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    • 500 Days To Beat NL100 Zoom Or Quit Poker - 448 Days To Go - Results

      Today was a VERY PRODUCTIVE DAY! I was awake with the birds at

      and was just finishing working at

      but more to the point, almost all of those hours I spent doing something USEFUL!!! :D

      How Can THIS GRAPH Be Useful..?

      On first inspection this graph of today's results might look more like a train wreck than something useful right...

      And previously I would tend to agree. It is not a work of art!!!

      However! Something very useful is coming out of this HUGE downswing that I am experiencing...

      I am in an extremely fortunate situation. My coach is EASILY the best coach I have had mainly because he is very attached to my results and my personal progress. So when I dropped him a message to let him know I lost 2 buy-ins and would be reviewing my play he called me straight back for (another) emergency coaching session!!! I have never had a coach like that before, not even close!

      So, we spent 60 minutes tearing my database apart looking for more leaks.

      First of all we discounted the possibility that my new found skills in SB and BB could be causing me to burn money - my win rate has improved in those positions during the downswing!

      Then we did some more hunting and my win rate in MP and CO is terrible over the last 20,000 hands!!! Very very terrible in fact!

      So at first we assumed it must be some variance to have those bad win rates there because in my older samples it is not the case. We looked at the bigger pots and it is true! I have been running like an overweight snail!!! :rolleyes:

      BUT... That is not all that we found! We did also find some other thought process leaks that are affecting my win rate rather a lot too!

      Now, if I am honest with you I am not exactly sure what it is that we found! (EDIT: Not sure why the hell I am saying "we" here, my coach found it of course!!!) My day was already 19 hours old when we struck this (possible) GOLD so I was tiring and am not even sure what the leak is exactly! But it is there and, hopefully, it is something that is worth a few bb/100 to me when I work on it and improve it (he said pleading to the poker Gods!).

      Tonight I will pester my coach again so we can immediately start to get to the bottom of this!

      What Other Productive Things Did I Do?

      • Training at Wing Chun Kung Fu class
      • 29 push ups
      • 7 minutes jumping rope
      • 10 minutes meditating
      • Studied poker for 30 minutes (on top of the coaching)
      • Went to work (surely this does not count!?)
      • Did some writing

      I think that is enough for the day. I just hope we did find some GOLD there because days like that feel like they deserve something special to happen!

      Can't wait for next session!!!

      447 Days to go - The force is strong in this one!!!! <3
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    • 500 Days To Beat NL100 Zoom Or Quit Poker - 447 Days To Go - Results

      Games played = NL10 Fast & NL25 Fast with coach

      Results Today

      I forgot to save my graph.

      BRAG: Won $6 :clap:
      BEAT: Lost $17 on own and won $23 in sweat :blush:


      So much is wrong with my game that I am in mass confusion now and need to sort through all the different problems.

      I am sure we have only scratched the surface but I need to make some big changes to postflop thought process and also make lots of changes to my late position ranges preflop.

      In fairness to my coach he has worked so hard on me lately it is incredible. Also he is not expecting me to fix it all too quickly but instead we work on a couple of things until they are fixed and then move on.

      We work on:
      1. SB win rate as PFR (this has improved a lot so I just need to keep a watch on it)
      2. BB v SB win rate (lots of changes to how I play here as my BB win rate is horrible)
      3. CO win rate (improve facing 3 bets and general postflop plan)

      Also away from the tables I am trying hard to increase my WORK rate. I have got my sleep back down to a level where I feel I can get more done without burning out. I am cutting out almost all wasted time (social media/reading BS etc) and try to be 100% productive.

