Printing money like a sloth - my first membership in a stable and the way up from micros to high-stakes

    • Printing money like a sloth - my first membership in a stable and the way up from micros to high-stakes

      Howdy Boys and Girls! ;)

      My name is ..., I currently live in Germany (yet in Munich) and I´m a 21 year old Student (Sports-Science).

      So lets directly clarify what this is all about and why you should definitly keep at least one eye on this Blog in the future :P Here are the answers to your unasked questions:

      "What is this awesome dude going to write about in his blog?"
      In October 2016 I applied for and finally joined a brand new German poker-stable: "Team Faultier" (or in English: Team sloth) :D
      At this time I started to see the opportunity to bring my game to a whole new level by getting professional coachings from two German Poker-Pros who founded the stable. Now - after 5 months of acclimatisation - it´s carefully starting to get serious and I want to share my story with you :)

      "Sounds pretty cool.. but who the fuck is that guy and how big of a fish is he?!"
      Let me summarize my story and how I exactly got here...
      I got introduced to the game of poker (NLH obviously^^) and created my first Stars-account in 2010 or so - at the age of 14. At that time you were getting a 5$ start-bankroll for registration. I cant tell you how many accounts I created within the following 2 years but it were a lot :D Always loosing the money on NL2 and creating a new account... good old times!! :love: :P I´ll never forget the day I moved up to a 100$ bankroll for the first time.. I was in 10th grade or so and could not be prouder of myselfe :D I guess I dont have to mention that I lost all of it within the upcoming months. :=D
      But together with my best friend, who indroduced me to NLH, I always kept talking about content and analysing hands. We both were obv unbelievable fish but slowly we got better and better by reading articles, blogs, books and always tell each other what we´ve learned. He was way more talented and psyched about the game than I was by that time, so he made his way up to NL100 and I got stuck in NL10 playing some HU, deepstack CG, all kinds of SnGs and some MTTS here and then.

      However after a couple of years we both noticed that we didnt know how to improve further. We had no idea what software is out there that may help improving our game or what other options we may have. But books couldnt tell us anything new, handanalysis no longer were interesting if you cant improve your knowledge about poker. Given the fact that all we knew we have tought to ourselfes and never had any kind of help from other players or so we were not bad... but we just didnt know how to continue, so we lost interest and stopped playing on regular basis.

      After nearly one year without playing poker I randomly read about that brand new stable that was launched by a German professional I knew from some blogs. I suddenly noticed that this would be my chance to get back into the game. I couldnt improve my game by myselfe but I always knew I have still a lot of potential that I could realize with exactly that type of help. So I applied and they took me...

      The stable is about MTTs. So beeing originally more of a CG-player I had to adjust preflopranges at first, learn about how antes affect the game and most important: get familiar with ICM. The Coaches and the other students are great persons and put a lot of effort into the Team. So I´m also on my way of making new friends and I feel very comfortable :)
      It is organized as follows: As a newbie you have to play 1,50$ 45men SnGs until the coaches got an impression of your game (in my case: the first 4 months) then you get moved up to 3,50$ 45men SnGs and few sunday-MTTs (thats where I´m currently at). After that second tier - that usually doesnt take too long - you get moved up to micro stakes MTTs (Thats where I think I will be within the next weeks) and from there on you get moved up dependend on your skills and behaviour... until you have become the next Fedor Holz :=D
      Additionally to playing those games - staked by the stable - you can always ask any kind of questions to the coaches and there are weekly life-coachings and content videos to certain topics that realy help you improving your game.
      If you are interested in how exactly I experienced my time in the stable so far with all its highs and lows, ask for it and I will write a more detailed report about that topic :) But enough so far..

      "Mhhh the topic of this blog is super interesting but the way this weirdo is blogging really annoys me"
      I´ve never done sth like this before, so I´m always open to any kind of feedback :)

      "I want to know more about anything he mentioned! And could it be that he is still single?"
      I dont want to bore you with too much information in this first post.. but feel free to ask me anything - anytime!

