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    • Hi! My name is Adrian I'm currently building a bankroll to grind midstakes, and I'm doing this blog to keep myself focused and put my progress into words. I play online micro stakes 6-max NL Holdem

      About me: I'm 21 Live in Mexico City, 6th semester on the University (Instituto Politécnico Nacional), I currently live out of my scholarship and some random stuff I sell on the internet. Last month also cashed out 120$usd out of my winnings as a little reward. I survive with 220usd per month, although I love to go to the movies, and go to restaurants so my actual expenses are about 310usd, pretty cheap to live here!

      It helps that here at Mexico the best universities are the public ones, like UNAM (top 50 worlwide) and IPN (top 10 national), I have not paid a penny for my education, except of course for pens/books and stuff, and also that I'm currently living on my old grandpa's house, he died of cancer last year so now I live alone but don't have to pay rent.

      I'm a fan of chess, used to play on high school, didn't play many ranked tournaments so my elo rating is about 1200, but at my peak I could beat 1800 elo players, with my best win vs a Women International Master in a classic match, haven't play in 2 years but like to watch the world championships and some elite tournaments from time to time. I lo ve computer games, used to get to gold at least every season at Starcraft 2.

      I have a great girlfriend, been together since 2013, we learned a lot together (emotional intelligence related), and have a solid and really serious relationship, planing on moving together after I finish school.

      I follow Robert Kiyosaki's lessons, rat race and stuff, I believe in all of that, I'm currently on a course (Rich dad coaching, $600usd/month) that I got for free YES FREE!, because I got them 2 clients, every time money comes in a conversation I talk about what I know, and I'm good at brainwashing, so they signed up and they heard from them that it was my idea and they contacted me and offered me free access to the course and the group sessions, It's Gold baby

      Poker related stuff: I've been playing poker online since I was 15, at 16 I made a fake account at pokerstars using my mother's name, deposited about $10-$20usd every month to play for fun, specially tournaments, when I turned 18 (the legal age here at Mexico), I created another account using my name, started to read a lot of poker books, deposited some $50 or $100 to play NL2, keeping things short, during my first year it was all about losing, tilting and moving up to higher stakes to lose all the bankroll, deposit and lose it again, when I was 19 I read about the mental side of the game, used PS feature about responsible gaming so I couldn't move up, lifetime I think I deposited about $800 usd that went to busto but haven't deposited a penny since I was in late 19's, after learning about tilt control, being more mature, and reading more I was able to beat NL2 zoom after 200k hands, and NL5 zoom after 100k hands,I used the winnings to buy hearthstone packs (priorities!), or buy some computer games, I won a freeroll on unibet for a package to a cash festival on Talin, but the money they gave me for travel wasn't enough ($500) so I kept the money and told them I couldn't go.

      Last november I used those $500 to pay some coaching sessions, got a coaching for profits deal, and here I am, I have learned a lot about my game, currently on NL5 just grinding to pay my coach and move up to NL10, last month (and beginnings of this one) I had a pretty bad downswing at NL5 zoom, went down to NL2zoom to recover my confidence but my coach decided it was best to move to regular cash tables, said my knowledge was enough to beat NL10 and maybe NL25 but that zoom had a lot of variance and was tougher, learned some quick tips about table selection, and using my experience at Star craft 2 and other multitasking games, I'm right now grinding 10-12 tables of NL5 on stars, here is a little picture about this month results (plus $40 on rakeback), been crushing so far NL5 but still small sample, since November I've grinded more hands each month and won more money each month (except december).

      (side note: I've had trouble with hand history on zoom during my last 30k hands, some hands were lost, I think it was a pokerstars issue, I actually only lost $30 during that 20k hands, but don't tell my coach, if he asks I really lost $80 hahaha, since I pay according to my profits)

      On February I almost made it to Goldstar but 28 day month plus some hard homework from school didn't let me make it, finished on the 21 step, this month im confident ill make it, I'm currently completing step 13 and right now I don't have any important stuff to do at school so a lot of free time.

