Printing money like a sloth - my first membership in a stable and the way up from micros to high-stakes

    • Good Morning everyone :hi:

      Yesterday was good to me again and I managed to take down a 300 men MTT on Partypoker :party: Today I will take a day off and participate in a local beerpong tournament :beer: . Let´s see if I can reach the final table there, too :tongue:

      Since April has finished it´s time to summarize it like all the other months so far:

      April 2017 - The real journey begins
      In the first half of the month I was on vacation and did not grind even though I got moved up to MTT-tier 1 few days before. As I came back I started to implement a - by my standards - pretty professional approach of the game and my life around it. I created daily schedules, set goals for the upcoming months, tried to increase concentration by meditation and nutrition and kept reviewing most sessions the day after. As long as I have no other liabilities I want to try what life as a fulltime-pokerplayer might look like.
      Now after the first two weeks my impressions are:
      • I haven´t realized that poker can be that exhausting until now. But after a 9-12 houre session my brain feels kinda raped, I just fall into my bed and am not capable of doing anything that requires even a minimum of brain-work^^
      • I already supposed this before: when you start to poker according to a schedule and not anymore to your current motivation, a bit of the fun-factor gets lost. However, that doesn´t mean that poker is no more fun to me. This is definitly a point which will be interesting to watch in the upcoming weeks. But my overall motivation is unbroken or maybe even boosted my the great start-results.
      • I like it more to only play 4 or max. 5 tables and therefore try to play my best possible game as well as apply the new content to my game than increasing winnings by volume. I always was bad at multi-tabling and start to feel uncomftable pretty quickly compaired to others. I am absolutly convinced that this is the best approach for me personally. By using that few tables I manage to activily think about the content covered in the coachings while playing and start to internalize the stuff quickly, that way.
      • This month I started to seriously realize how fast and much my game has improved since I am part of the stable. Yes, I´m running insanly good so far, but every single minute on the tables I recognize now how big my edge on 95% of the Villains is. I am sure that I made more progress in the last 7 months that I would have ever made on my own. My postflop game is still full of leaks but this is something I will concentrate on in the distant future. Now it´s still all about developing a super advanced preflop-strategy.
      • Even though I take poker more seriously than ever before and I suppose than 98% of my population, I am not willing to see it 100% like a job or sth like that. University and friends are still two factors I want to give higher priority to. There is just not enough money to be made on my current limits and it´s too unsave if I´ll ever make it to mid- and high-stakes. I know that this is not the perfect mindset if you want to become a professional in anything but I realized for myselfe that I want to try it only this way, and if I don´t make it so be it. Becoming a poker-pro was never like the biggest dream to me. My long-term plan is to see where I am at in 2,5 years (when I should roughly have finished my master). Then I can evaluate if I have the skills and if I want to do it professionally for some years.. I mean I obv like the game and it´s impressive how much money there is to be made^^

      Since I had to get familiar with the new software, I was on vacation and all those issues I only managed to play 11k hands in April. However, this is the Graph:

      With an evBB/100 of sth around +22 a nice start :nerd: :angel: But yes, obv not too representative of a sample :tongue:

      I´m already looking forward to may which should be the most interesting and intense month in terms of poker for my whole life so far!

      :club: :spade: :heart: :diamond:

      Eventually I have a new Hand of the day (#6) for you, where I have a difficult turn-decision.

      My thoughts:
      Villain was unknown... should be all pretty standard until the turn...
      The Turn-bet somehow felt wrong to me. I didn´t want to bet fold and I didn´t want to bet-call... that could already be a sign that checking would be the better choice? On the other hand I wanted to deny his equity..

      In hindsight I see the spot like this: Since I don´t want to use 89 for bet calling and bet folding I should maybe protect my checking-range with it, even though it is kind of ugly because there are so many bad cards to come. However, there are a lot clearer hands in my range to bet for value or as bluff:

      Value: sets (55,77,88, 22), some two pair- combos, the nut-straight or A8 and K8

      Bluffs: all the Flushdraws, and openended straight draws.

      But again on the other side, if I´m honest I would have raised a lot of these hands already on the flop... So do I have a betting range ott at all?? I guess my only value hands that really make sense ott are turned two-pairs and as bluffs I could use 56

      What do you think guys? How would you play your whole range on the flop and turn?

      Thanks for reading this blog and gl to you all <3
    • Just a short Update:

      I keep crushing so far and won yesterday another 200 men MTT on partypoker. :thumbsup:

      I feel very confident these days and the first time ever I am 100% convinced, that I could become a professional pokerplayer within a conceivable amount of time. The thing I´m thinking a lot about is if I really want to do that. There are a lot of pros and cons and other things to consider. But this is a topic I will face at the end of June in more detaile. Then I want to talk to my coaches if they also feel like I could make it relatively soon, talk to close friends and family what they would advice me to do and of course I have to figure out what my own lifegoals are, where I see myslefe in 2, 4 and 6 years and what way I want to go.
      However, all I have to do until then is concentrate on my game, keep up this performance and keep improving :muscle:

