Dear my past investors, i formally would like to apologize for my disgusting behavior, i recently was dealing with some personal issues to do with my father who is indeed very sick with stage 4 cancer and i just took it out on everyone, i have no excuse other than that and i am ashamed for what i said and did, and i am sorry i let you all down, i promise that in the future i will not let my emotions get in the way of business and i will not be an asshole anymore, i hope you can all forgive me and i hope i can gain some trust back. as for the tournament i messed up, i was however doing ok sitting on 26k until i got bad beat and went on tilt. the tournament was way out of my skill level anyway and i wont be playing those stakes again unless i improve, ill just stick to micro stakes for now. once again i am sorry to everyone here and i hope we can put this incident behind us. thankyou and god bless
    • yes i understand all that and im deeply sorry and i am currently trying to fix my relationship with everyone by writing apologies, i am also getting counseling right now for my issues with my dad and as i said ive take a break from poker to recharge and so i can return to poker not playing on tilt