Simplepostflop- everything gone?

    • HI!

      It was a kind of random of sequence why u lose contact:

      1) I was on short vacation
      2) Administration of skype has freeze our main skype but we replace our skype contacts everywhere. Now its: SimplePoker and we response there EVERYDAY. There were no days when we didn't response.
      3) on 2+2 our topic was closed cause I didn't pay for it while I was on vacations. It took some time to find paypal money to pay for it - in Russia it is really not popular and it is the only method I could pay on 2+2. So topic will be opened tomorrow I hope.
      4) We also respond via email but may be some letters fell into spam on your or on our side.

      We continue to work on program everyday: this weekend will be relased 1.09 stable version (2 weeks ago we released 1.09 beta version but it was not public, still there was video in russian about beta version on our youtube channel). 2 days ago we released MTT preflop pack.

      If you have some personal questions address them via skype: SimplePoker.

    • kooort wrote:

      - Is there also a new Skype-Channel like before?

      - Did you implement adequate precautions to avoid another Skype-hack (and the threat to your customers arising from it)?

      €dit: Also did't receive a new Skype contact request
      The skype group is still the same. I was added there yesterday.

      It is impossible to implement any precautions cause skype doesn't support 2-factor authentication. I don't have any idea how previous skype was hacked, cause I was very carefull and suppose that it was well secured.

      Just send request yourself as I've already mentioned our new skype contact: SimplePoker
    • Hey^^

      Thanks for posting here an informational update and for sure it is a big relief, that you did not forget about your non-russian speaking customerbase and that the reasoning behind the recent lack of interaction has some concrete reasons behind which are mostly resolved.
      Also great to hear, that you seem to still be very ambitious about your product and keep up the good work on it.

      Hence no offense, and cheers^^