Printing money like a sloth - my first membership in a stable and the way up from micros to high-stakes

    • Hello guys,

      another month on my way towards high-stakes passed by. Summarizing it went like this…

      :club: :spade: :heart: :diamond:

      August 2017 – Even the toughest bad-ass-sloths struggle sometimes!

      At first let´s take a look on how I did with my monthly goals and analyse the results:

      Accomplished goals:
      • “Keep up learning for last exam, pass it, finally finish my Bachelor” :yes:
      • “Move up to MTT tier 4” :yes:
      • “Get more routine in my thought-processes and being able to apply A-game to 7 tables” :yes:
      Missed goals:
      • Played MTTs: 267/400 – avg. hours invested per week 41/60. :no:
      • Winrate: +3,78/12 evBB/100 :no:
      So, why did I miss these goals:
      The background behind the volume-goal gets explained in my previous post I guess… No need to repeat myself. But the results regarding my win-rate shocked me a little bit at first. But then I realized that actually it only confirmed my feelings about the month. I never felt like I was running massively under ev this month… it was more that I consistently found myself in super ugly and tough spots. Therefore, I have no doubt that my long-term win-rate will be significantly higher. Never the less, I have to admit that it probably won´t be as high as 12 evBB/100 yet. I guess I underestimated the new population in the beginning, which brings us to the next topic…

      Getting familiar with low-stakes:
      The reason, why I underestimated the population is because I immediately recognized that the number of fishes, donkeys and total retards hasn´t declined at all. However, there is a difference in population, which isn´t as obvious for a newbie: the regs. While micro-“regs” have still super obvious and big leaks, it appears to me that in low-stakes you start to see some guys now and then, that play quite solid and probably even better than me. In micros, I was always sure to have a significant edge even on 95% of the regs. This definitely is not the case anymore – at least to this extent. But the good massage is: One more time I managed to improve a ton by making a lot of theory and getting super helpful 1on1 coachings. So far, the support by the coaches is very good. I really appreciate that and hope it stays this way! By the way, I will join one of them at the end of next month to a Pokerstars-festival in Dublin and gain some more live-experience. <3

      Monthly earnings:
      Moneywise I lost like 150 buy-ins in the first 3 weeks of the month, but within my last 2-3 sessions I managed to win most of it back with some nice runs… Let´s hope the run-good continues until the end of September! :P

      Eventually, taking off a couple of days really felt good. I feel recharged, totally look forward to September-madness and ready to do a lot of damage there… :muscle: :ninja:

      :club: :spade: :heart: :diamond:

      In September it will all be about getting the most out of (almost) every day, which won´t be easy with Oktoberfest right infront of me :angel: :beer: I gave myself 2 days where I am allowed to go there, which will be okay if i don´t drink too much :fcrossed:
      However, I truly want to give everything i have! Noticing at the end of the month that i worked only 55 hours/week or so would be a desaster tbh and i would really have to question myself if I have what it takes to reach such ambitiouse goals.

      I dont want to set any specific volume goals, tho... In september i plan to find out what i am capable off and work as much as i possibly can. This will hopefully help to get to know myself better and to set more accurate goals in the future. I think when i set a goal like 400 MTTs this will on the one hand help not to play less than 400 MTTs but on the other hand it kind of also prevents you from playing way more than 400MTTs bcs you feel like you´ve done your work for the month then (at least this is how it works for me). In general i think setting such goals makes sense, tho, but not when you want to find out where your boundaries are.. I´m very curiouse how this will work out and I´ll let you know then ;)

      I hope you enjoyed this update. As always, let me know if you have some feedback or questions :hi: :hi: :hi:

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    • Since I have lately some mindset-stuff going on, I decided to wright about my current situation. This will hopefully improve my self-reflection and maybe I get some helpful external opinions, too.

      So, what´s going on?!

      As regular readers of this blog may already have noticed, I am running money-wise a ton under my estimated ev. This didn´t bother me for most of the time bcs I wasn´t playing for the money, but to move up in stakes and improve my skills, which went quite well despite my poor net winning results. Moneywise I had some good and some bad days, but not a single great day. And since tournament players make most of their yearly income in these 5-15 great days of a year this slowly started to bother me, as I recognized that I will soon have to make my living from that money. Also i finally wanted to be rewarded for the tons of work i´ve put into all of this.