      This weekend I will play a live-session: The main event of the German Poker Tour (100k guaranteed). I´m really looking forward to that, even though I´m missing a valueable Sunday-online-session for it :)

      Hand of the day (#7)

      This hand shows a typical problem I often have with AK on Flops and Turns when I have a shortish stack

      Preflop: The raise is a little on the big site... Actually I would prefer sth like 20k in general

      Flop: Would you C-bet this Flop? I mean when you do, we have exactly the problem that appeared in the hand: its ugly if he shoves. On the other hand he shouldn´t have too many pockets because he should 4bet-jam most of them preflop imo..I figuered I want to bet range on this flop so I went with 1/3 pot When he raises its super ugly but as I said he shouldn´t have too many pockets.. and why would he raise a 7 otf? So he isn´t reping that much imo. I´m also gettig nice potodds that could nearly be enough to justify calling even if he has a pocket pair most of the the time...

      Have a good one :hi:
    • Here comes the summary for my last week:

      My last weekends live-session started good but unfortunately I did not make the final table (23rd of 580 or so). So no super big cashes to tell you about... At least I made like 700€ (the tournament + some cashgame), which is anyway a nice income for a students weekend ;)

      Unfortunately it seems like my upswing came to an end for now ;( I also made some very poor and expensive decisions in the last days.. but I will try to don´t let them bother me too much and just learn from them, because that´s what mistakes are made for! However due to my great results at the week´s first half I have at least a weekly winrate of +11,9 BB/100 which is less than I expect of myselfe in the long run but still decent.
      Fortunately a new week has started today were I will just start crushing the games again ;)

      My biggest problem these days is psychological distraction due to some private struggles (don´t worry.. nothing too bad ;) ) and because I will have to make some big decisions within the nexte months: where to move for my master and therefore spend the next years of my life and such things^^. I´m also thinking about moving to Denmark for my master and who knows.. maybe never come back if I like it there.
      All in all I cannot really say why, but I´m kind of unhappy these days and feel a little lost.. I suppose I need to set a new destination in my life that I can work for but I´m not yet sure what that is and where I want to be in some years. But enough of that shit.. I don´t want to bore you too much with my private life´s problems^^

      A very usefull method against such psychological struggles is meditation. A week ago my coach told me about a great meditation-app and I really feel like I´m making progresses with it. Moreover my ability to concentrate for a longer period of time has improved. Within the upcoming weeks I am going to try to play a solid game on more and more tables at once, because as I´ve already mentioned I´m not really good at multitabling and since there is currently not too much new content I need to implement in my game I will focus on that for a while.

      For the Graph-fetishists among you (I´m also one :P ) : here are some...
      Last week (+11,9 evBB/100):

      Since I´m at MTT-tier 1 (+19,5 evBB/100):

      Have a nice day everyone and let me know if you have any kind of feedback or sth <3 :hi:
    • Good Morning Ladys and Gentlemen :)
      Sit down, get comfortable and prepare for a long and serious update…

      Just as planned I simply started crushing this week again with a very nice winrate of +28 BB/100 or so.
      Unfortunately there were no big cashes to tell you about, but I´m confident that there are going to be some again soon ;)

      My plan to practice multi-tabling went way better than I would have expected. After 3 days I already managed to 8-table for few hours and keep up a pretty solid game. This was so surprising to me because in 7 years of amateur-poker I never managed to play a solid game on that many tables.

      Sadly I missed the weekend with its final SCOOP and Powerfest-events because of a 3-day-trip to Copenhagen. But I guess that is something I can live with :P

      As I´ve already mentioned in last week´s update, I am currently searching for the next big destination to work for and I´m thinking a lot about how to shape my mid-term as well as my long-term future. Since I also realized within the past bunch of weeks that making a ton of money in the future by playing poker is absolutely realistic if I stay motivated and work hard, I also considered poker as an option for my future.
      I still haven´t decided what I am going to do yet. In the following I want do give you an insight about my thought-process so far if I should or should not approach poker as more as only a hobby in the future. I would be very interested in how you guys perceive my situation and what you would advise me to do.

      For a couple of years now it has been my plan to finish my bachelor, after that start my master and then make my PhD. Then I wanted to see where I find a nice and “normal” job.

      But in the past weeks I recognised: Now that I´ve finished my Bachelor, it is my last chance to do sth unconventional. Once you start your Master you don´t have time to chase big dreams that do not fit your career (e.g. travelling the world or in my case: put a lot of effort in a huge hobby like poker). And after your Master-degree you have to look for a job in near future or it loses its value in the jobmarket. I exclude the idea of doing my Master and simultaneously play poker seriously and on regular basis. I only do one thing – but the thing that I choose to do I want to crush. Now is the perfect and probably also the last good opportunity to try something different and unconventional in my life. I can´t lose much in my current situation. If I start my Master at the age of 22, 23 or 24 won´t make a big difference in my overall life and staked by the stable I don´t even risk my own money if I fail. But making a great experience being self-employed for some time and making a shitload of money with the greatest hobby I´ve ever had sounds like there is a lot to win to me (not only monetarily speaking).