      Today I also:
      • Jumped rope 5 minutes
      • Meditated 5 minutes
      • Push ups x 30
      • Studied 30 minutes (review sweat)
      • Had great fun with kids at bath time and went for a walk with family to deliver thank you cards to some neighbours (after work) :sun:

      446 days to go... Hard work + patience = WIN! :ninja:
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    • 500 Days To Beat NL100 Zoom Or Quit Poker - 446 Days To Go


      Games played = NL10 Fast

      Results For The Day

      • A rare winning day!
      • Improved in productivity
      • Ran good at tables
      • Played a little slower
      • Studied 1.5 hours
      • Slept 5 hours 25 mins
      • Jumped rope 6 mins
      • Push ups x 26
      • Meditated x 10 mins
      • Trained at Wing Chun class
      445 days to go... <3

      Never stop working on yourself. Never.

      nvaz wrote:


      You're blogging skills definitely rock :thumbsup:

      GL & keep up the hard work, it will surely pay off
      Hi Nvaz! Thanks for the compliment, very kind of you to say this!

      I hope you are correct about the hard work but the journey is fun too!

      Great avatar btw! :=D

      mukzr wrote:

      Nice blog, keep on rocking :thumbup:
      Thank you mukzr - this is fun!!!

      yamiyami wrote:

      Not sure if you mentioned it already, but do you have some kind of coaching-for-profits deal with your coach?
      And what about this BPC "Review" ? :) Would really love to hear some details about it.

      Keep up your nice blog! Great to have a skilled blogger like you around. :thumbup:
      Hi Yamiyami! Yes... He gives me coaching and I give him... NO PROFITS!!! :D

      But seriously, yes. It is going really well so far, he seems a fantastic coach.

      BPC review? Well a lot of people have now asked for this but I am still a little uncomfortable with it if I am honest. I mean you kind of get my feeling right!? If you want more info or advice then please feel free to PM me.

      This is really kind of you to call me a "skilled blogger". I never think of myself like this! It seems to have come from my desire to share with people the fact that I am so happy in life! :)
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    • 500 Days To Beat NL100 Zoom Or Quit Poker - 445 Days To Go
      Games played = NL10 Fast

      Results For The Day

      • Won some (small) flips, lost AA < KK (100bb AI pre) and 2nd flush < nut flush (100bb)
      • Productivity 7.5/10
      • Working a lot trying to think differently postflop
      • Must get out of auto piloting
      • Slept 5h 50m
      • Jumped rope 7 mins
      • Push ups x 16
      • Meditation ZERO! :(
      • Went to dentist! :(
      • Had fun dinner with kids & wife - Fish & Chips FTW!
      444 days to go... <3

      There was a very wise man that once said...

      "Kingdom of Heaven is within"

      Please allow me to translate...

      "Kingdom of Heaven" = Happiness, fulfilment, joy, peace, love.
      "Within" = Inside you or in easier words not in EXTERNAL THINGS.

      Invest in your SELF. And don't stop! Peace and love amigos! <3

      masterofcoin wrote:

      what's your real life profession? cool blog!
      I source facilities management products at a builders merchant. We are a small company though so I do some accounts, some selling and sometimes some wood chopping (we specialise in timber sales). Fortunately my coffee and teas taste terrible so I don't do that anymore!!!

      You are a good player Sir, I have trouble against you (apologies if I got the wrong person!). :heart:

      bossa wrote:

      nice posting style. what is your overall bankroll if I am allowed to ask that?
      Hi, thank you for the kind words, really appreciate it! Cool pic too!

      Bank roll is around $960. I am over rolled which is fine (reason is I beat heads up at higher stakes before). Hopefully soon I can beat NL10, move to NL25 and blast through that to NL50!!! Think positive right!!? :heart:
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    • lieschenmüller wrote:

      Really impressive to see how you handle all this stuff.

      I guess, I have to work on my daily schedule a lot to be as productive as you are :)

      Great job your are doing here, Chris! :)
      Woah, nearly missed this comment!

      Thank you for the positive comment! Indeed I have become way more productive!

      Well I guess what I am doing is just doing it instead of thinking about it, reading about it and talking about it! It is an epidemic! <3
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    • Hi Pokermarketeers!!