      "How often will he be posting such phenomenal and awesome stuff?"
      This month I will be pretty busy due to university-stuff and some travelling so I guess sth like 1 Update per Week at first.. but from mid-april on there will be sth like 2-3 updates/week (also depending on how much you guys are interested).

      "This is the biggest peace of shit I´ve ever read! I want my time back you bastard!"
      I really hope a lot of you guys will enjoy this blog - but even if none of you reads it, I will continue posting for personal reasons. Its also some kind of diary for me that I can look back at in 2 years when I´m sittng in my villa in Las Vegas, waiting for the "shuffle up" at the WSOP Main-event Final-Table :)

      Greetz from Munich my friends! Have a good one! :thumbup:

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    • Hahaha nice one @mukzr! :D I hope this update will satisfy you :love:

      @oscarmorajapo thx buddy :)
      For the others: My friend Oscar here is also member of "Team Faultier" and he also has a nice blog here ;)

      So for todays update I´d like to give you a bit of an insight on how I perceived my first two of the five Months as a horse of Team Faultier (holy shit! it has already been nearly half a year now 8o ). Additionally I was thinking that it may be interesting for both me and the potential readers of this blog if I put a "Hand of the day" into every update. That way we can exchange our knowledge and you guys get kind of an impression where my game currently is/ how I am playing.

      October 2016 - A fairy tale of a Beginning:
      About 1 month after the stable was launched, I received a massage that the three founders have watched my application-video and would like to affiliate me :party: . I immediatly accepted and within a few houres and after a short skype-interview with one of the coaches I became an official sloth :muscle:
      Within the first few days I got introduced to the other students and how playing poker in a stable looks like (Writing poker-related diaries, care about accounting sheets, receive my first coaching,...). I also got introduced to the optimal preflop-ranges and learned those intensivly.
      As I already mentioned every student has to start by playing 1,50$/45men SnGs and thats exactly what I did from the first day on. I knew that I should be one of the best players on this limits and had no doubt that it wouldn´t take long until I get moved up to MTTs. I ran very well and won a lot from the beginning on (obv relatively to the limits I was playing :D). Moreover the coaches gave me a lot of positive feedback and I learned a lot in a short period of time. So all in all: Things were going as good as they could possibly go.
      The October-Coachings were manely about ICM and I quickly developed a basic feeling for this advanced and unknown concept (at least that was it to me^^).
      Even though a pretty intense Semester had just started (my last Bachelor-Semester) and I had a 10h/week-job, I managed to put 16h of work per week into Poker. I was highly motivated and put as much effort into it as I could.
      At first I only played on two tables at once which felt a bit weird, since I was used to 7-tabling from my Cashgame-past, but on the other hand I had to concentrate a lot on the new preflop-ranges and Nash-shoving ranges so 2 tables were kind of enough :P

      November 2016 - It´s all about the money, isnt´t it?

      After getting used to my new environment I asked myselfe what the aim for the upcoming weeks and months actually is, and I thought to have an easy answer: moving up in stakes! It was clear to me that I´m too good of a Pokerplayer for spending a lot of time on 1,50$ SnGs. Just wait until your stakeholders realise that and move you up. And even though I was in deed one of the very best at this limits (which isn´t hard to achieve in that population :D) this thought should bring a lot of trouble in the future...
      The even bigger mistake was my answer to the question how I could achieve my goal of moving up fast: Make more volume! -> A big sample will prove that I´m ready for MTTs.
      So in November I started 3-, then 4-, then 5-tabling and did not care a lot about content besides the coachings, which are great input, but as I know now worth nothing if you dont sit down, study and focus on improving your game on your own. Understanding what Coaches are telling you and beeing able to apply this knowledge are 2 completly different things. You can not expect to become better if you just listen to some coaches 2-3 houres a week. But I didnt understand this back then. I guess I was just thinking that I will care more about improving my game when I feel that my limits require it... Oh boy!
      I was still super motivated and put about 15h/week into poker - unfortunately I spent most of the time on the tables playing my ABC game without full attention or trying seriously to translate new content into my game - no session reviews, few studying.
      However my winnings started to shrink...

