Pinned RedKings Poker - Up to 1,500 EUR Bonus

    • RedKings Poker - Up to 1,500 EUR Bonus

      RedKings is part of one of the softest online poker networks. ✓
      Download NOW and start playing! ✓
      Get an up to 1,500 First Deposit Bonus and 10€ in PokerMarket Tokens.✓

      RedKings • Quick Facts

      Skinup to €1.500First Deposit Bonus
      (e.g. Rake €750 to release €150 in loyalty points equivalent)
      Skin€2.000monthly Points Chase
      We€10100 Tokens On Deposit
      We30 %PokerMarket VIP System Upgrade (on request)
      WePokerMarket Monthly Tokens
      (e.g. €100 Rake = €10 in Token)

      RedKings Poker • Additional Information
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      RedKings is part of the Microgaming network. See the traffic statistics for this network at PokerScout.

      To get this Deal, please clear all your Cookies in your internet browser. Right after, please visit our RedKings Deal page and click the big blue sign up button. You will get redirected to the RedKings registration page using our sign up link. After you registered your account at RedKings please go back to the PokerMarket website. Enter your username and registered email in the pop up window. You will receive a tracking confirmation email from PokerMarket as soon as possible.

      The PokerMarket Tokens will be paid directly into your PokerMarket account on the 15th of the following month.

      Information about the first deposit bonuses, the traffic, the look and feel about the software, the cash-in & cash-out options, a quick deal calculator and other useful information can be found here.

      Best of luck with that highly attractive Microgaming deal and thanks for supporting our startup by signing up through us!

    • Hi guys,

      we are happy to announce a new promotion for all our RedKings grinders.

      Get rewarded with Points per Day

      Earn a minimum of 300 Loyalty Points (LP) a day during 5 days within a week and you will get invited to a Special flip freeroll where you are a guaranteed winner:

      LevelAchievement Requirement
      EliteEarn 5000 LP a day for at least 5 days within a week
      PlatinumEarn 2500 LP a day for at least 5 days within a week
      GoldEarn 1000 LP a day for at least 5 days within a week
      BronzeEarn 300 LP a day for at least 5 days within a week

      The level is determined by which Loyalty Point amount you have done for 5 days. So, for example, if you have done 4 days of 1000LP per day and 1 day of 900LP a day, your pay out level will be LEVEL Bronze.
      Each player who meets any of the above Achievement requirements will be invited to the Points Per Day Freeroll on the next Tuesday 09:00 BST.
      All players are pre-registered into this HU tournament and players are put all-in in each hand. There is no tournament game play required or used. It will be random.


      The prizes are determined by the Level you get to with your Loyalty Points Achievement and your position in the tournament. Below is an example if there are 100 players in the tournament*

      Position 1-10Position 11-25Position 26-50Position 50+

      *The prizes will always be the same but the number of players who get the top prizes will depend on the number of players and their positions in the tournament.

      Terms and Conditions:

      • You are required to do at least 300LP per day for 5 days within a week in order to get invitation to the tournament. If you do 300LP for 4 days and stop before the full 5 days, you WILL NOT GET INVITED TO THE TOURNAMENT
      • The Prize you win in the tournament will be dependent on two variables: 1) Your Payout level and 2) Position in the tournament. Each player is guaranteed to win at least the lowest prize on their payout level table.
      • Your payout level is determined by which amount of Loyalty Points you reach on at least 5 days within a week. For instance if you reach 1000LP 4 times and 300LP 1 time, you will be on the lower Level Bronze.
      • Standard Terms and Conditions apply.

      You don't have a RedKings account? It is not too late. Sign up now to enjoy all our benefits and to participate in this great promotion.

    • Hi guys,

      July is the perfect time to join RedKings as there are some great promotions and a lot of extra value for you. Check the following benefits and sign up now!