      March Goals:
      1. Achieve Goldstar (It's not really that important, but to get there I need to grind more and put in more hands, which is the really important stuff)
      2. Move up to NL10 on april, I use a 50 buy in rule, currently have $400 on stars including rakeback, to have $500 after paying my coach on 31st of march I'll need about $620 on my account, but I know the danger about focusing on short term winnings, so if I can't make it there is no big deal, as long as I put in the hours this month)
      3. Do exercise! My mom is a nutritionists she graduated when I was 6, I practically was raised in a nutrition class, so I know a lot of what she knows, and I know how important it is for my brain to have a healthy body, you can't expect to have mental endurance to grind a lot each day if you don't have an strong body!
      4. Grind 3k hands each day at least!, (grinding 10-12 tables I can do that with only 3 to 4 hours, so nothing super human about that)

      I'll try to keep this clean of poker technical stuff, since it's only micro stakes I don't think its that interesting, and I talk a lot about that in my sessions, overall I play a solid abc game right now with super hard and thin value betting vs fishes, right now I'm learning about multiway bluff spots, and reviewing 3b pots, nothing interesting, my coach doesn't want to teach me anything advanced until I'm at NL10 at least, he is pretty sure the things I know are enough to beat NL5 and easily (this 20k hands INDEED felt easy) with proper table selection (You can play vs other regs all you want, but make sure there is a donkey on the table! no big difference in playing vs 4 regs and a donkey than playing vs 5 regs, except on the WINRATE!), so bye bye zoom, hello regular tables

      Results since I got my coach:

      December didn't grind practically, party month!, February and March results, as I said, are smaller than the real ones, since some hands are missing (stupid pokerstars Kappa) so add some bucks to each month, plus rakeback which is about, $40 on January and $70 on February(maybe less maybe more, I told u I made it to silverstar's step 21, so we could do the math) I've seen some graphs which include rakeback on PT4, can I do that on HM2??

      Poker Career Goals:
      • Beat (Grind) NL25 this year
      • Become a full time poker pro after finishing school (Winning $320 per month is doable of course, If I grinded 8 hours per day like a normal job right now I'm pretty sure I could make them, but target is at least $1000/month so I can rent a nice department, and start investing in passive income sources, and obv grinding my ass off each day at NL5 or NL10 is not exactly my poker dream) Once I Finish school bye bye scholarship, and although I really like what I study I don't love it as poker to make it my full time job (I've not even told u what I study LOL, that says how much i like it, I don't know how to translate it "Licenciatura en Ciencias de la Informática")
      • Give back to the community, become a teacher one day, I like teaching, I used to teach chess on the highschool to other chess enthusiasts, like my coach who spend his valuable time in me just for some pennies in return (He believes one day I'll give him more of course, our contract is quite big), I'd like to give some cheap courses to my spanish community, specially on south America, which have a lot of financial problems right now, that would be a nice way to get money to their homes.
      • And in the bottom on the list, play some live tournaments (for fun obv, I don't want to learn about ICM and shit, just go to bur some moneys), in other countries, take my girlfriend with me and meet other cultures
      • Learn Omaha, I believe the gold era from Holdem is way past behind us, Omaha is the new gold mine!
    • lieschenmüller wrote:

      Sounds not like a lot, at least for European standards. Can you make a good living with 1k/month?
      The exchange rate has a lot to do here, 2 years ago 1$ usd = 12$mxn, but now its about 1$usd= 20$mxn (Thanks Trump!, seriously ). 90% of Mexicans earn less than 10,000 mxn/month, at the current exchange rate thats about 500usd, poor population live with 4,000 mxn/month or less, with 1kusd I'd be in the mid-class, because I'm single of course (if my gf comes to live with me she ain't expecting me to give her money, she is a feminist haha), the income of a nuclear family, with lets say 2 kids would be 2k$ usd, and that would barely made it to the low end of the mid-class spectrum. Its really cheap compared to Europe, the high-class areas are a lot more expensive of course, a normal rent for a 2 bedroom apartment in a highclass area is like 1kusd, but I'm ok with the mid-class area, I don't like to expend 2 much I'm pretty happy with my life right now, with my super $310/month expenses

      flow wrote:

      impressive first post for a blog! bienvenidos :)

      hope you move up to NL25 very soon. seems like you have the right eduaction & attitude to beat the games.

