletes can control include their equipment (is your gear in optimal condition?), their body (are you physically and technically warmed up?), and their mind (are you at prime focus and intensity?).
      Routines also allow athletes to make their preparation more predictable by knowing they’re systematically covering every area that will influence performance. Athletes can also expect the unexpected. In other words, they can plan for every eventuality that could arise during a competition. If athletes can reduce the things that can go wrong and be prepared for those things that do, they’ll be better able to stayed focused and relaxed before and during the competition. *1

      I think this is a pretty powerful bit of advice that relates well to poker. So lets break it down in to a little more depth.

      their equipment

      Reworded for poker this says: What is your setup like?

      Does your system continually lag?
      "No, there is very little lag in game. Although the HUD sometimes takes its time to appear."

      Are the programs you are using buggy?
      "my HUD has been disappearing to the back of the tables in game when i drag over a pop up every now and then. That's distracting and starts to become tilting if it happens multiple times in a session. Tables also take focus over my notes and this frustrates me a lot in game, its an easy fix too so its on the top of my priorities."

      Do you have your skype notifications at full blast whilst you play?
      "No i fixed this a while back, bit i sometimes keep it open and drift in to conversation whilst playing"

      When you are selecting tables do you have to pull the lobby on top of them to search?
      "No i have my set up so i can table select in the bottom corners and have my tables on top, it works well."

      Is your desk chair and monitor calibrated to allow you to sit comfortably for long grind sessions?
      "Its better than it used to be but i could do with a new desk that has more space for a keyboard and mouse, it feels a bit cramped."

      When your taking notes does the tables steal focus whenever you try to write?
      "Yes, but i already spoke about that in the bugs section"

      What about the environment?
      Is it in a relaxing?
      "NoNoNoNoNo, its cramped, it has no natural light, my flat mate constantly goes past and feels the need to say a passing comment or two."

      their body

      Put in poker terms this can be broke down in to two parts:

      Part 1: are you feeling physically well?

      Did you get 3 hours sleep last night or a full nights rest?
      "closer to 3 hours sleep and its been very inconsistent. I've been getting anxious about making the targets i set myself and thats led to procrastination and longer hours infront of the computer than is healthy"

      Do you have breakfast?
      "Yes, without fail, my morning isn't the same without it"

      Is what you eat giving you a good start to the day or is it normally a morning cig, a double latte and cocopops with extra sugar?
      "I mix my breakfest up, but its always healthy and gives me a good kick start on the day.

      Do you go to the gym?
      "I don't do this everyday but its starting to become a habit for me to be there at least 3 times a week.

      Dod you take a 5minute run?
      "No, but when i do i feel much more awake for doing it."

      Part 2: Are you technically warmed up?

      What are you currently working on that you need to focus on in the session?
      "I'm working on a multitude of things right now, i need to sit back down and focus consistently on learning the things i already do to near perfection. This week i'll make it my goal to spend my hours studying 2 or 3 different areas. These will probably be river betting maths and flop cbets BTvBB."

      Do you need to remind yourself of your cbetting ranges, your preflop ranges or your river math by watching an old coaching recording?
      "yes there is a few videos i watch over and over again. I should take 30 minutes before each session and watch the ones on the areas im working on intensely each week."
      their mind

      Do you listen to 5 minutes of your favourite music before the session?
      "I don't, I'll find 1 song to listen to before starting my session that gets my heart rate up my motivation high"

      Do you have a playlist of motivational speeches you listen to before you sit?
      Yes i'm starting to build up quite the collection, i like to listen to them on my ipod when i go out to the shops or to the gym"

      Do you in fact stick on the facebook news feed and read about how shity a day your mate is having at work?
      "sometimes, its not an immediate thing that needss worked on"

      We influence what we take in, and the things we take in influence us. Brain-wash yourself with the attributes you want to strengthen.