      On the other hand it has always been clear to me that poker is nothing I could do fulltime for like 10 years or more in my life. Although I really like the game and it is very much fun to not only play it, but also learn and understand the insanely complex theory behind it, it just feels kind of senseless and selfish to me. At the end of the day it remains a cardgame imo. Even though I admire people who love the game so much that they spend so many years, trying to solve the game more and more, I´m not one of them. I guess it´s important to know yourself and what you are (not). As I admitted that to myself, I was thinking that 4-5 years of fulltime poker would be a great and very exciting experience to me, but after that I want to get started with my long-term goals of making my master, PhD and maybe start an academic career, which I really want to do one day.

      Money has never been very important to me and tbh it still isn´t. However, I cannot deny that as I realized how much I could maybe really print one day I was excited about the money. Money was never the main motive why I played poker or why I joined the stable but nobody can tell me that money doesnt matter to a pokerplayer at all. I mean this game only works if you play for sth valueable and money is part of the game as well as an important indicator of how good you are and the reward for being good. So I was asking myself what my monetary goals are that I want to achieve at least, when deciding to go that risky way that will contain harder work than I would ever have to do in a regular job. And these are the three minimum requirements I would have… if there is serious doubt that I can´t reach them I will not try to become a professional – if I fail them I will stop and call the attempt failed:

      1. After the 1st year: Make enough money to live from it a nice student-like lifestyle. Or in other words: After Year 1 my game must be on a level that - without any further improvement - my estimated yearly ev would be at least 45.000€ (since I have to givesth around 60% of it to the stable, dependent on how much private coachingsI´ll get).
      2. After the 2nd year: Have an ev of at least 110.000€ for year 3
      3. After 3rd year: Have enough ev to make at least 180.000€ in the following 18 Months and quit pokerafter I made that amount or when the 18 Months are over (+/- a couple of months,depending on my excact plans for the future then e.g. when my master begins). Since I am not sure if I´ll play for a stable in my last months because I want to get the max $$$ out of it in the end, the 180.000€ are ment as net profit formyself without any profit-splits involved
      These goals are the absolute least for me to compensate for the risk and all the work this way brings with it. If there is any serious doubt in reaching one of them at any time I will cancle the project and directly go ahead and start studying again. But I am very confident that I will reach them if I try: I have the talent, learn fast, am willing to put a ton of work in it and most important: I have the right people around me (mentors, coaches, friends) with connections to top-elite players who made millions in their lifes.

      The next step was to evaluate how realistic these goal really are - my own estimations were not enough obv. I asked my coaches, who made the way to highstakes-pros on their own not too long ago, we talked it through and already made some rough plan. They agreed with me that the plan is absolutely realistic and if I work hard enough even more can be possible.

      I must admit that money was the factor that put the idea of becoming a professional in my head but now that I thought long and hard about it is not the main factor why I (maybe) want to play poker professionally. Eventually here is a list of pros and cons that came to my head so far. Maybe I can add there some more points if you guys have some good ideas what I might have forgotten:


      • There is not much to lose but so much to win (not only money).. so actually the risk isn´t as high as it might sound at first.
      • I am up for both, studying and fulltime poker. But only if I start with poker now I can to both.
      • I can make more money by playing poker than I would ever earn in a “normal” job
      • I really want to make that experience of doing sth unconventional, exciting and very brave before starting a regular job with a regular daily routine (which is nothing I would hate, but I don’t want it to start already in my early 20s). I love the idea of looking back in like 50 years and be like: “Wow! I made a great experience back than by making a brave decision 98% of the people would have never made”. I think even if I didn´t reach every goal and cancled my plan after 1 year of trying, this would be something I would be very proud of.


      Even though my plans might already have sounded pretty specificso far, I am still VERY unsure if I should really venture this purpose. This is why I hesitate:

      • I don´t think I can ignore the opinions of other people especially those of people who are important to me (most of all my parents and my sister). And I fear that they would not support my plans and therefore would be everything else than proud of me if I do it anyway. In Germany poker has quite a bad image. 7 of 10 people think it´s gambling (well that’s actually true so far^^) where you can only loose and it´s more addictive than the worst drugs and so on (this part is obv not so true anymore ). And even if the important people support you, you should be careful what you are telling people you don´t know that well. They might be judging you quickly. So I guess I would just tell everybody except for the closest family and close friends that I´m studying even when I become a professional pokerplayer. But I would also plan to move to Austria after some time. Not only for tax reasons (you don´t pay taxes on poker in Austria), also the society there is more open in my experience – especially in big cities like Vienna.
      • The fear of failure. Of course it would be embarrassing if I set such big goals and then end up making like only 3k in my first year and then have to quit poker. I hate it, but I know I care way too much what others might think.
      • It will be super much work – especially in the first 1-2 years it will be far more than I have ever worked in my life before. But somehow I´m confident that I can do this!
      • Even though if I fail it should be only one year that I “lost” and I can still start my Master at the age of 23, there will be a messy part in my CV. However, this is a risk I´m willing to run. It won´t be the end of the world, especially in the jobs and masters I want to end up some time.
      • All those points result in one thing… a lack of braveness. It takes a lot to overcome all of this, but after thinking my plans through for many weeks now and talking to a bunch of people, I think taking my chances at poker is what I really want. However, I still don´t know if I will ever work up the courage to really try this.
      There is one big thing left that I have to do before I can make a decision (the decision must be made at the end of August btw)… telling my parents about my plans. I did not have the guts to this yet. Therefore I first wanted to make sure that playing poker is something I really want, before I put on such a shock to them. I will listen to what they say about my plans, which is definitely very important to me and then I will have to ask myself what choice I want to make.