      Deal of the Month - free content & more

      RedKings is our new 'Deal of the Month' ! So if you are interested in a new site, this might be the perfect time to sign up. Check the following thread for all details and earn 15% extra Rakeback, free PokerMarket Token, free poker content and much more:

      -> Deal of the Month July - RedKings [Extra Rakeback]

      Get rewarded with Points per Day

      The 'Points per Day' promotion is still running and comes with a lot of extra value. Join now and grab up to €1.000 in cash!

      -> RedKings Poker - Up to 1,000 EUR Bonus

      €100.000 Freeroll Festival

      To celebrate the blue skies and summer fun Redkings invites you to a three-weeks long Festival of Freerolls. Total prize money is €100,000 Euro along with easy-to-unlock poker achievements. Every day there will be two "Level 1" freerolls and one "Level 2" freeroll and you will have two achievements levels to unlock per day.

      The promotion runs from July 10th until July 30th 2017.

      The following overview shows you the tasks for the first two days. To see the full schedule just check the RedKings promo page.

      As you can see, July is the perfect time to join RedKings and enjoy some huge benefits! Sign-up now and let us know for any further questions.

    • Hi guys,

      just a quick update with an overview about the current promotions for all RedKings grinders.

      Get rewarded with Points per Day

      The 'Points per Day' promotion is still running in August! Grab up to €1.000 in cash! Check the following thread for more details about this promo:

      -> RedKings Poker - Up to 1,000 EUR Bonus

      Summer Sales

      From July 31st – August 6th RedKings is running a big summer sale with up to 40% off for buy-ins to Summer Sale Tournaments. They also increased the prize pools by more than €15,000!

      Let's have a look at the facts:
      • Every day for 7 days, 4 popular Multi Table Tournaments will have the buy-ins discounted and guarantees increased by over €15,000!
      • Plus on the 6th August there will be a special edition of the Mega Sunday Showdown: buy-in reduced to €135 and guaranteed prize pool increased to €25,000!
      Sounds good? For a full tournament schedule just visit the RedKings promo page. This is definitely a great promo for all MTT grinders out there. Don't miss it!

      Besides that you will still enjoy all other great benefits of our RedKings deal:

      €1.000 First Deposit Bonus (200%)
      30% exclusive VIP Upgrade
      €2k Rake Chase
      Extra Bonuses
      Regular Freerolls

    • Lots or promo action at RedKings right now.

      A new promotion called "50.000€ King of Hearts" was just announced.

      • Win instant cash prizes in the King of Hearts promotion by simply showing down a Heart Flush at an eligible cash game table.
      • Win or lose the hand, you’ll be immediately rewarded with €5 cash in your poker account, no strings attached.
      • The cash will be available for play as soon as it is credited into your account.
      • The promotion starts at 00:00 (GMT) on August 11th and ends when the entire €50,000 prize pool has been won

      Terms & Conditions
      • To be eligible for an instant cash prize:

        You must use both of your hole cards to form your five card Heart Flush.The hand must reach a showdown.Eligible cash tables are all No Limit Hold ‘Em cash tables of blind levels €0.05/€0.10 or higher and Fixed Limit Hold ‘Em cash tables of blind levels €0.20/€0.40 or higher.
      • Heads up tables are excluded from the promotion but heads up play is not.
      • A player can only receive cash awards for their first 10 eligible flushes.
      Sounds like some easy money and there is no need to opt-in. You just need to play, hit the flush and go to showdown with your hand to earn some nice free cash! Check the RedKings promotion page for some more information.

      You don't have a RedKings account yet?

      There is still some time left to sign-up and join this great promotion. Of course you will also enjoy all other benefits like:

      €1.000 First Deposit Bonus (200%)
      30% exclusive VIP Upgrade
      €2k Rake Chase
      Monthly PokerMarket Tokens
      Extra Bonuses
      Regular Freerolls

    • RedKings is doing quite a good job and offers lots of great promotions and events to all their players. The next highlight will be the Universal Championship of Poker in September. Have a look at all details and don't miss this great tournament series.