      following your blog!
      Thanks for the good vibes !
    • So I've been thinking about how often to update this blog, I think I'll do 2 reports / month, one at the beginning to put the monthly goals and last month results, and other at half of the month to show the progress.

      Do you think thats ok? I think daily updates its too much, but maybe I could do it weekly or so, I'm open to suggestions

      I just completed step 14 just 11 more to get that Goldstar, and hope to grind a bit more today on the afternoon (It's 1 p.m here), I'll go to a reunion with my gf's family and expect to be back at 7-8 p.m so I could put in at least another 3 hours since I've only played 1k hands today

      I'll let you here the results of the past days, Had some problems getting good tables to grind 12, so been grinding with 9-10 tables lately, but it doesn't have a huge impact in my hands/hour, still getting good results but not enough of a sample to know my real winrate.

      I think I'm running under EV, have the feeling that I lost more than I should the last all-ins, but I'm not allowed to check my EV line so who cares(?
    • Mental Game Update
      So I downloaded the book Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman (I have an e-reader "Kindle"), it's quite good and long I'm only at 21% and already learned a lot of things. It doesn't have a direct link with poker BUT learning about mental health is always good for your poker right? :D

      I also got a course about getting rid of tilt problems (can I say the name? I don't know your rules about promoting outside things, anyways I'm not a fan of giving free advertising haha) , I haven't had big tilt issues in a long time, but (obv) I'm not perfect and still have minor tilt issues which end in shorter sessions than I would like to.

      The course asked me to do some homeworks to improve the "power of will" and detach myself from "feelings of justice", the exercises are quite good and I had to record the last one, which is this:

      Tilt course wrote:

      Play 30 minutes, record it and folllow the next rules

      • Always fold AA, KK preflop
      • You can't raise or bet, only call
      • Preflop you'll use your usual ranges, but you can only call not raise
      • Postflop always fold 2 pairs, set or better
      • If you hit a pair you can call once but have to fold to more bets (specially if you improved)
      • If you have a flush draw or OESD you can call 2 barrels but if you HIT your draw you have to fold or check behind
      Play more than one table, 4 is recommended so you get dealt AA at least once
      I guess you can see the purpose of it haha, I could go down on the limit but it is supposed to be more powerful if you do it on your regular limit so I didn't go down.

      Here is the video, I made it 2x faster so it wouldn't be boring to watch, but it has no sound so I guess it is still boring to watch, I'm not very good at making videos haha, anyways it's my "proof" that I did it, I folded one AA, one KK and I think 2 flushes plus other strong hands, started with 4 tables but one broke (don't know why since I'm basically playing like a weak fish) was interesting to do it lost a bit of money but for the sake of learning it was worth it, it's NL5 anyways I'm still "playing for pennies".

      On other news I just finished step 16, 9 more to go with 10 days left, will be a close one, I'll try to grind a bit more this week, I know I can do it :)

      I also haven't made regular exercise but the days I didn't were when I cleaned the house (It's a bit big since it used to be the house of my grandparents plus one uncle, it has 4 bedrooms but I have 3 closed and I only open them once each 2 months or when I have visits to make a quick clean) which is quite tiring, and the other days I took long walks with my gf so I'm not exactly sitting all day, but there are no excuses, I will do at least 6 days per week

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    • Next Friday I'll update the first monthly "report", this is a quick update to keep the blog "alive", the main march goal is def completely, I'm only 3 steps away and still have 5 grind days

      Results wise I went thru a small downswing during approx 15k hands, but the hot run continued shortly after that, you'll see the graph on the monthly report, I have already played 83k hands this month, maybe I'll hit the 100k mark, that is a little goal that just came to my mind, just to keep the grinding motivated.

