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    • Holy underpants Batman!!!!

      The 25 Zoom Poker Goddess really got her knickers in a twist with me! I think I may have been unfaithful to her or something! ;)

      I had around 3 buy-ins to play with this morning and it was going fine until three hands in very quick succession (2 minutes maximum) killed me off!!!

      HAND 1 - Versus Fish


      HAND 2 - Tagged as probable reg small sample


      HAND 3 - No reads


      So yeah, that was pretty fast finish!!!

      Here is the graph of all hands of 25 Zoom shot...

      The mindset is getting stronger in this warrior...

      P.S. I hope the 16 Zoom Poker Goddess still loves me, she was crazy for me 10 days ago!!!!!
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    • I didn't do anything poker related on Wednesday night... I went training for the first time in two months and then as it was Valentine's Day I spent the rest of the evening with my wife. She cooked us a lovely meal and we (I) polished off a nice bottle of the fizzy stuff!

      I did get time to play some hands last night. I sat down $6 short of my "target" to take another shot at 25 Zoom.

      As the last part of my warm-up I play a few hands of the stake below my current stake so I fired up a 10 Zoom table and had this hand almost straight away...

      Hand 1 - Unknown


      So, within a few seconds I was ready for another 25 Zoom shot!!!

      Time to find out if the 25 Zoom Poker Goddess has still got her knickers in a twist!

      Hand 2 - Fish with super fast flop raise...


      Seemed like people wanted to spew money off last night, something was in the air!!!

      Session ended like this...

      This is basically just another lesson about variance for me. I had that bad run last week that finished my previous 25 Zoom shot and now I get a good run as soon as I move back up again!

      It will be interesting to see how I handle the positive variance!!!

      Good luck with your studies amigos! Keep going!!! :thumbsup:
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    • Struggling with volume still. Desperately trying to sort work and IRL stuff out so I can move on...

      Shame as feels like I am playing well (and running well) so would like to build on it.

      Hopefully things will start getting clearer later this week...

      Here's February so far...

      Just got back into positive numbers!

      I hung around in this hand to see what the 13bb open might be...

      What the hell???
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    • Hi amigos!

      Unfortunately February has been a bit of a non-poker month for me.

      Volume was terrible at 15670 hands.

      As mentioned before this is due to my situation in my full-time job. I need to leave there due to work conditions that are not suitable to me. Also the company is struggling and, seeing as nobody seems to be doing anything about it, it makes sense to get out before it falls apart in due course.

      I was looking at going into teaching in primary school or taking over a prechool but I don't feel I can get the required training and work full time at the same time.

      So I am going to go after a dream that I had a couple of years ago... I am going to try to become a Wing Chun Kung Fu instructor!

      Anyway, more on that in future...

      Let's look at February's small sample...

      I made $38 profit in February (including a little rakeback).

      Overall I am very happy to be in profit as I took two shots at 25z this month! One failed in dramatic style and the second shot is going along nicely. I am around 7 buy-ins above the threshold of dropping back down.

      I have done very little study this month (spent so much time sorting my future) other than watching a couple of videos passively. What I have been able to do is to cement some strategy that I have learnt at BTS so far.

      I do feel at home at 25z and am confident that, variance permitting, I will continue to progress through stakes.

      If I am honest I can not see March being too different to February wrt poker. Just while I make things a little more stable for me regarding future income.

      I will write about my Wing Chun adventure too... I might start a separate blog for this but will put a link in at least for anyone who is interested to follow!

      Good luck with your studies amigos! :thumbsup:
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    • Hi guys!

      Poker is still taking a back seat I am afraid. I have played a few hands in March but most of my time is taken up on my new adventure into becoming a Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor...

      Here is the link if you would like to read my blog all about my journey from beginner to well, wherever it takes me!

      I am actually going to be teaching some classes this week as the Instructor is away skiing for the week. I am feeling a bit nervous about it but mostly excited!
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    • Hi guys!

      Poker is still taking a back seat right now.

      Too much to sort out with my job and making sure I am financially sound if thinks go pear shaped.

      This is all I have played in March so far...

      Can't say much really! It is 95% at NL25 Zoom.

      Hardly paying and not studying at all...

      Hopefully be back real soon though, just gotta sort a few things out.

      Keep studying amigos!
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    • I have not played poker since 20th March.

      I am still in my job but long term prospects are not good.

      I have started a Wing Chun School and have got 3 students. I am yet to start marketing it properly.

      I am hoping to take over another Wing Chun School any time within the next couple of months. It is a small school with 12 - 14 students.

      We have just been to Lanzarote for a vacation. It was my kids' first time on a plane and we had an amazing time!

      I am learning a hell of a lot about myself just lately. Really interesting ride I am on.

      I hope everybody who reads this is having fun and enjoying life.

      Best wishes,

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    • Life is so so good for me right now!

      Things are really changing a lot for me and it just gets more and more exciting day by day.

      I feel that all of the hard work I put into self improvement over the past ten years is really starting to pay off in a BIG way.

      I don't play poker any more and I don't think I ever will again.

      I will post in here again from time to time with things that have been particularly useful to me on my journey of growth and fulfilment, purely in the hope that I can help someone else find the "secrets" to a great life.

      Thanks for reading, good luck to everyone. We all have greatness inside of us, it just needs teasing out...

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