      I´ll keep you updated how this issue continues..

      Have a good one!

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    • A short update regarding the past week:

      Last week went terrible with a "winrate" of -10,6 evBB/100. I guess it´s not possible in poker to have good results every single week but I have to figure out how much of it was bad luck and how much was bad play. My postflop game is pretty weak and therefore surely a reason for the results but obv I also got coolered very often. I will try to be more focused in the upcoming week and analyse if I really still play my A-game or got a little overconfident due to my great start in the MTT world.

      After I´ve already seen the nice side of variance a few weeks ago, I have to get familiar with the less satisfying part of it these days. Dropping like 120 buy-ins within 3 weeks is hard for the mindset - even though my focus is more on the evBB than on the Net-winnings. It just seems like I can´t win anything anymore.

      I would also love to get more theoretical input about GTO-Preflop strategys or some other concepts I can work on. Due to the SCOOP there were not that many coachings since the coaches had to grind a ton on their own. They have already announced that there will be an increase of theoretical input now that the SCOOP is over and I´m really looking forward to that. A nice start in that direction was last weeks coaching were we got a bunch of stats and in what range they should idealy be. Today I will start comparing these numbers to my own HUD-data and see were my biggest leaks might be.

      Eventually here is my this week´s graph :facepalm:

      GL and see you next week :)
    • Hola my friends! :dance:

      May has ended, so it´s time for a summary of the month! :)

      :club: :spade: :heart: :diamond:

      May 2017 – The first month of fulltime poker in my life

      After a remarkable start in the MTT-world in April, the plan was to just continue with crushing (or to be more accurate: fucking destroying) the games. :muscle:
      At the beginning it looked like that was exactly what I´m doing, but after a while I couldn´t win anything anymore. Even though evBB wise I was still performing good, there were no mentionable cashes and few final tables. It looked like I was always loosing the important hands… Although this is tough for the mindset and it was the first time I invested that much time into poker for a whole month, my motivation was and is still unbroken. Sadly, this downswing hit me right at the beginning of the SCOOP and Powerfest series, but whatever.

      As I have already explained in an earlier post in detail, I developed serious plans for becoming a professional within the last 2 months. I also found an article of one of the best MTT-players in the world and founder of the most successful MTT-stable. I found it kind of interesting and funny that he mentions a lot of arguments, which I was already thinking about before reading it. Here is the link if you are interested:

      Space for improvement: I focused a lot on grinding in May. There were only few coachings due to the SCOOP and therefore not much new to learn and implement in my game (except for my regular session-reviews and handanalysis). So I have to admit that May might have been the month were I learned the least so far.

      All in all I reached nearly every single goal that I set for the month (both, private and poker-related). Therefore - my net losses aside – I would consider May a good and successful month in hindsight! :party:

      This is how I performed Chip-ev wise this month:

      :club: :heart: :spade: :heart: :diamond:

      My goals for June are as follows:
      1. Play at least 19.000 Hands
      2. Invest at least 36h weekly in pokerrelated stuff
      3. Finish last 2 Master applications and a random Bachelor application in case I become pokerpro, so I keep my student-status
      4. Winrate of at least +15 evBB/100
      5. Talk to parents about my poker-plans and reevalute them afterwards (-> At the end of July I have to make the decision)
      6. Make schedules for every single day
      7. Keep up regular Meditation and sports as well as session-reviews and handanalysis
      8. Learn 4-5h every week for my very last exam

      Okay, that’s it for the moment! Have a good one, I´ll keep you updated…
    • Good luck with your June goals!

      krustenkaas wrote:

      Talk to parents about my poker-plans and reevalute them afterwards (-> At the end of July I have to make the decision)

      I guess your parents already know that you are spending lots of time with poker? What do they think about it? Hope you will have a good talk with them (if you decide to go pro) and they will support you. It's hard for some "outsider" to understand all that stuff and that you can really make a good living with that.
    • @yamiyami thx my lad :) But it looks like I will have to adapt my June goals, since there is big news...

      :club: :spade: :heart: :diamond:

      Yesterday I finally talked to my parents and I was truly surprised by there reactions.

      They really tried to accept my wishes and came up with very rational and helpful feedback. We discussed my plans for a couple of hours and it was such a relieve to see that they take me serious, even though it is very hard for them to understand the poker-world. I can only guess how much trust it requires for them to accept my future-plans and I am so grateful to have that!!! This form of psychological support was so important to me and I cannot tell you how happy I am to know, that they will stand behind me whatever I choose to do.

