Pinned FLOP INSPECTOR - Analyzing the Flop Distribution [Official Thread]

    • FLOP INSPECTOR - Analyzing the Flop Distribution [Official Thread]

      Flop Inspector is a unique poker tool for analyzing the whole flop distribution.

      Post-flop GTO tools are popping up everywhere these days. It's time to perfect your preflop strategy.

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      The Flop Inspector software bridges the gap between preflop and postflop play.

      Find the best possible decisions by analyzing ALL the situations you will encounter postflop. Group flops according to hand/draw strength, board texture or equity vs a villain range. All this in a neat graphical user interface with our flop overview main window, equity distribution graphs, EV estimation and a fully weighted range editor.

      All flop combos facing a 4bet holding TT:

      There is no other poker software for doing this kind of analysis.

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    • While there's a lot to of interesting stuff to learn using the Flop Inspector, a lot of people ask me how to use the software as a study tool to actually increase their winrate at the tables. Here's a simplified case study using the software:

      You hold TT and face a 4bet range of JJ+,AKo,AKs,A5o-A2o. Using the EV tab you realize that you don't have enough fold equity to ship:

      So you need to know what to expect when seeing a flop. This is what the flop distribution looks like given your hand and the range you're facing:

      These flops give you a set or better(notice you will have a set 12.23% instead of 11.76% because of villains range):

      And you will only face an ace high flop unimproved 17.08% instead of 20.67% given villains ace heavy range:

      Further you can go into as much detail you think is necessary, grouping any flop situation you will be in. Finally you can use the Equity realization and EV Calculation tabs to estimate the total EV of seeing a flop given the frequency of each outcome.

      Check it out now

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    • I can solve flops in PioSolver and write down the EV a hand has on given flop more or less accurately.

      Now I just need to know how often I flop what hand type.

      Say I have K2o BB vs a BU top 50% open raise range.

      How I do see how often I flop these hands in FlopInspector:
      top pair
      second pair
      bottom pair
      1card gutshot
      1card FD

      Can I export this information as a table with two columns, hand strength and number of flops?
    • Hello, Internet!

      You would just need to create a filter for each of those hand types, and then find the frequencies either in the group chart, equity realization tab or by activating just one group.

      You get the best overview in Equity realization tab, which is the one you'd be using to finally estimate your whole EV over all flops:

      If you inspect each of these groups by activating only one filter at a time and look at Flop Details, you find that there are pretty big equity variations within each hand/draw strength. To increase the accuracy a bit more I would break down into a few more flop types, at least flush draw to the K and flush draw to the 2. Probably also different types of combo draws: gutshot + overcard, bottom pair + backdoor flush draw and so on. All of these are easily defined with the Flop Inspector filters.

      Sorry, but there's no export function at the moment, so you'd need to manually export the frequencies. You don't have to though, I would just do the further analysis in Flop Inspector :) If you have the EVd from PioSolver you calculate the Realized Equity Quotient and input that in the Equity Realization tab. Finally go into the EV calc tab and experiment with different button open sizes by adjusting Pot Size and Call amount.