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      BluffTheSpot CFP

      Do you want to take your game to the next level?
      There is no better way to learn than to get coaching from players that have proven to be consistent winners at the highest stakes.

      Why coaching for profit (CFP)?

      Whether you are new to poker and have the dream of making it big or you have been playing the game professionally for some time and are looking to increase your winrate, we want to help you achieve your goals.

      Coaching for profits allows players from all stakes to receive coaching, without having to invest any money until they've won.
      Payment through profit sharing incentivises the coaches to deliver the best possible product, as good results benefit everyone.

      What is BluffTheSpot offering?

      1. Coaching -> Get elite coaching by successful high stakes pros!!!
      2. Forum -> Get your theory questions and handhistories answered by top pros in our growing community.
      3. Videos -> Get access to our exclusiv video library of over 25 Videos (we add 10-15 new videos per month).
      4. PDFs -> Get the "BluffTheSpot Preflop Bible" for free (usually 99€).
      5. Guidelines --> Learn how to use PIO, learn which videos and books are useful,...
      6. Mindset --> Get exclusive content by well known mental coaches.
      7. PIO-Cloud --> Get access to our PIO-Cloud with way over 100 saved solutions for Pre- and Postflop.
      8. Discount --> Get a discount on fast seating scripts and many other tools .


      To become a more successful poker player, you have to acquire a broad set of skills. Each of us has a unique set of skills and together we want to teach you those and make you a long term winner.


      I am a professional poker player from The Netherlands, living in Malta.
      My main game is No Limit Hold'em. From 500NL Zoom, up to 40kNL.

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      My name is Sascha and I've been playing poker professionally for over than 5 years now.
      Before I turned pro, I was a PGA Golf professional, which gives me a lot of coaching expertise.
      You can see me play on Pokerstars under the screen name 'Svansa' and on many other poker sites at stakes, up to NL40k, on a regular basis.
      I´ve been a consistent winner over the years.

      Last one million hands

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      I am a professional poker player from Austria, living together with mixgrill.
      My main game is Limit Hold'em, where I play 10/20 to 200/400.
      You can watch me coach Fixed Limit in training videos on Runitonce and
      Due to a lack of volume in Limit Hold'em, I also play No Limit nowadays.
      I play 200NL Zoom up to 2kNL on regular tables, on several networks.
      My speciality is learning and applying theoretical concepts, which is reflected in my GTO approach and playing style.
      My coaching sessions will mostly be theory oriented.

      pokerstrategy videos
      RIO Videos

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      What can you expect to learn?

      • Pre-flop game plan (open raising ranges, defending ranges, 3betting,etc.)
      • How to construct post-flop ranges in different spots
      • How to apply and exploit frequencies
      • How to analyze and prepare for specific opponents
      • Advanced theory concepts
      • Mental coaching
      • Solver coaching
      • Mentoring
      • Soft skills in poker
      And many other things



      Marlow15: “I’ve got nothing but praise for coaches I’ve been working with, both Sascha and Mixgrill. Always a pleasure to work it,very knowledgeable, I got constant feedback on any questions I’ve have, during my recent downswing I had a great talk with Svansa, which helped me a lot to get back on track. As for value of the coaching, I think it was worth it. Poker is changing so fast and working with these guys helped me to keep up the pace with very competitive environment and get even better. Even thou I’ve always been studying a lot, I believe I would not make that much progress if it wasn’t for working with them. When I started 1/2 was 90% of my volume, right now I am splitting my action between 3/6 and 5/10. It has it’s price, but I like to think about it as an investment.”

      Kafrinius: “All 3 coaches are special in different things( theory , mental , thought process ,exploit fishes etc ) I think it's a big plus for your coaching team cause every different aspect matters a lot for making someone a poker pro and what a better formation to have 3 coaches who SPECIALIZE in this different territories.”

      Christian: “Greats guys to work with. They're readily available and willing when you're working on a spot or have questions, and they don't hold anything back in coaching. What I've received from the program not only drastically improved my game but has probably extended my career substantially.”

      Maheep:”The coachings are handled very professionally and the coaches even go beyond the stipulated time for coachings if needed which is great because they don’t shy away from adding value. I have learned how to be more disciplined, not only in my game and also in my work ethic and away from the tables work. I love that the coaches don’t just want to show you how to play a certain hand but they want to show you how to form a general game plan and teach you to look at the overall game from a bigger lens which has really helped me. Easily the best coaching advice and help I’ve ever received. “

      Graphs of students:


      We are looking for people that take poker as seriously as we take our CFP project.
      If you have the willl and determination to become a student, please contact us through the form below. There's limited availability, so don't waste any time!

      (Please fill in the form as precisely as possible)

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