      With the Universal Championship of Poker (10th - 24th September) and €750,000 in guaranteed prizes, NOW is your chance to earn money and the Greatest Poker Player in the Universe 2017 trophy.

      Full Tournament Schedule:

      Display Spoiler

      DateTime GMTNameBuy inFormatGuarantee
      10/09/201714:00UCOP Event #1€5 + €0.50NLHE Monster Rebuy€5,000
      10/09/201715:00UCOP Event #2€100 + €10NLH Freezeout€15,000
      10/09/201716:00UCOP Event #3€10 + €1NLHE Rebuy€10,000
      10/09/201716:30UCOP Event #4€125 + €10NLH Freezeout€20,000
      10/09/201717:00UCOP Event #5€20 + €2NLHE Rebuy€15,000
      10/09/201717:30UCOP Event #6€200 + €15NLH Freezeout€25,000
      10/09/201720:00UCOP Event #7€50 + €5NLH Freezeout€7,500
      11/09/201717:00UCOP Event #8€20 + €2NLHE Rebuy€10,000
      11/09/201718:00UCOP Event #9€100 + €10NLH Freezeout€15,000
      11/09/201719:00UCOP Event #10€50 + €5PLO Freezeout€5,000
      12/09/201717:00UCOP Event #11€30 + €3NLHE Rebuy€15,000
      12/09/201718:00UCOP Event #12€10 + €1NLHE Rebuy€5,000
      12/09/201719:00UCOP Event #13€50 + €5NLHE Freezeout€10,000
      13/09/201717:00UCOP Event #14€20 + €2NLHE Rebuy€10,000
      13/09/201718:00UCOP Event #15€125 + €10NLHE Freezeout€15,000
      13/09/201719:00UCOP Event #16€30 + €3NLHE Bounty€7,500
      14/09/201717:00UCOP Event #17€20 + €2NLHE Rebuy€10,000
      14/09/201718:00UCOP Event #18€200 + €15NLHE Freezeout€15,000
      14/09/201719:00UCOP Event #19€10 + €1NLHE Monster Rebuy€7,500
      15/09/201717:00UCOP Event #20€10 + €1NLHE Rebuy€5,000
      15/09/201718:00UCOP Event #21€100 + €10NLHE Freezeout€10,000
      15/09/201719:00UCOP Event #22€30 + €3NLHE 1R/1A€10,000
      16/09/201716:00UCOP Event #23€10 + €1NLHE 1R/1A€5,000
      16/09/201717:00UCOP Event #24€20 + €2NLHE Rebuy€10,000
      16/09/201718:00UCOP Event #25€100 + €10NLHE Freezeout€10,000
      16/09/201719:00UCOP Event #26€50 + €5NLHE Bounty€5,000
      17/09/201714:00UCOP Event #27€5 + €0.50NLHE Monster Rebuy€5,000
      17/09/201715:00UCOP Event #28€100 + €10NLHE Freezeout€15,000
      17/09/201716:00UCOP Event #29€10 + €1NLHE Rebuy€10,000
      17/09/201716:30UCOP Event #30€125 + €10NLHE Freezeout€25,000
      17/09/201717:00UCOP Event #31€20 + €2NLHE Rebuy€20,000
      17/09/201717:30UCOP Event #32€200 + €15NLHE Freezeout€30,000
      17/09/201720:00UCOP Event #33€50 + €5NLHE Freezeout€7,500
      18/09/201717:00UCOP Event #34€30 + €3NLHE Rebuy€15,000
      18/09/201718:00UCOP Event #35€100 + €10PLO Freezeout€15,000
      18/09/201719:00UCOP Event #36€50 + €5NLHE Freezeout€7,500
      19/09/201717:00UCOP Event #37€5 + €0.50NLHE Monster Rebuy€5,000
      19/09/201718:00UCOP Event #38€100 + €10NLHE Freezeout€15,000
      19/09/201719:00UCOP Event #39€30 + €3NLHE Bounty€7,500
      20/09/201717:00UCOP Event #40€20 + €2NLHE Rebuy€10,000
      20/09/201718:00UCOP Event #41€125 + €10NLHE Freezeout€15,000
      20/09/201719:00UCOP Event #42€30 + €3NLHE Turbo€7,500
      21/09/201717:00UCOP Event #43€20 + €2NLHE Rebuy€10,000
      21/09/201718:00UCOP Event #44€200 + €15NLHE Freezeout€15,000
      21/09/201719:00UCOP Event #45€10 + €1NLHE 1R/1A€5,000
      22/09/201717:00UCOP Event #46€10 + €1PLO8 Rebuy€5,000
      22/09/201718:00UCOP Event #47€100 + €10NLHE Bounty€10,000
      22/09/201719:00UCOP Event #48€30 + €3NLHE 1R/1A€10,000
      23/09/201716:00UCOP Event #49€10 + €1NLHE 1R/1A€5,000
      23/09/201717:00UCOP Event #50€20 + €2NLHE Rebuy€10,000
      23/09/201718:00UCOP Event #51€100 + €10NLHE Freezeout€10,000
      23/09/201719:00UCOP Event #52€50 + €5NLHE Freezeout€7,500
      24/09/201714:00UCOP Event #53€5 + €0.50NLHE Monster Rebuy€7,500
      24/09/201715:00UCOP Event #54€200 + €15NLHE Freezeout€20,000
      24/09/201716:00UCOP Event #55€10 + €1NLHE Rebuy€10,000
      24/09/201716:30UCOP Event #56€125 + €10NLHE Freezeout€35,000
      24/09/201717:00UCOP Event #57€20 + €2NLHE Rebuy€20,000
      24/09/201717:30UCOP Main Event€300 + €20NLHE Freezeout€75,000
      24/09/201720:00UCOP Event #58€50 + €5NLHE Freezeout€7,500