      I know they were always hoping I would choose another way and they will have a hard time and some sleepless nights dealing with my choice and I´m truly sorry for that. But I have to go my own way now and I know they will be very proud of me when I showed them that I made it and eventually come home with a shitload of money (actually they already are proud of me, but you know what I mean).

      Now there has to be a last meeting with the stable-management and then in a couple of days I will start my 12-13 Month journey up to the poker-olymp :muscle: :tongue:
      There are some more serious concerns if I plan to do it for more than 1 year, but this is sth we will deal with when the time comes... at first I will try to accomplish my goals for the first year and become a seriouse poker player by then. Otherwise I will quit poker anyways..

      Moneywise I adapted my previously stated goal, that I wanted to achieve after one year:

      I will only continue playing poker professionally if I am playing with an abi of MORE than 50$ by mid-July 2018. I worked a little bit with a site ( to calculate the variance in poker-tournaments and if I reach that goal, the 70% confidence interval of my yearly income should be at least between 50.000$ and 115.000$. Even though I will have to give away 50% of that, it will still be enough to live from it. Additionally my ev will still increase a bit in the following months and years :wink:
      Don´t get me wrong - money is not the only goal I have, but it´s the indicator of how you perform (at least in the very long run). Therefore it makes sense to set monetary long-term-goals imo. Moreover I will have to pay my bills from it, so I better make sure that I earn enough^^

      Okay, thats it for now.. greetz :hi:
    • Hola boys and girls :hi: Today I took a day off after a week of nearly 70 houres of poker-related work. So there´s time now for a new update :nerd:

      I played a ton since the last update, but made only few Final tables. At least I managed to take down a 550men MTT on winamax :party: Unfortunately I´m running massivly under ev these days chip-ev wise but that doesnt really bother me tbh. There will be better times soon.. I´m sure about that :muscle:
      My weekly schedule looks like this these days and maybe for the next year:
      5 days/week: 10 houres grinding - 2 houres content
      1 day/week: "creative learning day" -> content all day long, beeing creative and work theoretically on my game for about 7 houres.
      Last day: Day off, psychological balance, don´t think about poker, meet friends, have fun, get things like Doctor, haircuts, shopping and stuff done.

      At first I would like to know what you think about a certain topic, which I was thinking about in the last weeks.
      I´d appreciate any external assessment on that :)
      When I started making serious plans about becoming a professional poker-player, I was sure that I don´t want to tell anybody about what I´m doing except for the closest friends and family – at least until I´m pretty successful. A lot of people will judge you for it, others will pity you for the naiv gambling addicted you are and others will just laugh about your big dreams. I thought this might unnecessarily bother me in a time, where I should simply focus on poker as good as possible. But in the last few days I kind of started to change my mind. First its kinda exhausting when you are around with a couple of friends and you always have to think about who is allowed to know what and always be careful about what you are telling whom about your future-plans. Also lying about it is like I would be ashamed about my plans – but I am not… in fact I am really proud of doing this. I guess I can handle the people who talk behind my back or even judge my parents for how they can let me do sth like that. Also my parents were like they don´t want to lie to others about what I am doing…
      Moreover It´s what i am doing 70 houres a week... if I can´t talk about it, what I am supposed to talk about with people?! :D
      I mean of course – when I get to know new people I can always decide depending on the situation whom I am telling what, but this is more about the people I will see at least twice in my life.
      At the end of the day this is a discussion about what I am telling people who are not or at least not very much important to me and therefor I am aware that this is nothing I should think too much about, because the important people will know anyways. However, I would be interested, how you guys would be dealing with it, how poker is perceived in your country´s society and maybe - if there are some professionals/ full-time player among my readers - how you actually handle this.

      Second, I have played quite a bunch now on different poker-sites and wanted to briefly reconsider my ranking of a previous post…

      5. 888 Poker – these fucking bastards must be joking with me!
      I have an account on 888 for 3 months now or so. In that time I managed to play 851 hands on that pile of shit of a poker site. Here is how my experience with 888 was:
      • Create an account few years ago
      • Get Band for cheating after 1 week without having ever cheated ofc – E-mails to support couldn´t change anything
      • Create a 2nd account 3 months ago: first impression: Grinding-unfriendly layout (e.g. no individual bet-slider buttons), only few good tournaments (at least at micros), unable to change the size of the lobby and tables, I don´t really like it
      • After 5 days: Software doesn’t work -> 2 weeks until support can help me out -> next day: new problem – software doesn’t work again -> 2 months and 20 E-mails to support until it works again -> immediately the next problem – cant use software properly because the lobby-window is bigger than my screen and the size can´t be altered -> Support ignores any further E-mails -> bought a new screen which is big enough for the huge lobby-window but the tables are still too big to multi-table comfortable and now I hate the site and want to boycott them^^
      • Luckily there are enough alternatives…
      4. Americas Cardroom
      It´s the site with the least traffic, very few good tournaments, player-notes are hard to see and no individual bet-slider buttons. The by far biggest leak of the site: you cant make deposits (and there are a ton of players with this problem). All in all no site to on exclusively, but always worth adding 1 or 2 MTTs to your daily schedule.
      ...and still 10 times better than fucking 888.