      I kinda lost my way this weekend with my writing and blogging! I think alcohol has got something to do with it!!! :beer:

      Had my monthly blast out with my mates on Saturday night and I don't remember getting home! My wife, Helen, was making fun of me because I had got my jumper on back-to-front!!!!!!!!!!! :whistling:

      On Sunday it was my mother-in-law's 70th birthday! She had a party at a nice hotel which was basically tea, sandwiches and cakes but ofc I changed it to beer, champagne and then had Chinese take away afterwards!!! It was a really nice party actually and made me feel very young again!!!! :wink:


      Since last update (Friday) I have played 3000 hands and am up 1 buy-in. Probably should not tempt fate here but I hoping the downswing is over!??????????

      What is interesting (and fun) is that my coach has got me thinking more at the tables again. In my year at BPC I/we were basically told not to think, we had to play their lines and rules and we would win. Only when you got to NL200 are you allowed to think. It did not work for me and countless others. It is nice to be taught how to think again. :thumbsup:

      So, the alcohol must have worn off now, let's get back to business and DO THE HARD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!

      NL25 - I am coming after YOU!!!!!!!
      441 days to go... <3

      looool wrote:

      thesuccesshabit wrote:

      Well I guess what I am doing is just doing it instead of thinking about it, reading about it and talking about it! It is an epidemic!
      So true! Many times I try to schedule my day, think about, try to find a way to improve, etc and waste so much time. Instead, I should stop thinking and just doing.
      Pretty simple advice, but so important! Thanks for the reminder. :)
      No problem, right now I am having to remind myself again too!!!

      undisturbed wrote:

      Wonderful family, attitude and blog!

      thesuccesshabit wrote:

      It is my desire and my purpose to bring as much, peace, joy, love and happiness to the world as I possibly can.
      Beautiful :) Can't be better than that!
      Much peace, and best wishes to you and your family!
      Thank you, thank you! This is what I like to hear! Peace and love to ALL!!! <3

      noway wrote:

      Hi Chris, know you from 2+2. Nice to see you blogging here now. :) Really motivational blog! Definitely in.
      Thank you noway! Thanks for following, I will try to keep you motivated as well as me!!!!!! :ninja:
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    • Today I did some work on my daily planner/to-do-list. Since making the $4500 at the start of 2016 and paying for our family holidays I relaxed and poker took a back seat (in my planner) so I needed to adjust it a little.

      Now it is full on again of course and got moved to the front.

      I will give you a sneak peak tomorrow - all this planning means I have got no time to blog properly now!!!!!!

      Oh, I did have another small winning session last night though so 3 winning days at last!

      And now it is one of my favourite times of the day... Put the kids to bed, read them a bedtime story and lie with them for 10 minutes talking about their day. Bliss. <3

      yamiyami wrote:

      Lots of action here :) Nice nice

      thesuccesshabit wrote:

      NL25 - I am coming after YOU!!!!!!!

      Gratz @thesuccesshabit :thumbup:
      Well, I am not even beating NL10 yet so I was maybe a bit carried away!!! Thanks tho! :heart:
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    • 500 Days To Beat NL100 Zoom Or Quit Poker

      I got lost in myself last night! My thoughts and ego took over for a while which is not like me at all...

      I got hammered at the tables for 250 hands - 3b bluff and fold, cbet and get raised, XR and get 3bet - really standard stuff and then lost 100bb with AA in 3b pot (see hand below and let me know if terrible plz).

      I was okay with that really, just kinda miffed as I need to get some volume in. Did review of hands and not much to do different so sent video of review to coach and went to play for another 2 buy-ins.

      Coach was free so came straight on and we did another NL25 sweat for 45 minutes and had a chat and all good...

      When we finished the call we decided I should play again for just 1 buy-in and of course shipped that within another 250 hands!

      Now usually this does not bother me. I get more angry with myself for a miss-click than this, especially as I did not think I did much wrong (got rivered once and JJ<QQ for 35bb or so etc).

      Last night it really peeved me though. Not like smash the mouse peeved, I am way past that sort of thing, but I was questioning things and just losing presence. Thinking of future and past BS and blaming myself for stuff and all that kinda thing.