      However, I kept being patient or to be honest I didn´t even realize what was probably already going on in my subconscious mind, until few days ago. For the 1000st time I busted deep in a big tournament with 5 figures for first, which somehow annoyed me way more than usual. I keep trying and working so hard almost every fucking day – over 70 hours/week this month and it just won´t happen. Quite the opposite: I struggle with not losing tons of money almost all the time. At the same time you see the most ridiculous players being chipleader – which is objectively seen obv great but not a consolation in that moment.

      Additional to this frustration I got a massage from Europe´s best university for Sports science, that I got accepted for my favourite master. I never thought to have a chance there.

      Third, I started for the first time to truly doubt if I can really make my plan work. Is one year really enough to become a very successful mid- to high-stakes pro in today´s poker-economy?! For the first time I couldn´t confidently answer that question with “yes”.

      2 weeks ago I was pretty sure that I will decline any acceptance for a master without big hesitation. But when I read the letter of acceptance for my favourite master 3 days ago, everything came up at once: All the doubts, bad emotions and uncertainties. In that moment a huge part of me just wanted to accept immediately, choose the easy way and never look back.

      The easy way and the hard one

      Overwhelmed by all these emotions and feelings it was time for me to sit back and find the best possible choice, which isn´t easy when almost every hour of the weak is already planned out^^ However, I sat back and made up my own thoughts, then had a talk with my dad and afterwards with my coach and mentor. I summarized all of it, and this is how far I got:

      3 months ago, I was asking myself what I want for my future and found, after a lot of self-reflection, the answer:

      I want to try sth unconventional before getting back into my longterm-future plans… sth 99% of the people wouldn´t have the guts to do… sth which can be super rewarding and I mean not necessarily the money. I knew from the first minute on that it is gonna be beyond hard to reach that goal in the time that I gave myself. The huge amount of work is only one point of what makes this way so tough. Disappointing your parents, pressure to perform almost every day, psychologically handling the big swings as well as the professional lifestyle, disregard from the society and acquaintances, super low income until you made it to higher limits are some others…

      I knew almost all of these things in advance and I still decided to go there because I wanted to see what´s on the road and most of all what´s at the end of it. And most important: I still want it!!

      All in all, the arguments why I decided to choose the hard way in the first place (I won´t list them again) haven´t really changed. I have to admit that I am not as sure as I was months ago that I will reach the goal of playing an abi near to 50$ approximately 11 months from now, but even if I don’t reach it I wouldn´t consider myself failing, since money was not the only goal of my journey. The only way to truly fail is not to go down the road for as long as I planned.

      On the hard way you will - by definition - face times where you feel close to turn around or like you are not going to make it. And you will only reach the end of the road if you pull yourself together and push yourself through this and this is exactly what I decided to do. Especially when things are not going your way it´s always so tempting to change sides and follow the easy way. But there are things you don’t get to achieve by going only easy ways. The easy way will always be there and for me it´s not the time to take it yet…

      Of course it is possible that someday I will regret this decision – but that’s also the case if I choose to quit now. I figured it is way more likely that I will regret giving up too early on my dreams than “loosing” some time in my CV and maybe(!) not being able to study my most favourite master.
    • September 2017 – My first year as a sloth ends with some high-stakes samples
      I started into the month with the plan to give it everything and with very high motivation due to the start of Powerfest, Winamax Series and WCOOP. For the sake of these events I got a special schedule which was far over my normal avg buy-in. In the beginning I worked my ass off, but had a unlucky start though. As I received a letter of acceptance for an excellent master-program I had to struggle with some seriouse doubts and mindset issues, but I eventually stook with my plans. This was quickly rewarded by my biggest cash so far, as I won the 20€ Afterwork for 3.7k. Additionally I was allowed to play a couple of >50$ Tournaments and even some 215$ Events, which was obv a huge experience for me. Unfortunately I ran bad in these higher buy-in MTTs, but I definitely plan to take one of those down soon :P Even though I obv made some bad decisions on the tables I am over all very pleased with my performance. I think, all in all I showed my best possible game.

      Btw in 10 days I will be a horse of Team Faultier for 1 year. I started playing 1.50$ SnGs and ended the year with playing my first 215$ MTTs. This is definitely a development I can live with :P

      Now the WCOOP is over but I am not yet done playing high-stakes MTTs. As I write this, I am having breakfast at Dublin Airport. In a moment I will jump into the Bus and play some Events in the Pokerstarsfestival Dublin for the rest of the month. My coach will join me and we will also mix some 1on1 coachings in between the gambling. So, whish me luck!