      I am interested in your opinions so far, so let me know if you have any kind of thoughts to my game, this post, me as a person or just tell me if you guys can find yourselfe in sth that I´ve mentioned :)
      In next week´s Update I will summarize the following two months.

      So lets come to my first Hand of the Day:

      Preflop: No two opinions on this, right? ;)

      Flop: I thought it would be super uggly to get raised so I decided to check behind. Do you guys C-bet here - and if yes, how big and why?

      Turn: Folding here seems too tight to me because his range should be pretty bluff-heavy -> call

      River: Even though it brings the flush the 5 seems to be a pretty good card to me: Reasons why I called: He now has less Combos of 5x, I beat fours now, he still has some bluffs - especially some 6x or 8x Hands, I block the nut-flush, I get a very good price (25% equity needed).

      I already talked to one of my coaches, so if you guys give me your opinion on the hand I will tell you if he would agree with you ;)

      See you soon, Cheers! :hi:
    • @flow you mean the conditions for the application? To be honest I´m not 100% sure but I think there are no hard criteria.. it´s all about the overall impression you make. In the application-Video, you introduce your game. The coaches just want to see if you have a basic feeling for the game, it´s absolutly okay to make some mistakes. So beeing a break-evenish NL10 player or so should be already enough for this step^^
      Second you have a short Skype-interview with one of the coaches. There he tells you what the expectations of the stable on you are and you tell them about your own expectations - e.g. what your goals are (I think the most important thing here is how much time and motivation you have to improve your game and work for the stable).
      However, since the stable is still pretty new and we are currently searching for more students it shouldn´t be too hard to get in :)

      And your second question: right now I dont look at the money because everything that counts is improving my game. Therefore I have no money- or ROI-goals - all that is important to me at the moment (as well as to the coaches I feel) is the evBB/100 and BB/100. Currently - after 28k hands my evBB/100 is +9,7 and my BB/100 is +10,3. Also in the long-run I have no money- or ROI goals.
      My poker-related long-term goal are:
      - Play 70-100k Hands on MTTs until end of 2017 (To start this challenge I need to get moved up first, which should hopefully happen by no later than April)
      - Keep up motivation, Invest a lot of time in content and develop a professioal preflop strategy until end of 2017 (I mean a really really advanced and professional strategy) I will concentrate more on the postflop game in 2018.. one after the other)
      - Playing MTTs with an abi of 25-40$ by the end of 2019

      Thank you for the interest in this thread! Feel free to ask more if there are any questions left :)

      :club: :spade: :heart: :diamond:

      Okay so let´s cover my third month in "Team Falutier"!

      December 2016 - Europe´s greatest has some trouble with micro SnGs!

      In December one of my coaches asked all stable members if someone would like to join him for a live-poker-trip to the EPT in prague. I immediatly was psyched by that idea and moments later I sat in a bus Praguewards :=D This was so far the sickest experience I´ve ever made in my poker-life. So many people - so many fish! The first person I saw when I entered the Hilton Hotel (where the EPT took place) for the first time was Isaac Haxton :love:
      Since my bankroll didn´t allow me to play a lot of MTTs I focused on Cashgames and won a nice amount of money :) I also got along very very well with my coach and we had a lot of fun even outside the pokerroom (making party, going eating, ...).

      Unfortunately onlinepoker wasn´t running as great. One of the biggest difficulties in the stable, which I wasn´t realising back then, is that you are forced to play limits where you feel you are way too good for those. This makes it realy hard to give everything and focus 100% on perfection... but more on this later.
      Since in November my winnings shrank and this was in my opinion of course only variance, I had another great idea: let´s increase your volume even more! So I started 6- and 7- tabling. And there it was: my first loosing month! I was sure that I´m still playing a solid ABC-game which should be more than enough for these stakes. So I obv was in a downswing, was I? My evBB/100 told me sth completly else but what does he know?! :whistling:

      I wasn´t recognising it at this time, but it was high time for me to approach poker in a new/ more professional way if I wanted to get successfull one day. That was when by far the most intense and in hindsight unbelievably valueable month of my "poker-career" started...