      The here and now thinking.
      During this warm up I try to think ONLY about warm up. Like:
      “this is my hand, touching the ground. This is my breath, I am inhaling now. My knee still hurts a bit, probably after that basketball game”.
      I think only about NOW, not yesterday, not in another city… But Here and Now. By doing this I prepare my mind, restraining it from random thoughts, stopping it from wandering away at every favorable moment, and instead make it do what I want it to do, namely make good poker decisions.

      Doesn't need to be related to poker, as it already was. A bit of awesome advice i'll be taking on board.

      So from all that comes the list to work on:

      -fix disappearing HUD, fix table focus options
      -Close down skype and facebook before each session.
      -Each dayt i'll clean and organize the room i'll be working in.
      -Move my desk in to an area of the house with more space and some natural light

      Physical Wellness warm up

      -Get more consistent sleep at reasonable times. [No later than 2am bad, no later than 10am wake]
      -Take a 5minute run/jog if your not going to the gym. Just something to get the heart rate up.

      Technical warm up
      - watch between a 10 and 30 minute video that you have watched multiple times before and refresh yourself on the concepts your learning river

      Mental warm up
      - Find a favourite song for listening to before firing up a session.
      - Limit mindless facebook news scrolling
      - Continue listening to a motivational speech.

      The here and now thinking.
      - in the morning im going to make a concious effort to focus on the tasks im doing at the time, not what needs done in the future.

      That will do me for a basic routine. Should take me about 45minutes to an hour in the morning.

      I've already started on the first task, at midnight i moved my setup out of my walk in cupboard and in to my bedroom (my neighbours must love me!). Took a few hours as i had to move everything myself but was well worth it.

      The results of the move:

      Display Spoiler

      Should have taken before and after pics but here is my grinding space a few months ago (same layout just it has a second screen now):

      No windows, no fresh air, No space, No privacy, unorganized.

      And here is it now:

      [x] Window, airy, spacey, and private, a bit more organized.

      The old studies finally being used for its original purpose:

      Ok now that is all done and dusted the results this week:

      Quick goals breakdown (Aim | Achieved)

      Hands (16,000 |10,000) A few were on a site that doesn't allow tracking software and i ended up down 2.5bi's ($1,600. Ops, shooting too high ftw)
      Hours played (35 | 30)
      Hours studied (9 | 19)
      Hours coaching (2 | 4)
      Total hours: (45 | 53)

      I'll post the the next goals tomorrow.

    • What area should i work on next?
      Its a question i've never able to find out myself in a structured way, but i think we can have a go at asking some structured questions on this too.

      So this will be a two parter. Part one concentrates on where my goals really lie, and part two is working out what i need to work on next in my poker game.

      Part 1.

      My results orientated goals

      What are your aspirations and how much money would they take to become a reality?
      "I want to buy my own house and i want to buy a house for my mum, i want to help out my brother and my girlfriend and be able to invest money in to their ideas and their dreams. I want to have money available to invest in motivated people, either to invest in to improving myself or to invest in because I believe in their vision."

      How much money would those take to become a reality?

      "Wow, about £550k, that's about $850k. That's a lot of money compared to the goals i set for this year!"

      Do you think its possible to make that amount of money from poker?

      "Probably not from poker alone, although its possible if I work hard enough in the right directions. It doesn't all have to come at once. I need to help myself before I help others. So investment in myself and in others that i think will show a return is the primary concern for now."

      How long do you think it would take you to make this amount of money?

      "Gosh, thats a lot of money for where i am atm, at the rate i have been improving this year i think i could make that goal in the next 5 years."

      What is your top priority in your list of aspirations?

      "the one that will make me the greatest return atm, investing in myself and my skills as a poker player."

      So we now know realistically how much money it would take to make my dreams in to realities. That means i'm aspiring to be in the top 0.06% of the most wealthy people on the planet (£110k a year over a 5 year period: globalrichlist.co.uk/). I'm not going to lie, that is pretty daunting but i can manage that with the right help.

      s you can see from the $ goals, my primary focus isn't to get rich quick :).
      Lets ponder a little about how wrong i was in this statement i made just two days ago before we move on to part 2. :)

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    • I'm in and good luck!
      Great, welcome aboard!