      My goal for the month was to reach my boundaries and I feel like I more or less accomplished that. So, let´s take a look how these boundaries may look like. This was my September in numbers: (keep in mind that the month had one week less effective, due to my Dublin-trip).
      • Time invested in Poker: 63h/week
        Even though this is not a value I have to be ashamed of, I was hoping for sth like 70 hours/week. Therefore, I am definitely not happy with it. I try to think about the reasons but can´t really tell what kept me from putting more work into it. Sometimes I felt tired from all the playing and decided spontaneously to skip or at least shorten a session. So, maybe I have to work on my endurance. But not playing when feeling tired is definitely a smart decision imo. I´ve already learned my lessons when it comes to volume-over-performing-thoughts, if you recall how I did in my SnG times^^
      • Volume: 37.600 hands in 255 MTTs
        On the one hand this is definitely not enough, but here I have some good explanations and no doubt that I can and will improve in the months to come. First, one whole week is missing, since I spend the last September-week in Dublin. Second, our coaches asked us not to play more than 6 tables at once due to the unusual high buy-ins. Third, there were so many great high buy-in tournaments, that I did not max latereg small buy-in Tournaments (which I normally do), which has big impact on the number of MTTs played.
      • Performance on the tables:
        Average Buy-in: 22-25$ (Don’t know the exact number due to some re-entry, rebuy and add-on stuff)
        EvBB/100: +11,51
        Total Buy-ins: 6.500-7.000$ (Don’t know the exact number due to some re-entry, rebuy and add-on stuff)
        Net-profit: 2.039€
      The most important number here is obv the evBB/100 and I am very proud of that one. Given the fact that I played for my standards a huge avg buy in, +11,51 is a great result. Since this value was pretty poor in August, I am very reliefed to see this.

      Additional events: my coach took down a 27$ WCOOP event for sth around 25k I think and two new students joined the stable. Our community is growing, but I still feel like our stable is definitely going the quality over quantity way, which I obv love. I feel exactly in the right place these days.
    • Hey guys,

      Dublin is over and i am currently on my way towards a 3-day-vacation in Lisbon before I get started online again.
      The trip was so much fun and i met a lot of interesting people. One highlight was a Cashgame-session, where i played against Chris Moneymaker for a couple of hours :D

      Moneywise i ended up break evenish but i only played one real MTT (a 170€ Megastack with 50k gtd), two 150€ (hyper-)turbos and some 2€/5€ Cashgame. Population was the softest which i have seen in my live-experience so far, but i wasn´t lucky enough to take sth significant down. I regret a little bit that i wasn´t able to play the 1.1k main event 700k gtd. Not only would that have bee very valueable with such a unbelievably bad population, but there was also a 175k overlay, which increases your ROI a ton!!! Third, it would have been a nice milestone and experience to play my first 1.100€ Tournament (So far my biggst buy-in is 330€).
      However, i couldnt play it bcs my flight to Lisbon goes on day 3 of the mainevent and also my coaches didn´t want me to play the main, which i don´t really understand tbh.
      But in December i will spend a bunch of days in Prague for the PSC, where i will almost for sure play my first 1k according to one of my coaches <3

      I think if my plans work out and i become a mid- to high-stakes crusher, sometime i want to do 1 year of mainly life-poker and travel around the world for all the live-stops. But yet thats obv far away...
    • Hey guys , short update since it´s already mid-october.

      I have some interesting rungood going on these days. This month I already made like 8 F2Ts+. Mostly even in big Tournaments with 500-2500 entrants. But as soon as i enter F2T i am unfortunately running massivly under ev. On the one hand I obv appreciate this rungood, but on the other hand it hurts a little to see how much more money there could have been made if just 2 or 3 bad beats wouldnt have happened.
      However, i dont wanna complain to much and neither do I want to focus on shortterm results too much (Still feels great having made like 4.000€ profit in the last 30 days :P). The important impressions so far are:
      - I totally enjoy the life as a poker-pro these days. Turning down my last Master-applications helped a lot to accept my decision and fully concentrate on the game and the months to to come. I stopped questioning myself, which feels very good, helps to focus on the important things and reduces stress a ton.