      3. Winamax
      After getting used to it I find the layout quite sexy and population is the worst of all sites imo. However they charge 1% more rake than the other sites (at least at the micros) and not too many big MTTs. But all in all a site I would recommend.

      2. Pokerstars
      I still really enjoy playing there and in nearly any point it is ahead of other poker-providers except for one important factor: population is the best (but obv still faaar away from unbeatable lol).

      1. Partypoker
      I love the site and also the population. Ofc Compared to PS everywhere the traffic is like super small, but all in all my favorite site.

      Have a good one my dear little nerds :nerd: :tongue:
    • About telling People what u do:

      It's imo only about confidence. If people ask me what I'm doing I tell them "I am a Poker - Professionial". As if it was the most normal thing in the world and my experience is that people are mostly very interested and a lot of good conversations start because of poker. On the other side a friend of mine (the fun part: he made several millions playing poker) is mostly responding to the question something like: "it sounds a little strange but I play poker". And he told me that he has a lot of weird conversations and the reactions you mentioned in your post which I nearly never have.
      Fact is: most people have no clue what to think about poker because at best they know the rules of the game. So its actually you who dictates where the thinking goes. If you immediately start justifying it like "I play poker but its not that weird as u think" then people will automatically think its something weird and dangerous. If you just say it confidently like you would tell people that you are a doctor or you are studying at university people will be less judging and so on.

      I am more often annoyed that people are really curious and a bit envious to what I do rather than akward conversation. Rule of thumb: explain but never justify.
    • Hello beautiful people of pokermarket :P

      June has come to an end, so it´s time for me to summarize this month.

      :club: :spade: :heart: :diamond:

      June 2017 – Printing money like a sloth since 100k hands

      June was a pretty eventful month^^ It all started off with me getting more and more convinced by the idea of playing poker professionally and not only as a hobby. Telling my parents about these plans took at least as much as braveness as actually getting started with this unconventional way of life. Still there are moments when I have doubts, but they get less every week and all in all I am totally looking forward to the upcoming months with a ton of confidence. Also the fact that the vast majority of close friends totally support my plans and gave me amazing feedback for doing this helps a lot.
      A couple of days ago I officially altered the contract with my coaches and steakholders, so that I get additional private-coachings and intense support with the intention to play an abi of 50$ 12 months from now. I am aware that this is a huge goal, but I strongly believe that I can reach it!

      I also held a coaching to the other students about how to work on SB-Shortstack-strategys with CardrunnersEV. Knowing that the investors have so much trust in you that you are asked to give a coaching felt very good tbh.

      Moreover, I played Hand #100.000 since I joined the stable. The coaches will now analyse my stats and stuff and then give me feedback. Hopefully they are pleased enough to move me up in stakes soon. Unfortunately BB/100-wise I ran pretty bad on the tables this month…

      Playing with an excellent winrate in May, I was hoping to keep up the great results. But although I feel like I am on top of my game atm and I played well most of the time, the winrate was shrinking. Maybe the fact that I was running massively under ev influenced my game more than I am aware of. But I also had some pretty unfortunate spots. E.g. it was ridiculous how often my KK ran into AA pre this month. (3 times for over 280BB which obv has huge impact on the evBB). Also the fact that I had a lot of deepruns this month supports the theory that I´m actually crushing these guys more than my winrate suggests.

      However, the good news is that I improved my game in June a lot and I´m playing better than ever. Also multitabling - which will be important since I have to move up and improve quickly - works better every week. Applying my A-game to 7 tables at once for several houres is no problem anymore.

      Here you got an overview about how I performed so far:
      This month:
      Since playing MTTs:
      Since I am a sloth:

      :club: :spade: :heart: :diamond:

      For July I have 5 big goals:
      • Work 65h+/week on poker
      • Play 45k+ hands
      • Winrate of 13+ evBB/100
      • Move up to MTT-tier 2
      • Learn 5-7h/Week for last Bachelor-exam, which will be in August

      Greetz <3

      @invictus1 thx for your answer buddy! This is sth I can work with ;) I guess I will have to make my own experiences and see how people react. Then I can still adjust the way I deal with that issue.

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    • Hey dude! If u want to measure your BB/100 in a (imo) more reliable way try to filter for higher Blinds. Something around the blindlevels where usually the bubble starts. It correlates more with the Winnings and a lot more with the roi. While getting coolered or winning big pots ind the first Blindlevels will have a big impact on your BB/100 (like winning 100bb in the first blind level which is normally only half a stack or smthing) spewing off 5-10bbs by bad calls or missing good openshoves ore reshoves in the late blindleves will cost you much much more money but wont show that much in your overall bb/100 winrate.
    • @invictus1 Thats actually an interesting issue. You definitly got some good points there and i already had similar thoughts about this. Let´s cover that in todays update..

      :club: :spade: :heart: :diamond:

      July is going well so far.
      I´m like insanely busy due to my monthly goals and I have to admit that I don´t think I´m capable of dealing with such a workload every month. But the grind is going well, I´m giving my best to reach those goals, I have a lot of deepruns, I feel good and most important: I keep improving my game very quickly these days. For the last couple of weeks I recognized after every single week how I clearly improved parts of my game. :muscle: Especially postflop i improved in the past days and weeks.

