Printing money like a sloth - my first membership in a stable and the way up from micros to high-stakes

    • Just finished 4th in the Bigger109. Feels pretty bad atm as I lost a chiplead-pot 4 players left with TT vs 22, but what can you do. I think I delivered my A-game and that´s all i can do...

      Yes, I had a talk with my parents and they told me, they didn´t perceive the whole story as "kicking me out" but more as a strong recommendation to live there. Don´t want to go too much into detail but overall everything is fine now again and I will stay in the flat allone until I move away from Germany.
    • @painlezz For sure! Hopefully the pokermarket-crew has some space for me again, it was such an amazing time last year <3
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      What´s up boys and girls,

      We have made it through another month!

      November 2018 – just keep on crushing…

      Actually, my plan was to increase the volume for a while but unfortunately there were some difficulties with that. I set up a new bank-account, which I wanted to use for future withdrawals and the disastrous pokerstars-support did not only need 2 weeks to process that, but also banned my account from playing for that time. The support is just another factor where you can see how things are going down with that once so amazing site. I just hope Partypoker will manage to take over that old roll of Pokerstars over time.

      Besides that not too many remarkable things have happened this month. The important stuff is that I played good, I made a decent amount of profit, I made great progress in my game/ studied a lot and also did good in my private life. I´m unhappy with my volume but that was not entirely on me this month I guess.

      Due to a pretty nice income for the last 2 months I am now very close to an important decision. Either I´ll use the money for moving to another country (my favourites are Budapest, Vienna and Malta so far) or I´ll use it as a Bankroll, leave the stable as a horse and start playing on own.

      The advantages of moving to another place would be:
      • A more fulfilling private life:
        Where I live now, I have almost no friends, no other poker-players and overall I am living a pretty isolated and lonely life. Also the weather sucks, and the overall population of my town as well^^ (high average age, a lot of old, conservative and grumpy people). On the other hand at least I have here my family and friends who at least live in cities nearby. So the social aspect will not necessarily improve by moving away on my own.
      • A more relaxed tax-situation:
        Overall, staying in Germany for a longer period of time is a very stupid thing to do for a poker-player in my opinion (especially if you play MTTs). I have some friends, who made their first 100-200k profit while living in Germany. Even though they are living in other places now, they basically have to fear for the next 10 years that someday there comes a letter, telling them to pay huge amounts of taxes, which potentially ruins your life as it´s money you probably no longer have (or never had if you played staked). That´s definitely a situation I want to avoid.
      • Having an exciting experience:
        Similar to the first point. Right now I don´t really have the most exciting life in the world. It´s obvious that moving to a more interesting place would spice things up and create much more moments I´ll love to look back at some day. I won´t always be so free in my choice where I wanna live.

      The advantages of playing on own:
      • Increase income:
        I feel like I already made the happiness-over-money-choice when I moved to Costa Rica. And while I still don´t regret it (and I most likely never will), maybe it´s now the time to start making some money. I am now at a point where giving away half of your winnings matters a lot and I don´t think any stable in the world could provide that kind of services that would make me wanna pay them 3-4 thousand dollars per month.
      • Logically the right choice:
        In the end I want to do both things as soon as possible: move away AND play on my own. Moving away costs a lot of money, and even after the move I will have 5x higher living expenses than I have right now in Germany. On the contrary playing on my own will increase my income and keep my expenses at a minimum for now. Thus, I will accomplish both things faster, if dropping out of the stable is the first thing I do.
      If you have any opinion on that issue let me know :)

      Okay, let´s turn to the stats and numbers:

      This month I played 37k hands in 405 Tournaments with an 41$ abi. I only had a winrate of +4,8 evBB/100, which is not great. I´ve put 17.700$ on stake and cashed for 28.700$ leaving me with a ~11.000$ net-profit.

      Eventually, a prospect on what happens in December. Just like in the last 2 years, I will spend some time in Prague for the EPT. Because of that and due to Christmas and stuff I don´t think there will be too much online grind going on but I´ll do what I can. :)
      Anyways, let me know if you want some pieces for my Prague action:

      Ciao Ciao! :hi:
    • @painlezz I was already thinking about Asia. On the one hand it´s very appealing bcs of the climate, nature and as you said the very low living expenses. Overall it would be an amzing experience I think.
      On the other hand I´d say that for tournament players the timezone is the worst bcs the Primetime is in the middle of the night. But the key-factor why I don´t think about moving to Asia anymore is because I´m moving allone and I don´t have the guts to something like that all allone.
      Where exactly did you live? Why did you decide to come back? And did you have problems with the internet-connection?
    • I lived in Krabi with 3 grinders from russia for almost 1 year. I came back to Germany when Pokerstars increased the min buy in from 20bb to 40bb and introduced CAP tables. My edge just went down and rakeback got worse over the time. We had no problems with our internet connection at all! There is a big poker community in Thailand, I came in touch with them via 2+2. If I remember correctly they still should have a Thailand poker Skype channel.

      I just enjoyed getting up at 7am to play for 6-8h straight :D It was like a regular job for me at that time and still took enough time off to party with backpackers.
      "Spiele nl100/200/500 Zoom agressives Konzept"
    • At least for the summer times British Columbia is nice as well. Depends on what you like to do in your free time of course. The climate over there is very constant and even in the winter it does not get as freezing and icy as other parts of Canada.
      Belize and Columbia seems to be the most favorite destinations for middle and south America. I know some are grinding out of Buenos Aires in Argentina and loved it.

      I will probably move to British Columbia myself in a couple of years, once I graduate here.