      - Even apart from results, i was quite pleased with my performance on the tables within the past weeks. It felt like especially the 1on1 coachings helped a lot to improve many areas of my game and develop a new sense for the game and certain spots. So, as my coach asked me to send him a screenshot of my stats of the last few months, i was sure to find significantly better values for all the stats we covered in the past coachings. Seeing that a lot of them haven´t really changed shocked me and kinda brought my ass back down on earth. I made a bigger review of past hands and noticed that a big problem of mine is, that i miss marginal but still clear +ev spots way too often. This was a clear sign, that i am too unfocused while playing - most likely bcs of multitabling.
      Even though i was quite disappointed to see this, i quickly decided to make the best out of it now. So from now on i will check my stats on regular basis and review certain spots to see if i managed to decrease those unnecessary mistakes. In order to improve my stats and beeing able to focus more, i decresed the avg amount of tables, which i play simultaniously and try to get more sensible for those problematic spots. So, let´s see at the end of the month how this worked out :)

      Until then, GL and stay courteous :P
    • flow wrote:

      How many tables do you multitable? You say you should lower that number, though to get a good hourly in MTTs you are kinda forced to grind them massively.

      btw, congratz on you 3.5k EUR win. Seems like winamax is still a good site to play MTTs?

      in the last months it always was the same game: slowly getting from 5-tabling to 8-tabling -> new theroretical input -> noticing that I´m not able to apply this new content properly while 8-tabling after weeks -> being angry about myself bcs i should have anticipated that earlier -> moving down to 5 tables and start to play solid again. Therefore i am currently 6-tabling^^
      You are right though, the more tables you manage to play at once, the better your hourly. However, this year is not about money, but mainly about improving and setting myself up for printing shitloads of money in future. Second, it also hurts your hourly when you overestimate your multitabling skills. I even see this in reviews of my coaches: as long as they play 10 tables at once their game is signifiacantly worse than during 6-tabling. I think thats just natural. As soon as money plays a bigger roll it will be more about finding the perfect balance between Volume and Performance, which is a highly complex and individual topic imo.

      thx buddy Winamax is for sure the best site out there for lowstakes MTTs. Population is insane, the rakebacksystem is very transparent and good and especially in lowstakes the supply of very nice MTTs with big pricepools is even bigger than at Pokerstars. On top of that the payout-structures are top-heavy, which is +ev for good winning-players. I also still love partypoker but unfortunately they mainly have pretty small tournaments in the lowstake-area and therefore small pricepools.
    • In the last 2 weeks i put my game on a whole new level. I didn´t learn exceptional much new stuff, but i finally managed to apply my strategies and knowledge with a much lower mistake frequency. For example i miss significantly less hands to openraise, to Cbet or defend the BB with. I used to often miss those spots due to being unfocused. But as i got aware of this leak of mine about 2 weeks ago, i concentrated a lot on those spots and developed a whole new sensitivity for them. I also test myself after every session by going through my Database and its amazing how much progress i made. I stopped looking at winrates after - or even during sessions for mindset reasons, but i am confident that we will soon see also an improvement of them in my monthly reviews.
      I still feel very good and happy where i am currently at and i finally developed a confidence that i havent had for a long while. Also my plans regarding Costa Rica seem to move in a nice direction, so all in all things are going great. But more on that in the next monthly summary :)

      Another Topic:
      As i´ve probably already mentioned i will attend the PSC Prague (or at least a part of it) together with my Coaches and some other Professionals in December. I am going to play the 1.1k National Championship, the 330€ Pokercup and a 550€ 1Day event. I recently talked to my coach and he assumed my ROI on those Tournaments should be roughly +100% for the 1k which has great structure and +60-80% in the 2 smaller events as their structure is faster, which was basically what I myself assumed as well. Since Team Faultier isn´t a big stable yet, the stable will only take a certain % of these buy-ins. My coaches also bought some more shares privatly but i will most likely still sell some more action, as my personal bankroll doesnt allow me to play with a big percantage on my own. In case I really have some % left to sell in the end i will create a staking offer here on pokermarket. Since i dont have too many results to show yet, i will probably only demand a VERY fair Mark-up. Since I am not sure how chances are that people buy here, you could let me know if one of my readers is theoretically interested in buying some shares in a personal massage. Obv completly nonbinding.... i am just curiouse.