      This is what my ChipEv-Graph looks like after the first 9 days of the month:

      Now to the topic from above:
      What are in your opinions the best/most reliable indicators to estimate what our true ROI is or which correlate the most with the true value of our ROI?

      Here is what I am thinking:
      There are only 2-3 values we could use:
      The evBB/100 (filtered like invictus1 suggests or unfiltered) or the ROI of the games we have played so far as amount of $$$ we have invested in buy-ins vs. our Net-winnings.
      Let´s compare these alternatives:

      Unfiltered evBB:
      • itcovers every single hand of a tournament
      • even relatively small samples like 100k hands(which can be generated within relatively little time) are enough for a quickfirst impression of your performance
      • Bigblinds are changing in $-value throughout a Tournament (the less players remain in a MTT, the more money a single BB is worth).
        Let´s illustrate this big disadvantage with an example. We compare 2 players and want to know which one is the better MTT-grinder, which means the true value of his ROI is higher:
        The first player is a CG-reg who is destroying deepstack-games and will therefore generate insane +evBB in the early phases of the tournament, when BB´s aren´t worth as much. But this player struggels with Push-or fold-ranges when we get shorter and can´t even spell ICM.
        The 2nd player is a 9men SnG-reg who is bad at potcontrolling and struggels with preserving deep stacks. This will have huge negative impact on his evBB. But when he makes it to later stages of a tournament, he is crushing his opponents with optimal Push-or-fold ranges and knows exactly how to apply ICM.
        I wouldn´t be surprised if the evBB of the first player was at least twice as high as the one of player 2. But Player 2 probably has the higher ROI and therefore is the better MTT-player, since he is crushing the part of the game where there is actual net-value behind your stack.

        Keep in mind that ICM-wise you often have to make decisions that are inf -chipEv, but print shitloads of money.

        Long story short: Decisions with the biggest impact on evBB have the least impact on your ROI and vice versa.
      Filtered evBB:
      • Youcan investigate your performance in different stages of MTTs and by that draw betterconclusions about your ROI as well as weaknesses and strengths of your game.
      • It´smore complex/takes more time and leaves more space for misinterpretations.
      • ICMsituations are still not covered. The disadvantage stated at the unfiltered evBBremains, even though it’s a bit lessened
      Result-based ROI shown by tracker-software:
      • Thebigger our sample, the more accurate this value matches the true value of ourROI. -> Theoretically 100% accurate (when sample is big enough)
      • CoversICM perfectly (theoretically)
      • Especially when you play MTTs with many hundreds or thousands of participants, variance gets so huge, that even after a million hands your ROI will still not be stable. Play a little bit around with this Variance calculator and you´ll see
      • Even if we had a sample of few million hands, a big part of the sample would be such a long time ago, that it sais nothing about our current performance anymore.
      • All in all this only works in theory imo
      I would be very interested in how other poker-players see this topic, so let me know how you use these kinds of indicators or how much you actually care about them. Have I forgotten some?

      Have a great start in the new week.

      Bye bye :hi: :nerd:
    • Hey guys,

      July has passed and it was a successful month :thumbup: Let´s see how i did in detail...

      :club: :spade: :heart: :diamond:

      July 2017 – Gathering pace on my journey through the stakes

      I started off the month with high motivation and ambitious goals. The first 3 weeks where full of ginding, learning and getting the most out of every day. Since I additionally had to learn for my last exam, I even canceled my one free day of the week, so that I didnt have to neglect neither my studies nor poker nor balancing activities like sports or meditation. The grind was going quite well with a bunch of deep-runs.
      I also played the most profitable and remarkable session of my life so far on last week´s Sunday. I played for 16 hours straight, cashed in over 50% of my tournaments, won one on ACR for 560 bucks and made it to the final 2 tables in the “Big 11$” on PS with a 81k price-pool, where I unfortunately finished 17th of over 8.500 starters. I really enjoyed this session – especially the last couple of hours when I skyped with my coach, who at the same time had a deep-run in the 215$ titlefight. We were both 1-tabeling and were thrilled about each other´s runs. In the end at least he could take 31.000$ home .

      Then, a couple of days ago I had a big feedback-talk with one of my coaches, including a Database-analysis. Turned out the stable-management seems to be pretty pleased with my performance in the MTT world so far. Therefore I skipped MTT-tier 2 (5$ abi) and got directly moved up from tier 1 (3,50$ abi) to tier 3 (8$ abi). Additionally we talked about my biggest leaks, what I should concentrate on in the upcoming weeks and some more exciting stuff. For example we plan to go to the Pokerstars Championship (Or whatever the EPT is called now^^) in Prague and probably do some more travelling. I´m extremely psyched about that!

      Since moving up two levels was quite a big milestone in my young poker-career, I´d like to summarize my MTT-performance with a bunch of Graphs and Numbers.