      But more on that in a few days :P

      Here is Hand of the day #2
      it always feels a bit like loosing value when you win such a small pot wih such a strong hand.. But I guess I would still play it the same way. There are not that much combos that call us and we have still beat if we bet or raise the river. And when we do get raised we are in a tough spot since he has a lot of flushes in his range or maybe KQ. whats your opinion on this hand?

      GL and have a nice day! See you soon :thumbup:
    • Heyho! :hi:
      Tomorrow I will visit a friend in Spain for 6 days :sun: So, time to only just update my blog before that! :) Since January was my most remarkable month so far, it´s going to be a bit longer of a summary :D I hope you´ll enjoy it either way :fcrossed: :

      January - my most valueable month ever is a loosing month:
      From my joining into the stable until today there has not been a single day on that I was unmotivated or thinking about giving up on trying to move up in stakes. But if I were ever close to that it was about 3 Months ago:

      I was grinding the lowest buy-in SnGs on Stars for a quarter Year now and I got bored by the structure, by the bad population and also by my recently bad results. I finally wanted to play MTTs - what I was joining the stable for! And although the coaches gave me great feedback a lot of times and were very happy with me in the coachings they did not move me up in stakes. I couldn´t really understand this.
      While December ran pretty bad, January ran absolutly terrible. My BB/100 in January shrank to +0.2/100 and additionally to my bad game (which I still wasn´t aware of) I got into an actual downswing.

      However, at the beginning of January motivation was still as high as it could be: Together with one of my coaches I set my goals for 2017 and he told me one more time that as far as what he has seen in the last months I may reckon to move up very soon. I also quit my job, which allowed me to keep investing a lot of time in my greatest hobby, even though my studies started to get serious (-> final exams in february). Then, finally I received the massage that I should send the coaches the handhistory of my last "deeprun" on which they will decide if I get moved up :party: :party: :party: . I took my last session, sended it immediatly to them and after two days I got the answer: "According to what we saw in the Handhistory we can not move you up in stakes by now!" :surprise: :surprise: :surprise:
      At first I was so unbelievably disappointed. How should I ever play Midstakes MTTs or higher if I already fail at the very first level?! I couldn´t believe what happened so I watched the Handhistory and in deed there were a bunch of hands played pretty poorly. This had to be an exception because my ABC game isn´t that bad! So I searched for another handhistory: surprise! This one was even worse :puke: I re-watched my last 5 SnGs and it was insane how badly I played them. This was the first time I realised and fully understood that knowing how you should play in theory doesn´t mean that you can just open 7 tables at once, listen to music, eating and cleaning the house at the same time and still think that you play a more or less solid game. It was really hard to admit it to myselfe, but within the last weeks I didn´t deserve to be a winning player and the coaches did right not to move me up! There had to be a change in my whole approach of the game! Now!

      So these were the changes I made and It was high time to do so:
      • Never play on more than 5 tables at once (mostly only 4).
      • Fully concentrate on every single click you make -> make sure that you really apply your knowledge. THIS was the actual problem of my recent game and it´s still something I have to concentrate very very hard on.
      • Mark every single hand where you are unsure of how to play it the best way and review it before the next session.
      • Purchase the HRC-software and work with it while my Hand-reviews.
      • Repeat the content covered in the coachings and actively learn it over and over again.
      • And most important: Do not concentrate on moving up! It´s ALL about improving your game -> THIS was the reason why I developed such problems.
      Concerning that last point: It took a while until I recognised why I really joined the stable and what I actually want to achieve and should therefore focus on. It´s not about the money - especially not now! I don´t care if I make 10 or 100$ a month. Money will maybe play a bigger roll in one or two years, when amounts are getting more serious.
      And even though playing MTTs is much more fun and I´m still often annoyed by the boring SnG-structure, playing MTTs were in fact NOT the reason why I joined the stable! I will not care about when I get moved up. My real goal and reason why I joined the stable in the first place is improving my game. Therefore I need to learn and concentrate on coachings! Even if I would gamble with play money - on what limits I improve my game doesn´t matter so far. Moreover I think in the long run I will move up faster by focussing on my game already now and not just if i feel my limits require it (This was another very harmfull mistake in my mindset!).
      Most of the stated points may look obvious and if someone told me this before I would have thought "Thanks a lot, Captain Obvious!". But it´s essential to fully understand and internalize them... otherwise you won´t be able to implement this changes in your all-day-business. Therefore I had to learn it the hard way.