      The Greatest Poker Player in the Universe

      A €10,000 leaderboard will track your progress throughout the Universal Championship of Poker.
      Win it, and you’ll take home €5,000 in cash and the Greatest Poker Player in the Universe 2017 trophy.
      Leaderboard points for each UCOP event are calculated using the formula: Tournament buy-in amount * (total entrants / your finishing place in the tournament).

      The Greatest Poker Player in the Universe Leaderboard Prizes:

      Great Poker Players (stream for points)

      Great players don’t just play poker. They live and breathe it. They share it with their friends and family. They contribute to the game and grow it for others. They are also great representatives of the game.

      That’s why there is an additional €5,000 leaderboard for those players who stream their play during the series on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Live.
      Points are awarded for the Great Players Leaderboard as follows:
      Each event streamed = 100 points
      • Players must tweet @ThrillOfPoker with a link to their stream.
      • Player’s poker alias and poker room must be clearly visible.
      • Stream must be publicly accessible worldwide.
      • Recorded stream must be accessible after the event has completed.
      Most interesting daily stream = 250 points
      • Awarded at the network’s discretion, the player with the most thrilling stream each day of the series will win 250 points. The award may be given to the player with the best commentary, highest quality stream, best promotional gimmick, or anything else deemed to contribute to an exciting stream by MPN management.
      Final table bonus = 50 points
      Great Players Leaderboard Prizes for streaming

      Display Spoiler


      As you can see, again some really great value for all players. So, who will join this great event? More details and information you can find on the RedKings Promotion page. We wish all of you the best of luck!

      You don't have a RedKings account yet?

      There is still some time left to sign-up and join this great promotion. Of course you will also enjoy all other benefits like:

      €1.000 First Deposit Bonus (200%)
      30% exclusive VIP Upgrade
      €2k Rake Chase
      Monthly PokerMarket Tokens
      Extra Bonuses
      Regular Freerolls

    • A new promotion was just announced - €50.000 Konnect Kings!