      I really enjoyed the last two days off the tables, girlfriend had a bikini comp and then we went out partying on sunday and today we spent most the day chilling, i got in an hour of poker vs some really good regs for practice/fun at 2NL but that is all i have played. Ok now on to part two of my blog post.

      Part 2.
      So in part 2 i'm going to attempt the Jared method of working out what to work on by using the learning model. I feel its best to do from the things you know you know well down to the forth stage. After all, you definitely know what you know, but its difficult to know what you don't know, you know?.

      Unconscious competence

      What things do i know so well they appear almost without thinking every time i play?
      "my opening ranges preflop for most spots except SQ, C4, over limping and isolating limps from the sb. River calling down frequencies as long as i break down exactly where my range is at on each street."

      Conscious competence
      What things appear most the time but you sometimes change without the correct table dynamics for a shift in strategy when you are drained or tilted?
      "Preflop my SQ, cold 4, call3b/4b ranges when using a 2x preflop raise sizing, over limping and isolating limps from the SB, they don't really change but i haven't done enough of the table work on them to know if my default is ok and if i know them exactly. I can work on these this week, postflop i know how i'm playing most flop textures and for what sizngs BTvBB but i think there is a lot of sub categories of hands that i am not exactly sure what the best line to take is from a default perspective"

      ***How would i work on the postflop? I need to mark a lot of hands for this position and spend time talking about them with others. I should spend some time off the tables analysing the bet/check back ev of subcategories of hands and how they best play vs my estimation of a good player. I may also need to brush up on some theoretical principles that help me make the closer decisions on the table.

      Conscious incompetence
      what do i know i am really bad at and only occasional preform correctly?

      "Taking notes i'm terrible at in game, really slow and inefficient. Strategy wise I don't know, i can't think of a common spot that i play consistently terrible.
      I think im weak at moving from good defaults and adjusting postflop versus players playing very tight preflop ranges is a weakness of mine though. I tend to continue too wide a bluffing range OTF vs people with a tight preflop range. Never looked at it but its definitely

      (I don't think my explanation of that spot was good so here is an example: Two tight players in the blinds and we decided we can profitably steal 100% of our range, the BB cold calls 20% of hands preflop. It stands to reason if he plays postflop well then my cbetting range changes drastically in this spot, a lot of boards that may be good cbets vs a wide one are now terrible ones.) "

      Unconscious incompetence
      What don't i know?

      “I don’t know what this is, of course i don’t if i knew what this was i would know it to conscious incompetence!”

      This is where a coach and a good poker network comes in. They are going to set you up with new ideas and concepts you never even thought of and your going to take those ideas and ponder them, fuck them up plenty of times, and then finally have them as part of your skill set.

      So the question we wanted to answer, what are we going to work on next?

      - Work on learning good default preflop SQ, cold 4 and call3b/4b ranges when using a 2x preflop raise sizing.
      - Work on my notation when taking notes in game.
      - Work on default cbetting ranges on different board textures when open raising BTvBB.
      - Compare the cbetting situation you look at to you playing vs particularly tight ranges preflop.

      Do i need to learn any new concepts at the moment?
      No, i still have a lot to learn before moving on to new information.

      Is there anything that won't get looked at this week but should be looked at in the future?
      - over limping and isolating limps from the SB.

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    • Sat down and looked at what i think my squeeze range/flat sq range should be yesterday, looks like i was significantly over estimating the profitability of some calls. I was also squeezing too wide a range that included a lot of merged value.

      Also noticed some problems that could arise from some common preflop range structuring in these spots on board textures postflop. All round it was pretty interesting and will probably increase my EV a little bit in the games, especially the fishy ones where i'll be getting in more multiway pots.

      That said today i'll play my session and i'll filter my database afterwards for a post session review of spots i could squeeze