      However, since all this happened I consider myselfe to have a very solid mindset and approach of the game... maybe the first important step for becoming an exceptional good Pokerplayer... :)

      :club: :spade: :heart: :diamond:

      Here is another Hand of the day (#3)
      I would especially be interested if you bet the turn.. I think we often have the best hand since there are two tens on the board (and why would he check a ten on that board?) and should protect ourselfes against draws and overcards.. so in hindsight I would go with a even bigger sice like 630 or so?

      See you in a week! Bye bye :hi:

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    • Hello Guys :hi:
      I´m back from Spain but not finished with travelling yet ;) However, time for a new update! Let´s bring my series of flashbacks to an end:

      February 2017 - There we go!
      After starting to approach Poker in a new way my game evolved quickly. Especially due to my intense work with HRC, I developed a pretty solid basic feeling for Preflop Shoving-, Overshoving- and Callingspots. So in mid-February my stakeholders asked for another Handhistory. They were really excited by it and finally moved me up to 3,50$ SnGs :party:
      Unfortunately my final exams started at the end of february, so I had to reduce the amount of work I put in the stable. At least I still managed to spend 10-11 houres per week for poker.

      March 2017 - Calm before the storm...
      In the beginning of this month I still had to put a lot of work into my studies. However, I was able to increase my time studying for poker either way. We got a lot of great input by the Coaches regarding Blind defense, 3beting, 4beting and defending against 3bets/4bets. So I invested plenty of time in studying and didn´t play a lot.
      And there is good news: the coaches asked me few days ago for another handhistory. If they are pleased with it I will be playing MTTs from April on :wasntme:
      The reason why I am already able to summarize a month that hasn´t ended yet: From tomorrow on until the 1st of April I will probably not be able to do anything pokerrelated due to my very last exam..

      In my next week´s update I plan to give you a final overview what I loved about the stable and where I see potential for improvement after my first 6 month as a horse of "Team Faultier". Additionally I am going to cover an outlook where the journey might go to for both me and the stable as a whole.

      Here you got my Hand of the day #4
      My thoughts:
      Preflop: J9s is obv a clear defend. I think in general J9s is also a good bluff-3bet to exploit population, which is massivly overfolding against 3bets in CO and BUT. But his big opening-size seems kind of polarizing to me. J9s performs well postflop, realizes a lot of equity and I dont want to end up folding preflop against a 4bet (Villain was unknown). So I decided to just call.
      Flop: I think the standard game.. he offers us a great price with our gutshot-straightdraw and backdoor-flushdraw.
      Turn: In hindsight I guess I missplayed it here. I thought to have some foldequity if I rejam on him but he is kind of committed and I dont see population folding here even if they have just two overcards left. So maybe bet-calling turn big would be the better choice because I dont want to fold if he makes it like 70%pot, where I wouldn´t get the odds for a call. It would be also super unlucky if we check it down, I miss my draws and he wins it with like Ace or King high. So I think the best choice would be beting by myselfe, he second best would be to just call his relatively small bet and see if I hit. I decided me for the worst choice in this spot^^

      I hope you enjoyed this update. As always I´m thankful for any kind of feedback :)

      GL and hopefully see you next week! <3

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    • Waddup Ladys and Gentlemen :P

      Yesterday I received the great news that I got moved up to micro-stakes MTTs (3,50$ Abi I guess) :party: :party: :party: I´m already looking forward to be able to fully focus on poker. But I´ll have to be a little patient yet...