      See you soon :hi:

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    • Waddup guys :hi:

      Time for the October wrap-up:

      :club: :spade: :heart: :diamond:

      October 2017 – A psychological turning point

      After an intense September the month started off quite relaxed with a well-earned short vacation. As I came back, I quickly got back in my daily and weekly routines. I immediately started to run hot with Final tables almost every single session for sth around 10 days! I couldn´t be more comfortable, confident and happy… until I checked my stats: It shocked me to see that my stats over the last months didn´t look nearly as good as I thought they would. Too low BUT RFI, too low Flop-Cbet in Position, too low float flop, too high fold BB vs steal,… I did a lot of theoretical work on those and therefore assumed they´d look much better.

      I couldn’t help being disappointed and angry about myself bcs I should have done more self-control way earlier. Then I would have recognized that I am too unfocused while playing and miss way too many edges by not paying a tension enough + I would have saved myself a bunch of time and money.

      But after a short while of thinking about it, I quickly decided to make the best out of it. Choose to learn from your mistakes and always make the best out of the situation as it is! Don´t bother yourself with things you can´t change anyways! See it as a chance to develop and make one more step towards your final goals by working on those problems! These were the things I kept telling myself and all the sudden I started to see things positive again. Not only did I manage to fix those leaks quite quickly and put my game one more time on a whole new level, but I also started to feel very happy about my overall situation. I totally enjoy my life, I am proud of myself for making this brave decision, I finally managed to turn off a lot of negative thoughts that I had for quite a long time as well as the high pressure to succeed and most important: I am super excited about my future and the months to come (moving up in stakes, Prague + my first 1k, and most of all: Costa Rica <3 )

      Unfortunately the 2nd half of the month – ironically the part where I played better – didn´t go too well and I lost a bunch. But that’s Tournament-poker, so I´m not worried at all.


      • 53h/week on poker-related stuff
      • 32.000 hands in 305 tournaments played
      All in all I can´t be satisfied with October´s volume. However, I am okay with October being more of a chilled month since September was tough and November has to be a high-volume month as well. Moreover, I used a serious percentage of the time that I missed playing poker usefully by making a lot of theory and improved my game by that significantly. But still, the Volume is obv the issue I usually struggle the most with. However, you also have to keep in mind that X hours of professional poker is probably more intense and exhausting than the same amount of “normal” work. The difference is simply that as soon as you do sth professionally you have way more periods, where you are really trying to perform on the highest possible level and to improve consistently. Additionally, you are responsible for yourself and kind of self-employed -> You need to structure your days efficiently yourself which isn´t always easy + any minute you are drifting away in thoughts is basically a wasted minute. Therefore you really try to avoid drifting apart too much over the day. This is probably some reason why I often struggle with working 65-70h/week.

      Performance and Graphs:

      EvBB/100: +2,78

      Net Winnings: +62€

      On the one hand these Graphs are not too relevant given the small sample. And as I´ve already mentioned in my previous update, I have no doubts that my evBB/100 will soon look much better due to my recent development (+ some bad luck in big pots involved). However, I am still unhappy with my +6,4 evBB/100 for tier 4 overall, bcs I have to move up in stakes soon if I want to keep sight to my big end-goal. Even though your evBB is not the only factor that decides if you get moved up, it´s for sure something that has to and hopefully will improve soon!
      :club: :spade: :heart: :diamond:

      November Goals:

      I have very big ambitions for November. Especially since there will be some things to do in December and January (Prague, time with family and friends during Christmas and moving out), doing some preliminary work is probably a good idea. This time I will also share all of my monthly goals with you… the months before I´ve mostly only mentioned the biggies. Note though, that I can´t share the exact % of my stat-wise goals as I would probably share a little too much content with you (not sure if my coaches would like that):

      So my November-goals are:
      Priority 1 goals (non-negotiable, if i dont reach those i consider the month a disaster):

      - at least 60h/week on pokerrelated work
      - Play at least 400 MTTs
      - BUT RFI between XX% and XX%
      - Cbet IP between XX% and XX%
      - Float flop >XX%
      - Fold BB vs BUT-open < XX% and < XX% vs CO open

      Priority 2 (very important to me, but cannot be 100% influenced by myself):