      The €50.000 Konnect Kings promotion will start on Monday 13 November but before that, RedKings will give you a chance to BOOST your bankroll in our exclusive Freeroll on Sunday.

      How to join this freeroll

      Just collect 50 Raked hands on Holdem 0.10-0.20 level or higher between 1 November and prior to the tournament to be able to register.

      In addition, RedKings will give you a €25 cash reward if you get Pocket Kings in this Freeroll. Just send the Hand ID to and you will be credited with the money within 48 hours.

      Freeroll Details

      Name: €500 Konnect Kings Freeroll
      Date and Time: Sunday 12 November 18:00 GMT
      Prizepool: €500
      Reward: €25 if you get Pocket Kings – Once per player
      Rebuy and Addon: Unlimited Rebuys for 0.60€ and one Addon (1500 chips) for 0.60€ during the first hour.

      For more information, please visit the RedKings Promotion page or let us know:

      No account yet?

      Join now and enjoy the following rewards in addition to this great freeroll

      €1,500 First Deposit Bonus
      30% exclusive VIP Upgrade
      €2k Rake Chase
      Monthly PokerMarket Tokens
      Extra Bonuses

    • Deal of the Month

      If you don't have a RedKings account yet this is the perfect time to join.

      With our deal of the month promo there are lots of extra benefits by joining RedKings with us. Just check the following thread for all information and details:
      Deal of the Month - December - RedKings [Extra Cash and Content]

      But there is even more!

      The RedKings Poker Calender

      Until 25th December the RedKings "Poker Calender" is runnging as well.

      Win cash money, tournament tickets, free spins and Redkings gear.

      Redkings gives you the chance to get amazing rewards just by completing simple Poker achievements in various poker game types from different poker platforms. These achievements are great value for money and are an ideal way to explore different areas of Redkings Poker to find the game which suits you most.

      Each Achievement comes with a special Christmas edition badge that you can show off at the tables and have some fun too while playing. You can see and follow your Achievements progress from the Poker client > My Account > View my Achievements.

      For more details check the RedKings promotion page or let us know.

      Enjoy this special Christmas promo and start grinding RedKings poker now!

      Benefits with PokerMarket

      €1,500 First Deposit Bonus
      30% exclusive VIP Upgrade
      €2k Points Chase
      Monthly PokerMarket Tokens
      Lots of promotions
      Extra Bonuses

    • Ready for the Christmast grind? :)
      RedKings has some nice promotions announced. So make sure to not miss them. Here are the details:

      Join RedKings Poker for Turkey this Holiday Season

      Tournament schedule
      Name:Christmas Turkey €500 Freeroll 1
      Christmas Turkey €500 Freeroll 2

      Date: 25 December 2017
      Time:15.00 GMT
      20.00 GMT

      Buy-in: Collect 100 raked hands this December to be able to register
      Rebuys / Add-On: €0.50 + €0.10
      Amount:€500 Added
      €500 Added

      Where: RedKings Poker Tournament Lobby under Specials Tab

      Every player who has at least 100 raked hands played in December is eligible to join. Even if you have not played yet there is still enough time to collect the hands on join this great freeroll.

      In addition RedKings also offers a great "New Years Day Hangover" Tournament with €1,000 added to the pool.

      New Years Day Hangover Schedule

      Name: New Years Day Hangover €1000 Added
      Date: 1 January 2018
      Time: 18.00 GMT
      Buy-in: €10 + €1
      Rebuys / Add-On: €10 + €1
      Amount: €1000 Added
      Where: RedKings Poker Tournament Lobby under Specials Tab

      We wish all of you the best of luck at the tables and a winning 2018! Enjoy the upcoming holidays with your family and friends! :)
    • New Year - New Promos :)

      We just want to give you a quick update about the running and upcoming promos at RedKings. They are doing a great job lately and offer lots of extra stuff for their players.