      So let´s talk about where the journey might go for me and what my hopes, wishes and ambitions are:

      Short- and Medium-dated:
      I will start grinding MTTs tomorrow. Then I´m going to travel to Israel from the 5th of April until the 15th. So no Poker in this time. But after this it will get very interesting...
      From Mid-April on I will be kind of unemployed for 2,5 Months and will therefore have plenty of time (No studies, no work, no girlfriend -> time to fully activate the Nerd-mode :nerd: :tongue: ). This is going to be the most interesting period in my pokerlife, thus also for this blog I suppose. In that time I want to kinda try out what a life as a fulltime pokerpro might be looking like and bring my game to a whole new level.

      How I do this:
      • Spend at least 40 (if possible 50) houres a week on poker- and stablerelated activitys.
      • Drink alcohol max. once a week and no total alcoholic escalations^^ My daily schedules are going to be brimmed and I cant afford loosing time unnecessarily or getting ineffecient because I got too wasted :nerd:
      • Doing sports 4-5 times a week (Sport is very important to me and I feel like I need this to compensate for the long time in front of the computer)
      • Plan every day in detailed schedules and to-do-lists to improve my efficiency
      • But since poker is still just a hobby: don´t forget that there is a world outside of poker, too and get stuck in this microcosm. Keep up meeting and caring about the important people in my life.
      Why I do this:
      • Get a valid impression of how talented I really am and what limits I might be capable of beating some day.
      • Evaluate how I should approach poker in my further future -> if I dont believe I can make a ton of money with it some day it might be better to concentrate more on my Master´s degree and stuff^^ Obv I will involve my coaches opinions in this decision (same counts for point 1).
      • Massivly improve my game in a relatively short period of time. Continue and accelerate my way up to High-stakes poker :wink:
      • Get an impression of how a fulltime-pokerjob would approximatly look like and if I could imagine doing this for years.

      Longterm goals:

      As I´ve already mentioned I will hopefully be able to talk about this in more detaile 3 months from now. Therefore this is going to be more about where I currently see myselfe in 2,3,4,5 or 10 years from now:

      • As more or less part of the first student-generation of Team Faultier, I love the idea of getting involved more and more in the stable and help building it up to the most successfull German MTT-stable. For example I could see myselfe coaching other students and newcomer some day :wasntme:
      • The following thought might be changing over the upcoming months/years, but I´ve never planned to become a pokerpro as a longterm-job and i still don´t. I love it as a huge hobby and therefore I´m willing to sacrifice a lot of time to it. I want to get as good in it as I can possibly get. And I´d love to make a lot money with it. Therefore I can see myselfe printing some money as a poker-pro for maybe 2-4 years, but I don´t see myselfe as a pokerpro when I am like 30 years old or so. I could tell you all the reasons why I think this way, but this topic could fill a completly new Update or Thread I guess^^

      Okay this update already got longer than I planned^^ Lets cover the other stuff I wanted to write about in a couple of days :wink:
      Since I wasn´t able to play for a bunch of days there is no hand of the day this time.

      Bye bye :hi:
    • Hello Guys! :)

      I recently got back home after a great holiday experience and already started grinding yesterday.
      With a Final table in the 60k guarenteed 11$ Mini Sunday Kickoff and another deeprun in the 3,30$ Sunday 6-max my start could have gone worse :P
      I don´t think I´m much of a mimimi-person, but the moment I busted was so fucking brutal and for sure the worst bad beat in my life so far, so I have to share the Hand I busted with with you^^ I mean already preflop he is left with like 12% equity, but after the flop he was just dead.... or so i thought while I was already singing, jumping and celebrating due to this huge win :party: :facepalm:
      Words can´t tell how disappointed and down I was after this hand, but now it´s a new day and I´m proud that I got on a final table in a 5.600 men MTT. And this was for sure not my last one :muscle:

      However, here are my first impressions:
      • Grinding 10-12h straight is super exhausting. But I´m confident that the training-effect will be huge within the next weeks :muscle:
      • Obv I ran super good yesterday but still I realized how much the coaching and the hard work I´ve put into all of this for the last 6 Months have improved my game. I´m super confident that I will be crushing these limits from the first minute on if I stay focused.
      • I also started grinding on other sites than Pokerstars for the first time. The people are so much worse there but still I feel like my edge is smaller there - at least now at the beginning. The new layouts make it super hard for me to follow the action, find the right betsizes, making notes on villains and even notice when it´s my turn. Therefore my own game is much worse on these sites yet. But I guess this problem is just a question of habituation and will also disappear within the upcoming weeks.
      • This nearly perfect start boosted my motivation to keep up with my intense poker-plans for the next 2 months enormously. The day before yesterday I built a weekly schedule to be as efficient as possible and manage to reach my goals. I already notice how much this is helping. You easily get to achieve twice the stuff you would without structuring your day this way! :muscle:

      Eventually here is the next Hand of the day (#4)
      Preflop: easy value 3-bet
      Flop: C-bet for both protection and value
      Turn: Second barrel for the same reasons
      River: This is one of the few spots where you can put villain on very few combos imo. By calling flop and turn he has no bluffs left in his range. There is not a single combo that would somehow make any sense. Additionally the King is hitting my range way more than his. So I guess he has a Queen at least 90% of the time and sometimes Aces (or maybe even Kings) that he didn´t want to 4-bet. However I don´t see a single combo I could beat -> easy fold?!^^

      GL and see you soon! I plan to do updates more frequently now (2x a week or so - also depending on your interest in this) :hi: :hi:
    • Good afternoon my friends :wink:

      I´m happy to see that there are some people who are interested in this blog :blush: Thx for the feedback fellows and welcome to my blog :inlove:

      Just a short update:
      Just as planned I make myselfe useful in the ton of sparetime I have these days and grind and learn a lot. I feel like as expected I slowly get used to the new software and stuff. However all in all I´m pretty impatient with my game yet. I make way too much big postflop-mistakes that would be easy to avoid if I was more focused. I try meditation to balance that out... let´s see if that works in the long-run :) Another factor could be that I´m concentrating so much on implementing the new preflop-content in my game that I loose focus on the postflop strategy sometimes.
      Don´t get me wrong, the results are good so far - but obv never good enough :wink: It´s my goal for the next 2 months to raise my evBB/100 from +10 to +15. If I get this done I suppose it won´t last long until I get moved up again :muscle:

      Here is my Chip-graph btw for the time since I am a horse of the stable (6,3 months - 38,5k Hands)

      Hand of the day #5:
      Pre: Standard
      Flop: Imo it´s likely that we have the best hand and we definitly need protection. We might also get value from A2,A3, 44, 55, 66. On the other hand 77s still feel too bad to bet in a multiway pot.
      turn: would you bet a second time here? I was kind of scared and wanted to see a cheap showdown in case he has one of the listed hands.

      Have a good one! :sun:

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    • Okay, time for a new Update :)

      My first week as a fulltime pokerplayer has finished and it was a good one I guess :blush: Additionally to the Final Table in the 11$ minikickoff I won a 300men 11$ MTT at AmericasCardroom few days ago :party: . So all in all, making like 1.1k in your first week doesn´t seem too bad to me :tongue: (Obv money is still not my main focus -> just trying to keep up my best performance and improve my game -> printing a shitload of money will than just be a logical consequence sooner or later)
      However I feel that it´s pretty hard to gind that much and always stay focused and motivated. Let´s see how this will continue within the upcoming days :)

      Since I now had some time to get familiar with a bunch of different Poker-Clients, I want to give you a ranking of how much I would recommend the individual sites to other players: I don´t know anything about the different rakeback-systems and stuff, so I will just evaluate the playing comfort and what my first impressions were:

      Place 5: 888-Poker:
      In my opinion 888 is the worst of all the sites. I had a lot of trouble with getting the software to work properly. Also making deposits only works via mobile phone for me. You don´t have the possibility to create individual buttons for the betslider (e.g. 33%pot or so) and the layout is kind of ugly^^. They also banned a former account of mine 3 years ago because they told me I was cheating with some russian dudes, which I wasn´t of course. And since 2 days there are new problems with the software. A good support would be very usefull when dealing with such a error-prone software, but unfortunately the suppport works super slow and it takes a couple of days for every single E-mail to get answered. I also expected there to be way more traffic, but MTTs are often pretty small. All in all I really dislike this site and I cannot understand why it´s often rated as the best pokersite.

