Printing money like a sloth - my first membership in a stable and the way up from micros to high-stakes

    • March 2019 – And he lived happily ever after…

      This month was just very uneventful. The only “special” event worth mentioning is that I played the 1,7k€ WSOP Circuit Main event in Rozvadov, where I busted early in Day 2.

      Overall the grind went really good. Unfortunately I lost a week of work due to some health issues and couldn’t do as much as planned but overall I am still more or less satisfied with what I achieved this month.

      I am totally looking forward to what comes next: Living in Croatia during April and May with SCOOP and some other series going on, then – only one week later – going to Vegas for a month, after that possibly go to Barcelona for the EPT and then WCOOP will already start.So there are exciting times ahead <3

      Let´s take a look at the graphs and numbers for this month:

      I have played 38k hands in almost 400 tournaments, which is okay with me considering i was sick for a week and had a short live trip. The abi was 37$, so I ended up playing surprisingly many high-stakes MTTs. I ended the month with ~9,000$ in net-profits. Chip-ev wise I did one more time very good damage with +9,1 evBB and I am convinced that skillwise I am ready for higher stakes. But first I need the proper Bankroll for that, which will probably take a while.
      Those are the graphs:

      Eventually I have a final announcement to make:

      This will be my last update in this Blog. After a lot of thinking for the past weeks and months I decided that it´s best to end this now.

      I think I made a mistake from the beginning on by not trying hard enough to stay completely anonymous. If one really wanted to find out my true identity he could probably do so pretty quickly and easily.
      Additionally, I told a bunch of colleagues, friends and family members about this blog.
      When you know that some of your readers know you and you care about their opinions it makes it hard to stay honest with yourself and to your readers. I don´t want this blog to turn into the classic Instagram-like bullshit, where the whole purpose becomes to show others how great I am or how amazing my life is.
      Another problem is when staying honest means criticizing people who I know read this blog. This can and already has lead to situations where either I don´t feel like I can freely express my view on things or them being pissed (mostly both at the same time).
      Moreover, I believe now is a good time to let this blog come to an end. “My first membership in a stable” is over now and the next chapter in my career has begun.

      I always meant this blog to be a tool of self-reflection and a honest diary to look back at in a couple of years, so it´s a big problem when I feel like I can´t be 100% honest or there are topics I can´t talk about.

      I might still post some stuff here from time to time in case interesting topics come up, I want to promote something or sell pieces of my action. But the centrepiece of this Blog is hereby finished.

      I want to thank everyone who joined and supported my journey until this point. This Blog really helped me to get where I am now and even though I am sure it´s the right decision, I am sad to not have this anymore.

      I wish you all the best!