Looking for 6max preflop ranges

    • Looking for 6max preflop ranges


      I am NL100 6max grinder on Microgaming and I am not very satisfied with my preflop ranges. I got them from my former coach when I started to play poker but they are somehow too loose for my taste and I don't like the hand selection. For example my bluff 3bets are KTo ATo and stuff like that whereas I would like some suited connected hands with better playability a lot more. Also the ranges are too loose for my taste. 26/20 with 8,5% 3bet... I would feel much more comfortable with 20/17 or something like that.

      However I am too dumb/lazy to construct ranges myself. I am really bad in mathematics and I have some lack of theoretical knowledge. So if I would start building ranges by myself, I would waste a lot of time I could invest in grinding plus I would probably make mistakes and then lose EV preflop.

      That's why I am asking here how to proceed.

      I would even be willing to pay for preflop ranges if they are good and if I have ranges for all situations. Such as 4b MPvBU, c3 COvBB or 3b BBvUT.

      Some advice or help would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,

    • This is just my 2c but I never used a preflop hand chart and I doubt I ever will. While helpful to have a default range, you shouldn't use hand charts like a bible and should deviate from it when the situation calls for it, for instance, you are CO and have a default opening range of 28%, but BTN and BB are both huge nits. In that spot I'd be opening way larger in CO, probably around 40-50% of hands. 26/20 w/ ~9% 3b seems solid for 6max. 20/17 is really nitty, but could still be very profitable depending on your games.
    • all charts and hand ranges are just a guide, you should always adapt your ranges depending on the style of play the other players have at your table, eg if you have position on a player that has a 80% vpip but a 100% fold to 3 bet then your ranges could be totally different from any chart as you would move a lot of your calling hands in to your 3 betting range to isolate the weak player and have a good chance of winning the pot before the flop with your weaker 3 betting hands