      Place 3+4: AmericasCardroom (ACR) and Winamax:
      I´m not quite sure which of these two is place 4 and which is 3. ACR has a nice layout but I couldn´t find a way to create individual betsizing-buttons yet as well as how to take notes on villains. I also had huge difficulties making a deposit. The MTTs have extreme long late-registration-phases but that doesnt really bother me. I guess there is not too much traffic on that side (250-300 people in an 11$ MTT on average).

      Winamax has a pretty confusing layout imo but the software works fine and I love the option to show you the stacks and betsizes in BB instead of $$. Unfortunately it seems like there are a ton of 1$-2$ buy in MTTs, but I feel like as the buy-ins increase the supply decreases a lot.

      Advatage of both sites: Population is the worst. (ACR a lot of super-nits and at Winamax a lot of spewtards and maniacs)

      Place 2: Partypoker:
      The software works fine, the support is good, there is okayish traffic and the population is pretty bad. So all in all a good choice imo.

      Place 1: Pokerstars:
      I really whish i could tell you something else because since the massive rake increases and other stuff pokerstars got super unappealing to me. But in my experience it is by more than just far the best poker-client I have tried. No other side provides that much and good MTTs. As you all know the traffic is huge. Moreover the layout is definitly the clearest and the support is still remarkable. Only minus: Population is way better than on other sites.

      I would be really interested in how you perceive the different onlinepoker-provider. Let me know where you (dis)agree with my ranking ;)

      I don´t have too much time right now, so let´s skip the Hand of the day this time ;)

      See you soon and GL :hi: <3
    • krustenkaas wrote:

      No other side provides that much and good MTTs. As you all know the traffic is huge. Moreover the layout is definitly the clearest and the support is still remarkable. Only minus: Population is way better than on other sites.
      Good traffic is definitely an important factor, but support and software not that much I guess. At least I would prefer a crappy software and mediocre support, but have tables full of weak players, instead of the best software and world greatest support, but only strong regs at the tables. Just my 2cent. ;)

      Anyway, nice update! :)
    • @yamiyami I definitly agree with you in the point that population is the most important factor when it comes to choosing an Onlinepoker-provider. But I think you should not understimate the importance of a user-friendly software. For example I need a little bit more time for a lot of decisions on sites with confusing layouts or without bet-sizing-buttons. This might allow me to play only 5 instead of 6 tables at once, which reduces my volume and therefore my winnings by 16,7% (In fact, these days I play on 6 PS-Tables at once, but when I´m playing on other Sites I only manage to sit at 4 or max. 5 tables). Additionally when you are playing for a stable you have to cash-out and make deposits very frequently... when a site makes it difficult to move your money this is REALLY tilting (This is definitly a big minus for ACR!!). And Pokerstars´population is obv still not unbeatable ;) Maybe when I get more used to the other sites and gain more experience this ranking will change... let´s see!
      However, thx for your 2cent ;) what is your favourite site then?

      And a Update concerning my 888-problems: Guys I tell you, this site is the biggest peace of shit ever! I have used 888 for maybe 2 months in my life and I already had more issues with the software and stuff like on any other site in over 7 years of online-poker. After solving one problem, the next one immediatly appears and the support needs at least 72 houres to answer every single E-mail (and then only with the great idea of reinstalling the software :facepalm: ) . I can´t stress enough how much I hate 888^^

      Unfortunately I had to do a lot for my master-applications this week, so I wasn´t able to do anything poker-related so far besides very few grinding and attending a pretty extensive coaching (topic: preflop reshoving-equilibria on different positions and stacksizes). But I try to catch that up with two marathon-sessions today and tomorrow :muscle:

      So I will start grinding now and come with a longer update on monday or tuesday.
      See you then <3 :)