      Yesterday my gf came to my house and we played the VIP freerolls (sadly I couldn't play the goldstar freeroll, but next month is def a thing happening) and some other tourneys for fun, overall I lost some bucks but I have a separated bankroll for those buy-ins, we watched some poker documentaries "bet raise fold", since I told her I want to dedicate some years to this she wants to learn more about it, she ended up falling asleep tho, she studies Chemistry and is always tired.

      I also played some spin&gos last week, a friend likes to get excited watching what the prize will be, he puts the money but I play since he knows nothing (he knows the rules but doesn't even know what C-bet means), I played some $3 and $15 spins, won the $15 ones and some $3, I kept half the winnings (after giving back the buy ins to him), which went to the fun bankroll, I've tried to tell him that its a -EV deal for him, and I'm basically just having a chance to win free money, but he doesn't care about "weird math"

      I haven't finished the tilt course, since last task takes 1 week to complete it so on my way.

      If you want to know more about other things feel free to ask! GL to all
    • adrianparedes wrote:

      I also got a course about getting rid of tilt problems (can I say the name? I don't know your rules about promoting outside things, anyways I'm not a fan of giving free advertising haha) , I haven't had big tilt issues in a long time, but (obv) I'm not perfect and still have minor tilt issues which end in shorter sessions than I would like to.

      haha .. guess it's from BPC, right? Actually, I really liked it and it has helped me a lot. I know that most people don't like his stuff and thinks it is scam, but this course wasn't that bad. :)
    • March Results
      Pretty happy with the volume played in the month, playish wise made some mistakes during 3-4 sessions due to starting to tilt of tiredness, I also played some zoom sessions when had spare minutes (30-60) since it takes like 10 minutes to find at least 10 good tables, but ran awful during those couple hundreds of hands, next month 0 zoom ZERO, if I have 30 free minutes I'll just use it to study.

      Achieved goldstar last wednesday (march 29), had some personal problems which made me feel a bit insecure / sad , so the last days didn't have the motivation to grind, only played 1k-2k hands last days, I could've forced myself but given my mental state didn't feel it was a good idea, was a bit concerned about tilting during the session, but the opposite ocurred, it made me happy to see those gold stars on my nickname, plus playing poker relaxed me, still didn't played too much tho, instead watched some netflix after the short sessions. I'm feeling better now, meditated today plus had a nice chat with my gf.

      Also finished the book Emotional Intelligence, downloaded "Happiness: A guide to the most important skill in life
      " and started reading it

      Hands played: 96,988
      Hours played: 108

      Average hands/hour: ~900
      Average volume/day: 3.5 hours; 3128 hands

      Profit: $160 + $100
      (rakeback & cardmatch) = +$260

      If you prefer to see the brown, yellow, purple, orange, white, black, blue and red line:

      Literally doubled last month profit, and played more volume than last month, will keep pushing that volume each month, until I play at least 8h/day, slow but steady wins the race

      April Goals
      • Play 4k hands per day (or at least 4 hours, if I move up to NL10 I probably will play less tables, resulting in less hands/hour)
      • Study 2 hours / week (not including sessions w/coach)
      • Do exercise at least 5 days / week
      • Start making shots at NL10
      • Meditate at least 1 hour / week
      Here at Mexico we have a holiday named "semana santa" (holy week), we are supposed to be separated from the church but nevertheless those days are official rest days, 2 full weeks without school, might take a vacation with my gf might not (if we take it it would be only 1 week, she goes to UNAM, the best one here, an autonomous university so they decide when or when not to have vacations no matter what the government says, so she only has 1 week of vacations) , so maybe i'll grind less than expected or way more still to see.

      LETS GO!!