      - move up in stakes (abi of 20$ by the end of the month would be optimal to stick with my annual program - 15$ is probably more realistic and at least 1 step in the right direction.)
      - evBB/100 of at least +11,0

      Priority 3 (i want to reach them, but if i dont its also not too big of a problem):

      - go to the gym at least 9 times overall
      - Do at least 25 days of Meditation overall
      - plan at least 25 days in detailed schedules
      - eat healthy at least 5 days a week (a lot of vegetables + few supplements + low LDL)
      - Thorough analysis of 4 ICM spots in a word sheet and send it in the content-channel and ask for feedback
      - Read out those goals every time before i make my schedule for the next days -> this will hopefully help to plan my days properly in order to achieve all the stated goals

      I am as always happy for any kind of feedback guys! :)

      Good luck and happy Halloween to all of you :ninja:

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    • krustenkaas wrote:

      Priority 3 (i want to reach them, but if i dont its also not too big of a problem):

      - go to the gym at least 9 times overall
      - Do at least 25 days of Meditation overall
      - eat healthy at least 5 days a week (a lot of vegetables + few supplements + low LDL)

      What's the reason for you not putting more weight into these things?

      Otherwise nice post and good luck with your goals!
    • @osse Basically this is about not loosing track of which goals are really important for me to achieve in order to reach my big goal of playing a >45/50$ average buy in in August/September 2018.
      So lets imagine its mid-november and i am a bit behind my volume goals. Then I can choose to skip 1 day of gym or to safe time by ordering pizza instead of cooking healthy and use this time for grinding, bcs this will have a bigger impact on my end-goal. So, actually these prioreties are ment to help me on which things to concentrate first when it comes to planning my days. However, i try to achieve ALL the stated goals as good as i can.

      Thanks a lot buddy <3

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    • Very good news guys!
      Yesterday there was a full stable-review. Every student got a broad Feedback about both the performance on and off the tables.
      My feedback was very good. The CEO´s told me they are totally satisfied with how i am doing so far and gave me helpful tipps what steps to take next in order to improve as quickly as possible. On top of that i got moved up to the next tier! :party:
      Unfortunately i am currently over 2.000€ in Make-up and i have to decrease that before they will actually move me up in order to avoid mindset problems.

      Sadly, two students had to leave the stable as the coaches weren´t sure anymore if they have what it takes to beat high-stakes one day. But new horses will join our stable very soon.
    • Short Update:

      - We got 2 new horses in our stable. I already got to know one of them and he seems to be extremly talanted. I have no doubt that he will become very successful one day. Now we are 6 students again and ready to print them Dollar$ :muscle: Also the climate among all stable-members is very good and productive. Surrounding yourself with motivated people who share your goals, dreams and values is worth so much and keeps you motivated and positiv even in tough times...

      - Speaking of tough times, i am currently in a brutal downswing. I keep running deep consistently for over a month now but i just cant win anything anymore. It´s so insane but as soon as i reach the last 2-4% of players left, it looks like everything starts running against me. Therefore i am currently in a 4.000€ downswing. Of course a 400 buy-in downswing is nothing too special for a MTT grinder, but still tough to manage mindset-wise for most people. However, i made huge progress in my mental game due to past experiences and as i´ve mentioned before, the stable also helps to stay positive and motivated. Overall i am just happy that i finally managed to fix a ton of leaks this month. My stats start to look very decent and i hope i will keep this up :) The most helpful thing on top of that is that the coaches keep telling me that the don´t give a shit about short-term results bcs they know that i completly crush my limits.
      Since I´ve played the last 5 days in a row, i will use the next 2 days to review my game, learn, improve and set myself up for a massive Sunday Grind :muscle:

      Take care guys :dance:
    • Hey, folks! :hi:

      I´ve had a very tough month and it somewhat went like this…

      :club: :spade: :heart: :diamond:

      November 2017 – “If you have any sense of justice in the world – any at all – then play cash games.” – Doug Polk

      All in all my month went like this: Grind, Grind, Studying, Grind, Coaching, Grind, Day off, Coaching, Grind, Grind, Studying, Studying, Grind, Studying, Grind, Grind, Coaching+Studying, Grind,…

      But before I analyse how I did with reaching my monthly goals, I want to talk one more time about mindset – also because it played a huge roll this month. Almost every successful poker-player that I know tells you over and over again, that mindset is the most important skill you can have. This is especially true for MTTs, where the variance is as brutal as it gets. Without a super strict and conservative Bankroll-management you will at some point lose all of your money! Swings are insane and even the best tournament player in the world will have losing months every year. A crucial aspect is how you deal with those unavoidable periods of loosing money.