      So, this is how I performed in MTT-tier 1 eventually:
      • I played 111.000 Hands in 929 Tournaments, worth 4.640€. Cashing for 5.820€, my Net-profit is 1.180€ leaving me with a ROI of roughly 25% (as i pointed out in a previous post, not too much of a reliable value^^)
      • EvBB wise I had a winrate of +12,45 evBB/100 and my ITM is 17,1%
      • Eventually these 2 Graphs summarize my performance both BB- and Cash-wise:
      Chip-ev Graph: Net-winnings:

      Additionally I reached every goal for the month except for the 65h/week. Since you should always analyze why you did not reach a goal imo, this is what i think about it: I had to learn at the same time for a big and important exam this month and had to find 2 new room mates, which took a lot of time. Unfortunately i noticed that this was a bit too much for myself. Even though i started off the month with a lot of effort, I couldn´t keep the intense work up for the whole month. I´m not used to so much work yet. But I am standing at the very beginning and I´m confident that I will be able to increase my capacitys in the upcoming weeks and months just like I increased it steadily in the past months. This life is still very new to me and i never expected to directly start off with 75h/week. But all explainations aside, this is sth i should have an eye on and really try to increase in the months to come.

      A 2nd "problematic" thing to work on is, that the more I learn - especially about postflop strategys - the harder it gets to keep up playing on a lot of tables at once. My decisions take longer, since I recognize more factors to consider now. So I will also try to get more routine in my thoughtprocesses, further increase my concentration and hopefully manage to apply my A-game to 7 tables at once by the end of August.

      Which brings us to my goals for August...
      • Play at least 400 Tournaments
      • Have a win-rate > +12 evBB/100
      • Invest at least 60 hours per week in poker
      • Keep up learning for the last exam, pass it and by that officially finish my Bachelor
      • Move up to MTT tier 4 (actually it´s okay not to reach this goal, if I manage to skip it in September and play in tier 5 then anyways)
      :club: :spade: :heart: :diamond:

      As always, I am happy about any kind of Feedback or external opinions.

      Take care :hi:

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    • I had a couple of days to get familiar with my transition from micro- to low stakes by now. At the very beginning i had to become attuned to the 3x higher amounts of money, but now i feel comfortable and confident again. In 1 hour my biggest sunday session so far will start with approximatly 350$ in buy-ins. :thumbup:

      I just came back from sports, had a cold shower, cooked healthy for the whole day, meditated and will now relax for the last few moments. This is as good as my preparation gets ;)

      Let´s do this :muscle:

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    • Today i decided to make one step back and take a couple of days off. Actually by “taking off” I mean still invest a bunch of hours into poker, but not as much as usual and mostly on content…

      So, why that…

      Around May/June I started to invest as much time as possible into poker – generally 6 days a week. Since then I am thinking almost every day about how to get the most out of my days. I always tried to manage so much work and at the same time don´t neglect my social relationships, my healthy and balanced lifestyle and – until last week – my studies. Additionally, my current downswing consumed my last mental resources and I had a talk with my parents, where they made it clear one more time that they really dislike what I am doing. All these factors put enormous pressure on me.

      I realized that this stress might be the reason why I had troubles in the last time to keep up my high Volume (In terms of both Content and Grind) and why I feel kind of burned out since this week. Therefore I decided two things:
      • Reduce my time on the tables for the rest of August by roughly 50% and use this time for both recovery and making more theory. This will hopefully allow me to perform with 110% again soon. In September the Powerfest on Partypoker as well as the Winamax Series will start and I have big plans for this month! Unfortunately I will miss my August-goals by doing that, but I feel like I really have to… (also my coaches advised me to do this and where very understanding)
      • In future I want to be more strict when it comes to spending time with friends and family. Until now I kept trying to be as spontaneous as possible and I hated to say no to invitations of any kind. However, from September on I want to/have to concentrate more on poker and follow my weekly schedules more strictly.
      As I´ve mentioned I´m currently in a downswing. The grind is running pretty bad and it kinda feels like every 2nd spot I find myself in, is super close and tricky. Only highlight was a deeprun on last Sunday´s Big 22 with 14k first where I ended up 27th of a 6.000 player field. This was my fourth tournament with 5 digits for first where I ended up among the last 30 players. I hope I will finally take one of these down soon and I plan to do so in September... ;)

      My big September-Plans:
      Coming out of August fully relaxed, I plan to find my limit of performance. I want to grind a – by my standards – insane Volume, put a tremendous amount of hours into poker and find out what I am capable of. I definitely plan to play more than 450 MTTs and invest more than 60h every single week. However, my main-goal is to look back at the month and be convinced that I got the most out of it and gave everything I got. Based on those results I want to find out what I am currently really capable off, which might help me setting further goals in future and learn sth about myself.

      Not only is September a nice month to try this out bcs of Winamax Series and Powerfest, but also because I will go to Lisbon on Oktober 1st for a 3 day vacation, where I can recover from it anyways.

      Eventually some good and exciting news:
      One of my coaches will move to Costa Rica in early 2018 and I plan to join him. This will be super exciting and I really hope the plan works out. We want to live there together with two other Pros and his girlfriend.