      The Classic tournament series

      The Classic tournament series is back in 2018 with €500,000 guaranteed and a once in a lifetime trip to Monaco worth €10,000 for one Classic Champion. The Mini Classic tournaments run from January 28th – February 11th and Buy-ins are as low as €0.50 have €45,000 in guaranteed prizes.

      Get rewarded with Points per Day

      The 'Points per Day' promotion is still running in January! Grab up to €1.000 in cash! Check the following thread for more details about this promo:

      -> Fore more information check here

      RedKings Chaser

      Of course the monthly points chase is still active and comes on top of all other promotions.

      Chase Period: 1st January 2018 - 31st January 2018

      Prize EURLoyalty Points
      € 2,000250,000
      € 1,600200,000
      € 1,400175,000
      € 1,200150,000
      € 1,000125,000
      € 800100,000
      € 64080,000
      € 48060,000
      € 36045,000
      € 24030,000
      € 16020,000
      € 8010,000
      € 405,000
      € 202,500

      Please make sure to claim your winning through the RedKings website!

    • €500 Red Pocket Kings Bad Beat Bonus

      This is one bad beat you're going to want to get...if you're beaten in a Texas hold'em cash game hand at the showdown stage when you had red pocket kings RedKings will give you a €500 Bonus! (Rake €5000 to release €500 in loyalty points equivalent)

      Pocket Red Kings Bonus Reward

      As you can probably tell Red Kings are popular at RedKings and they will give every player who gets dealt pocket red kings in a Texas hold'em cash game a €300 Bonus! (Rake €3000 to release €300 in loyalty points equivalent)

      That sounds like some easy money! :) Please note, only one bonus can be claimed per hand and you need to request the bonus by sending an email to including the number of the hand.

      Good luck to all of you!

    • RedKings is still really active and offers lots of value for new and existing players. We have summarized the current promotions for you to give you a quick overview:

      New players can of course also enjoy the huge €1,500 deposit bonus and a VIP Upgrade to highest level.

      Let us know for any questions and good luck at the tables!

    • This week the Fish Party Jackpot was won twice! Therefore Redkings is offering 5x€1 FishParty tickets for every NEW depositor. What do you have to do to get those tickets?

      2) Deposit
      3) Send an email to (Subject line: 5 FishParty tickets and add RedKings username to the text part)
      4) You'll receive your tickets within 24 hours

      This offer is available until the end of May!

    • Hello Pokerplayers,

      once again we want to remind you of all promotions our parter Redkings is offering. As you can see below, playing at Redkings has a lot of additional value for you!

      Let's have a closer look at all their interesting promotions:
      • Reload bonus - up to €2,000 clearing at 10%, just drop us a mail at and we'll take care of your reload bonus.
      • The monthly €2,000 RedKings Points Chase - earn some extra cash and boost your bankroll. (Don't forget to claim your winnings!)
      • RedKings "Points per Day" - depending on your weekly rake you can earn from 15€ up to 275€ instant cashback. Check the Points per Day Promo page for all details and information if you have not done yet.
      • €50,000 Prima Poker Missions - each day from 13th August to 1st September you can complete daily missions. Completing the missions will reward you with different prizes.
      • MPN Poker Tour "Battle of Malta" from 26th - 31st October - taking place on the beautiful island of Malta. Qualify online and take a cheap shot at the €1,000,000 guaranteed main event.
      • Bad Beat Jackpot - every opt-in player playing at or higher 0.10/0.20€ qualifys to win big prizes. If somebody with four of a kind loses a hand at your table, you'll win a instant cashprice.
      • Pocket Kings Special - get yourself a €500 bonus by just loosing a hand at showdown with red pocket kings or a €300 bonus for everyone who just gets dealt red kings at a Texas hold'em cash game - just contact afterwards to claim your bonus.
      Check out the new Redkings software and let us know how you think about it.