      Currently I am in my 3rd and by far biggest downswing since I am member of Team Faultier. But while I had serious mindset problems during the first two, this time I feel like I handle it a lot better! Therefore, I want to give you some tips, which things are important/ make a good and professional mindset that gets you out of your downer as soon as possible. It´s basically a mix of own experiences and hints from my coaches.
      1. Review hand-histories (not only marked hands!):
        This way you either find out that you still play your A-game, which will give you a lot of lost confidence back, as it reminds you of the long-term edge youhave on your opponents, which again will boost your motivation to keep up that grind. OR you find out that you are playing worse than you thought you would, which will allow you to make changes and find your way back to your best performance.
      2. Don’t tilt
        That’s an obvious one, but can never be stressed enough as many players struggle with it (and to a certain degree its normal I guess). When you loose vs a poor player, think of 2 things: First, you won the long-term battle. Second, embrace the fact that bad people need to win sometimes.Otherwise the poker environment would be much much tougher! Ever wondered why MTTs have by far the softest fields? It´s because bad players have the best chances of winning there in the short- and even in the midterm.
        I know there will be some really hurtful hands where you need some time to fully get over (I am still thinking about the QQ hand on the Sunday kick-off FT,that I posted here like 7 months ago^^). But telling yourself these two thingswill help.
      3. Care about the little money
        That’s for sure something I am guilty off. Most people (including me)tend to care less about small money the more they lost in the past. For exampleIf I am 100€ in makeup and win 200€ in a small MTT, I am quite happy to make a100€ profitsplit. But when the makeup is at 4.000€, 200€ cashes don´t seem as appealing anymore. This makes obviously no sense logically speaking and we need to be careful to still give our best to even take home that small money,which will also have huge impact in the big picture after a reasonable sample.
      4. Don´t give up hope, don´t cry!
        I think everyone knows that feeling when you lost 5 all-ins in a row, and you just wanna run to whomever and tell them how unlucky you are.But the facts are: Nobody cares! It´s actually nothing special – everybody who has played 50k hands of poker in his life, has experienced it. Plus – and this one is even more important – when you start to pity yourself you will always have the feeling to run bad, which means you will always play with a negative mindset -> you will play worse and have less fun.
        INSTEAD: Work on yourself! Yes, you run bad these days, but does that mean there is nothing you can do?! If you played better you would have lost less since nobody plays perfectly. So, work on yourself! Get better! Everybody has bad luck, but you can still choose to make the best out of it!

        In this context another story that I experiencedthis month: I was already down like 300 Buy-ins since the last profit-split and saw a nice opportunity to get out of my Makeup within one day. I qualified for Day 2 in two Winamax Tournaments. In the one I had avg stack with 16k first and in the other one I had 2x avg stack with 8.5k first. I was looking forward to this grind for a couple of days and prepared myself as good as possible(sports, meditation, nutrition, enough sleep). I started the session highlymotivated and busted in both tournaments very unlucky within the first 30minutes. Afterwards I was quite depressed and I think that’s natural and to some degree totally fine since we are all humans. But I decided that such sessions are part of the game and as soon as I get up the next day I will keep up the workin order to get the next deeprun going. So that’s what I did and a week later Ifound myself 14 players left with a healthy stack in a 8.5k first tournament. AK doesn’t hold vs A8 in a chip-leading pot and I am out. Again, I allowed myselfto be pissed off – until the next morning where I decided one more time to make the best out of my situation. I kept working and grinding and only few days later I find myself <45 players left in 5 very nice tournaments at more orless the same time (all of them between 1k and 7k first). Another run-bad hitme + I made some bad decisions and all of a sudden I bust in all of them withonly one finale table where I finished 5th for few 100 bucks.What I want to say with that is not that I am a great person (even though I am indeed proud of my mindset´s development :P ), but you can and should always choose to make the best out of your situation as it is. Live in the moment and care about the things you actually can influence. By that it won´t take long until you get your next chance and even though it hasn´t happened for me yet,someday a bullet will go through. The better you handle those tough periods the sooner it will probably happen. Watch out for the positve things you can take away even - or especially - from those experiences!!. This will allow you to stay motivated and positive. In my opinion it is impossible to play good when you force yourself to play bcs you are actually not motivated and have a negative mindset.
      Okay, that´s that. If you think I forgot something important or you have any thoughts about this, I am happy to discuss with you
      Let´s look at my performance goal-wise:

      Priority 3 goals:

      • Went to gym 7/9 times. -> FAIL
      • Meditated 24/25 times -> FAIL
      • Planned 26/25 days in detailed schedules -> ACCOMPLISHED
      • Ate healthy 21/21 times -> ACCOMPLISHED
      • Analysed 4/4 ICM spots very extensive -> ACCOMPLISHED
      Priority 2 goals:

      • Move up in stakes -> SOMEWHAT ACCOMPLISHED (see last post)
      • evBB +8,24/11,0 -> FAILED
      Priority 1 goals:

      • Hours/Week: 61/60 -> ACCOMPLISHED
      • MTTs played 382/400 -> FAILED
      • Fix BUT RFI leak -> ACCOMPLISHED
      • Fix Cbet IP leak -> ACCOMPLISHED
      • Fix Float Flop leak -> ACCOMPLISHED
      • Fix BB defending leak vs BUT -> FAILED (but inf close)
      • Fix BB defending leak vs CO -> FAILED

      What was negative this month:

      The most negative thing is that I failed putting in the volume. I was close but 400 MTTs wasn´t a suggestion though - it was a minimum goal! That does bother me. Yes, I worked >60hours per week on poker and played some tournaments, but if I am completely honest, I have to admit that it would have been possible to do more. When friends ask me if we wanna meet, I often times still have a hard time to say I can´t.

      I also still overfold BB vs CO which can only mean I am to unfocused in these spots because I actually know the ranges good.

      Failing the other goals was also not optimal and frankly I was just too lazy, unmotivated or unfocused on some days.

      Sometimes unlucky hands in the middle of a session botherme more than they should. This influences my game for some minutes, which is obv not good. I have to keep working on this.

      Positive things to take away from this month:

      One more time I made a huge development. Not only did I fix a lot of leaks stat-wise, I also developed a much more professional mindset and slowly increase my productivity volume wise. There is still so much space for improvement in any area, but I am on a good way for sure.

      I also want to briefly talk about the net-results. As I already explained its totally normal to have loosing-month. The important thing that I take away from it – and yes, I can see in deed positive things in this graph^^ - is when you look at the tournaments you will see that there ar a lot off deepruns in nice torunaments. If 10 important hands would have gone my way, this month could also be a 5-figure profit month. That’s where the insane variance comes from in tournament poker. What I mean is, I made a lot of deepruns and showed that I am crushing my limits one more time, even though I wasn´t rewarded moneywise the last 2 months.

      :club: :spade: :heart: :diamond:

      That’s it for now. I will talk about my December goals in the next update tomorrow or so

      See you <3

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    • My December goals:
      • Since i can´t estimate how much time i will actually have for grinding in December I won´t set any volume-goals. I am 10 days in prague for the PSC, I have to plan and prepair my moving to Costa Rica, spend some time with my family on christmas and move out from my current flat. November was quite exhausting and i actually look forward to a relaxed December :) Hence this months goals will be more personal and less pokerrelated than usual.
      • Move out from my flat in munich
      • Book flight to Costa fucking Rica and prepair as good as possible <3
      • Keep up Meditation (I am totally convinced by it and it already helped me to get a better version of myself for sure. Also when I quit poker I want to continue with meditation)
      • Make decent content and get four 1on1 coachings
      • Keep up improved stats and finetune them
        • increase BUT RFI by >1.5%
        • increase float flop by >4%
        • Get fold BB vs BUT and CO right

    • So, i am finally on my way towards prague. In the few days before the PSC starts, I will meet with the other guys who want to move to Costa Rica together. Since not all of us know each other yet this is ment to be a little get-together. Additionally we want to book flights, plan as much as possible and maybe find a nice real estate.

      During my time in prague I also plan to make frequent updates here as soon as the tournaments start. I will play the 1.100€ national Championship Prague, the 1.100€ EASP partypoker event and a smallish 550€ PSC event, which is obv a huge schedule for me. I am already super excited :)