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    @Internet and @mnl1337 thank you very much!
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    Hello, I am not sure how to calculate the EV of 5bet shove on that spot: 100bb effecktive stacks BU opens to 2.5bb SB 3bets to 9.5 BB cold 4bets 22.5 BU fold SB shove SB have 45% fold EQ against the the BB 4bet range SB have 32% EQ if called I am…
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    What's up Pokermarket Felix here I decided to take my blog to the English section so that everybody can ready my stuff I have been coached by our original gangster @lnternet a couple years ago and back then (on nl25) I wanted to become a professional…
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    Днес забелязах, че блогът ми стана на 1 година. Доста неща се промениха за това време, което е нормално. За тези 12 месеца имам зверски…