      Skype messaged coach that I was going to kill the cat (I have not got a cat) and yet again he called me straight back (was 2330 hours) and we looked at DB again!!! The guy is more obsessed with finding WTF is going on than me!!!!! (He does not read this but thank you thank you thank you!!!)

      Thing is... All of my blind play stats have improved lately, I don't really do much else different than I did before. There is nothing to get frustrated about!

      This is one of the beauties of poker. It can show me exactly how I lose my presence and consciousness. Having negative emotions about losing is ridiculous for me.

      Keep working, keep improving, be patient...

      Cliffs: Got hammered at tables, acted like a fairy, got real, love life and poker again!

      439 Days To Go - Results

      Games played = NL10 Fast & NL25 Fast in sweat

      Results For The Day

      • Studied 1.5 hours
      • Coaching/sweat 45 minutes
      • Meditated 10 minutes
      • Push ups x 16
      • Jumped rope x 6 mins
      • Slept 5h 40m
      • Rearranged daily planner and to do list
      • Had fun with kids, played phonics game with son and read funny book at bedtime to him


      Effective 100bb

      Pre: UTG opens 2.5bb, 2 folds, I 3b BTN with AA to 7.5bb, 1 fold, BB calls, UTG calls.

      Flop: Tc 9h 4s - BB donks pot (~23bb), UTG calls, I shove.

      Standard or stupid?

      440 days to go... :heart:

      Don't get lost in things that do not matter as that never helps the situation. Be present and aware and do what is required to be done.

      "Nothing really matters,
      Anyone can see.
      Nothing really matters,
      Nothing really matters to me.
      Any way the wind blows..."
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    • 500 Days To Beat NL100 Zoom Or Quit Poker - 439 Days To Go - Results

      Results For The Day

      Games played = NL10 Fast

      So I was feeling really good and ready for my session... You know "Nothing matters, just play your best, s**t happens, work hard, all will be good" yada yada... And of course the session starts badly. :(

      STOP! Chris, are you sure you are not tilting here? Hmm, seems I was playing some hands almost "defensively" or something trying to lose LESS money than I MIGHT if it got all in or something. Hmm...

      So, I got my s**t together and played as though it REALLY DOES NOT MATTER...

      MISTAKES ARE GOOD - they are a feedback loop (reminder to self).

      And... Fortunately the session turned around nicely. I was cents away from initial stop loss at one stage but in the end made it up to a nice (but small) win. It was nice to make some hands for a change! :P

      • Did NOT jump rope - just too busy studying!
      • Did NOT do push ups - too busy studying!
      • Meditated 10 minutes (maybe more)
      • Slept 5h 45m
      • Studied 1 hour (countless hand reviews/made video)
      • Trained at Wing Chun
      • Had great fun at Wing Chun playing tig (or is it tag?) with all the kids - including my two!

      438 days to go...

      Don't be "busy"... Be "productive". :) <3
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    • Ola Pokermarketeers!!!

      I had a super productive week this week and I'm really pleased with how I improved my efficiency. My output per hour has increased big time!!! :muscle:

      At the poker tables I actually had 5 winning days out of 7 (can you tell that I am looking for the positives here???) which makes a nice change compared to recent times. Unfortunately one of the two losing days cleared most of the winnings out so it ends up break even...

      (This is 95% at NL10 Fast and 5% at NL25 Fast (with my coach) - all at Party)

      So, after my huge downswing it is nice to have a break even week to be honest. I have made a lot of improvements to my game, especially in the blinds and I feel like we are moving in a really good direction now. My game has changed so much in the last two months I cannot believe it.

      Bankroll stands at $959.85.

      Hopefully I can bash out a couple of BIG winning weeks and think about moving up???? Famous last words!!!!!!!! :think:

      Have a great weekend amigos, look after yourself, it's important if you wanna be GREAT!!!!!! :ninja: <3 :thumbsup:
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