New challenge, from $0 to $100 at 888poker

    • New challenge, from $0 to $100 at 888poker

      Hey all,

      I'm trying to make another challenge playing at 888poker from $0 to $100.

      Now, I'm at level 53 and had some freerolls, also some points that I can buy freeroll ticket.

      I won a lot of freerolls, and lost many buy in cash and tourney, but now, I think I'm better and I can finish successfully this challenge.

      I still have tilt problem when I lose some big bets from tricky or bad beat, But, when I move up to $5, I plane to make StopLose $1, If I lose and fell bad, I will leave game for later or tomorrow, but when I lose and think that I feel good and I can continuo the game, my StopLose will be max 2 buy ins.

      After I move more than $20, I will make shots on higher limits, but If I lose, and my bankroll will be down to $20, I will move down limits to $1 buy in or break.

      Also, I will post here graphs poker tracker, and some most winning and loosing hands.

      If anyone have suggestion for me how to menage bankroll or anything about this challenge, I will appreciate every capital you post here.

      Wish all the best,

    • I answer your question achiplar: I think that If I male stop lose 1 or 2 BI when I have left 3 or 4 BI, is the best way to protect myself from tilt and to respect my money. But when I will have 10+ BI in my stack, I can make stop lose 3 BI max, not anymore. If I loose 3 BI, in my experience of game, I will lose all my money, because I will not respect my money. Desperation tilt is 1st factor when I loose all my money, so stop lose is the best way to protect myself being busto.

      I got my first $0.90 playing freeroll: 888clup $1000. I finished 220th, I had 2 big bad beats here, and I survived to 220th place. First was AA against 47 post flop, I raised preflop, he calls, flop was 4KT, I bet he moves all in and I call, turn was Q and river 4. Here lost 65% of my chips. Another was late stage, I was on butom with AK, everyone folds, I 3bb raise because SB and BB was with 11-13 bb left, SB folded and BB calls. Flop come KTA, player on BB with T9 moves all in, I call, turn come T and river come T, he made quads. Here I lost about 83% of my chips.

      Hope another game I will be more lucky

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    • Hello everyone

      I'm up from $0.90 to $3.01. I won playing Snap 0.01/0.02, played 219 hands and won $2.11 + $0.90 from freeroll, now I'm more comfotable with $3.01.

      I was close to go broken, two times that I played Snap with my only $0.90.

      First time, I survive with only $0.43, and last time I won big hand was a set with 33 against KK. I called from early position from my opponents standard raise. Flop came 3d 4d 7h, I check, my opponent raised pot size $0.23, I moved all, he calls and he didn't hit any K.

      Down you can see my graph at poker tracker:

    • Thank you so much sparkes25. Good luck at your mission too. Does have good freerolls at betonline, I have not any account there, and can I play them freerolls there without making deposits?

      For my challenge

      Today I'm up about $4 dollars, so all my bankroll now is $7. I played only 181 hand tonight and I didn't continue to play more hands because I'm so tired and I fell that I will lose, because I'm tired and ill, don't feel good. I hope will continue tomorrow I will move up my bankroll. Hope not to Downswing my bankroll. Stoplosess still are my option if I lose 2 BI with $1.

      Tonight, my first BI ($1) i lost playing drawing dead. My opponent was playing slowly tricky, I hit on river flush, but he had full house on the flop. I made about 10 minutes break and I felt that a it doesn't effected in my game, so, with $2 left, I felt that I can play another BI. It was my winning BI, so I made win $3. I left that table and I made another $1 BI. With this, also I won another $3, so I made $4 in my stack at this table and I leave the game for tonight.

      So all that I won at Snap cash game at 888poker with all 400 hands (219 last night, and 181 tonight) was $6.10 + $0.90 at freeroll that day that I made this challenge, for 2 days, my total bankroll is = $7.

    • Hello all,

      Its was my bad day, so I busted playing with 3 BI and after a break, I lost all of my bankroll. Its was losing season and I was a bit tilted I know, because I saw at tracker replayer, I made some bad decisions. So my bankroll moved down to $0.0.

      But good news is, today I played very well at freeroll 50+ level - from 5000 players, I finished 22th place, so I won $10.80. I will try again after a break, I need to make so watching strategy videos and read about poker math and work still in my tilt, especially, Desperation Tilt is number 1 my bankroll killer.

      I'm posting here my bankroll now, and the graph from yesterday that I lost playing Snap and regular table 0.01/0.02 limits.

      If anyone have suggestion for me how to menage bankroll or anything about this challenge, I will appreciate every capital you post here.

      Wish all the best,